Feedback on Music Video


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This is the feedback I received from my media teacher and peers about my music video

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Feedback on Music Video

  1. 1. 1.) Good, clear structure 2.) Includes lots of narrative 3.) experimenting with time lapse and pull focus 4.) Easy to follow
  2. 2. 1.) Some shots too long 2.) the lip synching at beginning isn’t quite in time with music. 3.) The flashbacks could be in black and white as to represent memories
  3. 3. In Conclusion from feedback from teacher: I am going to re film some parts of my music video like the start bit with the lip synching as it doesn’t look quite right. I will also edit some bits of footage for example the flashbacks, so that they are in black and white. I will also film some extra bits as some of the shots I have, are too long. • I have sorted out the issue at the start with the lip synching, by re filming • The flashbacks are now in black and white • I have cut down the time of some shots
  4. 4. Second Cut of Music Video Peer Feedback 11,2,14:
  5. 5. 1.) Favourite images and connotations: • • • • • • • • Time lapse at the start which matches to beat and the photos are clear Pull focus on Dripping tap Reverse stones Spinning on tyre-swing Fades into his face Fingers crossed behind back Black and white flashbacks Lip synching works well and is in time with music
  6. 6. 2.)What aspects of the video promote the track: • Lyrics match visuals • Goes with genre • When she’s standing behind the gates while he is singing and shows emotions of feeling trapped and unloved the scenery of the churchyard backs this up
  7. 7. 3.) How does the video use musical genre conventions: • • • • • • Edited in beat with music The drama matches the style of music Using a couple in the video who fit with the genre Gothic -Churchyard Use of flashbacks The images fit with genre-no bright colours used which makes the video depressing
  8. 8. 4.) Creative use of technical skills: • • • • • • • • Nice flash back editing Use of time lapse at the start-well timed and makes a nice opening –Good pace Lip synching Good use of editing to show time passing Close ups, long shots different locations used Good camera control Lots of different camera angles
  9. 9. Areas for improvement: • • • • When the stones reverse, it’s a little fast (out of time with music) Few out of focus areas Shot at 1:52 (slightly long) Final shot blurry
  10. 10. My Comments: • From this feedback I have received I have change a few things; I have slowed down the shot with the stones reversing so the shot is in time with music, and you can see the stones in the hand afterwards for longer. • I haven’t had an opportunity to re film certain shots that are a bit blurry, however I have sorted out the end lip synching part so that the lip synching is in time with the lyrics, as before it was slightly out. Moreover, if I had more time to film I would have re filmed certain shots. • In the feedback I received someone said that the shot 1:52 was too long- I disagree with this comment as to me that shot shows the emotion in the boy’s face and is symbolic and meaningful as he has decided that he is to leave the girl even though the ‘chancers were in our favour’ so for me this shot makes more sense being long and a bit blurry.