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The analysis of adverts


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The analysis of adverts

  1. 1. The analysis of adverts
  2. 2. The colour scheme of the La Roux advert flows through it. Its mainly brown and red/orange.This part of the Which is reflecting the colour ofadvert is a copy Ellie Jackson’s hair.of the albumcover. The advert has reviews of the albums from different There are two magazines and parts of the newspapers. advert, as it is Also it comes split in to two with a rating one part is the out of 5 which image of the is usually artist and the above a 3 other is the reviews of the album. The writing that is on the other part of the advert follows the same motif as the album so it flows through out. That includes the font and the colour.
  3. 3. La RouxThe La Roux advert was found in the magazine Q. Q mainlyfeature adverts such as SIMPLY RED who are an English soulband and THE STONE ROSES who are also an English rock band.Conor Maynard isn’t a band and mainly does electrop pop/hiphop,which is very different from the musical talents that appear in Qmagazine therefore people that read Q magazine don’t really findthat type of music appealing and it wouldn’t benefit Conor.However it may benefit him if customers of Q magazine see themagazine and actually listen to his songs and if they like it theymay buy it too.But overall I don’t think that this is the right magazine for Conor togain more CD sales as his target audience wouldn’t read thisparticular magazine.
  4. 4. Conor Maynard The album cover and the magazine advert have the same colour flowing through it. It blends the whole thing togetherConor Maynard doesn’t have many The advert is to buy the album onlinemagazine adverts as he is a fairly new on the itunes website. It also showsartist and this was the only one I couldfind. However this does show a basic that his target audience which arebench mark for the sort of design that I young teenager such as girls, won’tshould use on my digipak; to follow the have the money to purchase a CDcolour scheme and that it is quiet plain because it costs less to buy it online.and now extreme colours are used. So it would be more viable for theHowever I may choose to challenge this advert to be done to advertise theconvention by adding more bright colours album on it as the song is quite bouncy.
  5. 5. Conor Maynard The type of magazines that Conor has already been on is Shout and Vervegirl.Vervegirl is a Canadian in-school magazine based in Shout is a magazine thatToronto for young women target towards youngaged 13–24. Vervegirl teenage girls as thereengages young women are other bands that arethrough lifestyle, global targeted at the same agecauses, fashion, group as Conor such asentertainment, career, Union and beauty
  6. 6. Justin Bieber The CD cover and the advert don’t have the same colour schemeIt says available which is differenteverywhere which to the other CDwould encourage adverts that Imore people to have looked atbuy it as it seemsthat a lot of peoplewould buy it as it iseverywhere
  7. 7. Justin BieberThe type of magazines that Justin bieber appears in ismainly again magazines that appeal to girls betweenthe ages of 12 to 19.However as he got older he started to appear inmagazines that are more sophisticated and made himmore famous in other audiences (the older market)