Magazine analysis front cover and contents page


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My analysis for my media front and contents pages for my magazine

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Magazine analysis front cover and contents page

  1. 1. 1.) What works: I think what works about my magazine is that tostart off with my magazine masthead has been shortened to justT.C. I did this because, when it is sitting in a shop you will onlybe able to see the top left of my mag and by shortening themasthead and putting it in the top left when people see justthat they know that it is Teenage City. Moreover in the T I wroteTeenage and in the C I wrote City, so that is still the masthead ofmy magazine.
  2. 2. Another thing I think that works is that I have stayed with thesame colour layout throughout the front cover and contentspage. I think this works as it makes the magazine look a lot moreorganised and neat and also professional. Also as red is a boldcolour it makes my magazine stand out more.
  3. 3. 2.) What doesn’t work?: What I think does not work is thatsome of the lead lines on the front cover are a bit hard toread as they are red and the jacket is also red.
  4. 4. Another thing that I don’t think works is the graffiti in thebackground as it doesnt really go well with my colour schemeand also I think makes the front cover look full and closed in.
  5. 5. 3.) What was difficult?: I had a bit of a problem with themasthead and one of the model’s heads. I had this problemas I wanted to get the logo into the top left corner whichwas where one of my models head was. To overcome this Iended up selecting her head and then copying it andputting that layer over the layer of the masthead so that herhead was in front of the masthead but you could still seewhat the masthead said.
  6. 6. 4.) What was easy?: I found the finding of the mastheadfor my magazine easy as I knew that I wanted the text tobe quite weighty and bold so that it would stand out to thereader. Furthermore, I also knew that I wanted the writingto be in sans-serif as sans-serif is a lot easier to read.Another thing that I found easy was that I already knewwhat kind of magazine I wanted mine to be so picking whatarticles and features and lead lines I wanted was quiteeasy.
  7. 7. 5.) What have you learnt?: I have learnt more about the layoutof a magazine and why they are laid out that way. I have alsonow learned how to use photo shop a lot more accurately and Inow understand it a lot better than I did before. Furthermore, Iknow the names of certain things on the magazine. In additionto that I now understand what makes a good magazine and whatdoesn’t.
  8. 8. 6.) What would you change?: If I had a lot of money I wouldchange perhaps the background of the graffiti and leave it allone colour. I would do this because, I think it makes the frontcover look a bit heavy and crowded, and I think that if it waswhite it would open up the cover more, and would perhapsmake the magazine look more professional.
  9. 9. Another thing that I would change would either be whatthe models in the photo are wearing or I would change thelead lines colour on the front page as some of thesentences are hard to read.
  10. 10. Are there any magazines you can compare it to?:Yes there is I think I can compare my magazine and its contentto magazines such as Bliss and Mizz. I think this because theyare all aimed at teenage girls. However, as mine includes somemore mature topics such as how to get a job etc. it makes minemore appropriate for a college mag.