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Content Marketing - CCH UC 2012


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Content Marketing - CCH UC 2012

  1. 1. Capture, Connect and Communicatewith Content MarketingJessica L. Levin, MBA, CMP, CAE
  2. 2. About MyAbout Me Company @Jessicalevin   #CCHUC12  
  3. 3. Just the Facts•  B2B Marketers allocate approximately 26% of their budgets to content marketing•  The biggest challenge facing content marketers (36%) today: Producing Engaging Content•  51% of content marketers plan to increase their budgets over the next 12 months•  Source: Marketo
  4. 4. Just the FactsThe most popular content marketingtactics used by businesses today include: •  Social Media (79%)•  Article posting (78%)•  In-person events (67%)•  Enewsletters (61%)•  Case Studies (55%)Source: Marketo
  6. 6. “Content  marke8ng  is  an  umbrella  term  encompassing   all  marke8ng  formats  that  involve  the  crea8on  and   sharing  of  content  in  order  to  a@ract,  acquire  and   engage  clearly  defined  and  understood  current  and   poten8al  consumer  bases  with  the  objec8ve  of  driving   profitable  customer  ac8on.  Content  marke8ng   subscribes  to  the  no8on  that  delivering  informa8on  to   prospects  and  customers  drives  profitable  consumer   ac8on.  Content  marke8ng  has  benefits  in  terms  of  retaining  reader  a@en8on  and  improving  brand  loyalty.”  
  7. 7. “Content  Marke8ng  means  crea8ng  and  sharing  valuable  free  content  to  a@ract  and   convert  prospects  into  customers,  and   customers  into  repeat  buyers.  The  type  of  content  you  share  is  closely  related  to  what   you  sell;  in  other  words,  you’re  educa8ng  people  so  that  they  know,  like,  and  trust  you   enough  to  do  business  with  you.”      –  
  8. 8. Social Media Community Photos Newsletters Events Video Apps Interviews WebsiteBlogs Podcasts White Papers Case Studies Surveys QR Codes Infographics
  9. 9. •  What  do  you  want  to  accomplish?  Goals  and   Strategy   Objec8ves?   Strategy •  Based  on  your  goals  and  resources  which  channel(s)   Evalua8on   are  best  for  your  organiza8on?   Planning •  How  are  you  going  to  accomplish  your  goals?   Planning   Scheduling,  etc.   Access Implementa8on   •  Just  Do  it!   Measure   •  What’s  working?  What’s  not?  
  10. 10. Content Marketing ChecklistFactor   Things  to  Consider  Goal   A@rac8ng  new  clients?  Client  reten8on?  Time  Available   How  much  8me  does  the  channel  take  per  day/week/month?   Who  needs  to  do  the  work?  Audience   Where  does  your  market  get  it’s  content?  Time  Sensi8vity     How  quickly  does  you  message  need  to  get  out?  Technical     Is  programming  involved?  Will  training  be  needed?   Is  specialized  knowledge  needed?  Budget   Do  you  have  money  to  outsource  wri8ng,  etc.?  
  11. 11. Mommy,Where DoesContent Come From?
  12. 12. Who Provides Fuel for Thought?•  Clients•  Vendors (CCH)•  Staff•  Speakers (think CPE)•  Competitors (Coopetition)•  Industry•  Government•  Random
  13. 13. Content Sources•  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+•  Magazines/Industry Publications•  Newspapers•  Blogs•  Suggestion Tools (Zite, Feedly, Stumbleupon)•  Conversations•  TV/Radio
  14. 14. LinkedIn Today
  15. 15. Facebook
  16. 16. Google+
  17. 17. Blogs
  18. 18. Blogs
  19. 19. Where to Find Blogs  
  20. 20. NewslettersFormat Audience•  Paper vs. Electronic •  Clients•  Frequency •  Prospects•  Contributors •  COIs•  Canned or custom? Have  you   considered  sending   abbreviated   versions  to   prospects?  
  21. 21. Should I Buy a Mailing List?
  22. 22. WebinarsLive vs. Prerecorded Clients orFree vs. Paid Prospects Only? Selling During aWebinar: OK or Not Virtual Passes OK?
  23. 23. Seminars/Conferences
  24. 24. Interviews Interviews  can   be  great   conversa8on   starters.  
  25. 25. Blogs
  26. 26. Blogs
  27. 27. Blogs
  28. 28. Video
  29. 29. Podcasts
  30. 30. SurveysProviding an executivesummary can be a greatmarketing tool.SHRM has a great exampleof content marketing withpreferred pricing formembers.
  31. 31. Social Media New  kid  on  the  block!  
  32. 32. Facebook
  33. 33. Facebook
  34. 34. Twitter
  35. 35. Twitter
  36. 36. Twitter
  37. 37. Graphical Sharing•  Photo boards that express personal interests.•  Can be used by people or brands.•  Great for visual products.•  Huge trend in graphical social networks.
  38. 38. Customized Pinterest Boards
  39. 39. Brands on Pinterest
  40. 40. Brands on Pinterest
  41. 41. White Papers
  42. 42. InfoGraphics
  43. 43. CommunityPeer-to-Peer Communities Encourage ContentGeneration Through Interaction Discussion and Knowledge Sharing!
  45. 45. Marketing
  46. 46. Lead Generation
  47. 47. SEO Know Thy
  48. 48. Added Value to Clients
  49. 49. Exclusive Access to Content What  content   is  unique   enough  for   clients     only?  
  50. 50. Thought Leadership
  51. 51. Thought Leadership Is Your Organization a Rockstar?  
  52. 52. Where to Spend Your Time?
  53. 53. Content Marketing ChecklistFactor   Things  to  Consider  Goal   A@rac8ng  new  clients?  Client  reten8on?  Time  Available   How  much  8me  does  the  channel  take  per  day/week/month?   Who  needs  to  do  the  work?  Audience   Where  does  your  market  get  it’s  content?  Time  Sensi8vity     How  quickly  does  you  message  need  to  get  out?  Technical     Is  programming  involved?  Will  training  be  needed?   Is  specialized  knowledge  needed?  Budget   Do  you  have  money  to  outsource  wri8ng,  etc.?   Remember This?
  54. 54. Sample Content Schedule:National Pudding Manufacturers and RetailersConference Date   Channel  (S)   Topic   Who   Week  1   February  20,  2012   Blog   Pudding  Sales  on  the  Rise   JL   February  21,  2012   Facebook/Twi@er   Organic  ingredients   MC   February  22,  2012   YouTube   Teaser  from  keynote  speaker   JL   February  23,  2012   Facebook  /Twi@er   Tips  about  mee8ng  des8na8on   MC   February  24,  2012   Facebook/Twi@er   Promote  a@endees  content   MC   Week  2   February  27,  2012   Blog   Green  Pudding  Manufacturing   JL   February  28,  2012   Facebook/Twi@er   Green  manufacturing  trends   MC   February  29,  2012   Facebook/Twi@er   Retail  marke8ng  trends   MC   March  1,  2012   Monthly  Podcast   Interview  with  pudding  retailer   MC   March  2,  2012   Facebook/Twi@er   Promote  a@endees  content   MC  
  55. 55. Jessica  L.  Levin,  MBA,  CMP,  CAE   President  and  Chief  Connector   Seven  Degrees  Communica8ons   @jessicalevin   908-­‐912-­‐4418