Evaluation question 2


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Evaluation question number two for A2 media coursework

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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. 2.) How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. I have used a continuous motif which is the closed gates as it appears in my music video, and on the front and back covers of my digipak and therefore on my music magazine advertisement as the main image is of the front cover of my digipak. I have done this as the closed gates are a symbolism of the whole song as the song is about a couple separating as the female ‘Ellen’ was never there for him when he needed her the most so he is leaving her, the gate emphasises the separation as the girl cannot reach him even though she is banging on the gates as they are locked. Moreover, the gate promotes the lyrics as the first words to the song is ‘the gates are closed now’. How my products have used a continuous motif:
  3. 3. Another continuous motif I have used is the font style as I have used the same font that is on the music magazine advertisement to the font on the digipak. How my products have used a continuous motif:
  4. 4. How my media products have used Iconography: The male’s red hair is a part of the iconography as I have highlighted it and exaggerated it on the digipak and the magazine advertisement. The fans/audience of the band would recognise this as it is quirky and stands out. The closed gates are also a part of the bands iconography as the closed gates appear on all three media products that I have created.
  5. 5. How my products have used Colouring: The colours used are all quite similar so link together well for example; The colours in the music video are quite dull and includes black and white flashbacks. The colours used in the digipak are mainly black and white apart from the red of the male’s hair, the red of the females lips and the greenery in the background, on the front and back covers. The colours used in my magazine advertisement is black and white with the same image as the front cover of my digipak. Therefore there is a continuous use of the same colours. Moreover I have done this for a reason; The red of the girls lips symbolises her sexuality and that to a certain degree she is dangerous. The black and white symbolises memories as well as the sadness in the song.
  6. 6. Locations used: I have used stills from the music video for my digipak and magazine advertisement originally I didn’t want to do this, however I wasn’t able to take new photos as I had trouble contacting my actors. However, I think this has worked in my favour as this links all my products together even more so it is even more recognisable for the audience. Most of the locations I used are gothic styled and are quite similar and tie in well with the bands genre.