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Top of the rocks reader profile


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Top of the rocks reader profile

  1. 1. In class we spilt into groups of four to plan the type of music magazine that we each wanted to produce independently. We felt that working in a group situation to come up with the basics for our independent music magazines would be more useful than working alone as ideas can be created more easily in a group. I worked with Rabeah . After a lot of discussions, we decided on a rock magazine for Males between 35-40 year olds. Classic rock seemed like a good magazine that related to the type of magazine that we wanted to create. There we are using the basic conventions of Classic Rock magazine. We then created a mind map with different types of names that we could choose for our magazine… R OCK S   TOP OF THE  
  2. 2. IMG_2343 Possible masthead titles Out of all the possible names that were in the mind map, we decided on the name ‘TOP OF THE ROCKS’. The reason for this was because it related most to the magazine that we wanted to create.
  3. 3. topofTheRocks Using “TOP OF THE ROCKS” as my masthead title, I then designed 12 titles that could be a possibility as my masthead. There after, I had chosen the Carnival design as it suited best with my target market as it is not too colourful and looks sophisticated and more grown up. Calibre Baskerville Franklin Gothic R OCK S   TOP OF THE  
  4. 4. The target market for my magazine is men that are white who are the ages between 35-40 who listen to rock music, both new and classic rock. The publisher that we chose is “ Future Publishing ” as they are a global publishing company that produce specialist interest magazines and use a small production team, therefore the costs in production will not be as high. The social occupational class that Top of the rocks will be aimed at is B1 and C1. The magazine will be sold at a reasonable price of £3.99, and by following the conventions set by “Classic Rock” magazine, there will be 148 pages in top of the rocks Although Classic Rock magazine use glossy paper, matt paper will be used to keep down the production costs and ensure that we don’t have to have too many adverts. Out of the 148 pages, only 28 of them will be used for advertising which is also following the conventions of “Classic Rock”. To help explain how the pages will be used, there is a flat plan showing the first 23 pages of the magazine.
  5. 5. The target audience for ‘TOP OF THE ROCKS’ is white men who are middle class that live in the suburbs and they are 35-45 who miss their childhood rock. They wear normal clothes but tend to turn to rock for comfort and sometime wear scarfs for example that don’t go with their outfit. The men that would buy this magazine would earn £30,000-£60,000 and would be in the social class of B. Therefore they can afford to buy the magazine at the price of £3.99. Also the cover is a picture of a male therefore males would relate to them so it would not identify with females much. Target Audience