57 unveiling the-mystery-of-burberrys-culture-of-trench-coat-en


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From the point of fashion, England is a topic that can not be avoided. You can even find a perfect carrier, which is Burberry. It is almost in line with a British fan's all imaginations of British culture.

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57 unveiling the-mystery-of-burberrys-culture-of-trench-coat-en

  1. 1. High Vogue Organization http://www.h-vogue.org Unveiling the Mystery of Burberry's Culture of Trench Coat [Burberry's Trench Coat, Burberry Plaid Trench Coat, Nova Check Trench Coat] From the point of fashion, England is a topic that can not be avoided. You can even find a perfect carrier, which is Burberry. It is almost in line with a British fan's all imaginations of British culture. There is a kind of feeling called "British complex". And admirers like believers can be found here and there, especially in Europe. These people worship British from culture to system and to social customs. Ian Buruma once specially wrote a book called Voltaire's coconuts for this kind of phenomenon to earnestly prove the fact that Britain is a product of imagination in the mind to those who worship it. In the book, he also mentioned the British-style dress. But he ignored the fact that, for non-policy makers and non-opinion leaders, imagination is a necessity of spiritual culture. Therefore, persistence and following and imitation to imagination are undisputed. Trend of Burberry in This Season Looking at Burberry 2011 autumn and winter show, different from the past black, white and beige style, this season has become colorful. Bright and saturated red, yellow, blue, green, orange have been showed one by one. Shuttling in basic page 1 / 4
  2. 2. High Vogue Organization http://www.h-vogue.org colors of traditional black, white, beige, coupled with simple linear contours and fine fabrics, these accessories are especially modern. That might be the main reason that Christopher Bailey is eager to make the road of High Fashion to be longer. The new launching of the unprecedented "cocoon-shaped coat", regardless of hem, cuffs, has retro arc here and there. With horn buttons, peaked cap and bell-bottoms, they are full of vitality. Origin is not noble. Tracing back to its origin, Burberry originally was a brand of outdoor clothing. In 1856 when Thomas Burberry opened the store of Burberry, it was an outside shop in some streets in Basingstoke, and Thomas was very keen on the development of new materials for hunters and anglers so that they could suffer from the wind and rain. Inspired by the cool gowns worn by the shepherd, he invented a kind of fabric called Gabardine, which is now widely known as gabardine. This kind of wrinkle-free twill wool fabric is waterproof, warm and breathable. Wet and dry coat made of this kind of fabric has been unanimously welcomed by those who lived in cold, damp areas. From the late 19th century to the early 20th century, Burberry is regarded as number one in fashion industry of outdoor accessories. It even changed the British lifestyle. People began to not take umbrellas gradually in the rainy days. Instead, they would wear a gabardine raincoat. Burberry once was the substitute of rain gear. Until the end of World page 2 / 4
  3. 3. High Vogue Organization http://www.h-vogue.org War II, Queen Elizabeth II granted Burberry Royal Warrant and became the brand of royal Queen. Since then, it has been with a feeling of nobility. The Beginning of Neutral Fashion Though it has become a brand of imperial family, Thomas Burberry still continued to consider the function of their products out of home. Perhaps this is the quality of real British gentleman: firm, persistent, rich sense of responsibility. Coming out from upper-class meeting place, he would still be able to walk calmly in the muddy streets of London city. Classic style of trench coat is double-breasted, with shoulder badges, deep pockets, and weatherproof lid pocket. And there are buttons in the middle of collar and a half piece of waterproof cloth between the chests. On the back it is a single piece of poncho, also with a belt the same material of coat. These functional designs have evolved into today's special symbols of fashion, such as the poncho on the back, which was given a similar cloak of simple luxury; the waist design opens the classic design of X-profile of British, which depict the beauty of human body. For men, trench coat marks with the imprint of the war. Women' love for trench coat is not unreasonable: the place to hold up has been held up on the shoulders; the place of being small has been reflected in the waist, and the place that should be exposed can show in the legs. Everything is just right. page 3 / 4
  4. 4. High Vogue Organization http://www.h-vogue.org Styles that Have to Say In the long history of British checker tradition, Burberry has carried out four colors: black, white, red, light camel, and these four colors have been crossed into the unique Nova check. This simple and elegant stately checker was first used in the wet and dry jacket's lining. When Nova received consumers’ continuous praises, Burberry simply registered it as trademark in 1924. Since then, an exclusive Burberry plaid storm is blowing up, but it is still remained on the use of coat. In 1960s, Burberry began to separate plaid, and used it on umbrellas, bags and scarves and other products. The later added products such as makeup, perfume are packed in plaid materials. Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org) page 4 / 4