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This is my media evaluation

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  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?The conventionsof “Classic Rock” There is also anmagazine… eyebrow, which acts like a cover line, showing a articleThe ‘Classic rock’ inside the magazine.convention for the This makes themasthead is that the magazine look moremasthead is bold and has tidier.two stars on either sideof the ‘Classic’. Also the‘Rock’ is bigger than the‘classic’. Underneath the The central image is very strong and colourfulmasthead is the magazine so it stands out, also the image is under theslogan. masthead. The person in the image is looking directly at the camera, so that the audience has eye contact with the magazine and they are more likely to spot it as they feel asThis is the main cover thought hey have a connection with the personline, the convention of this in the image.particular magazine is thatthere is only one cover line The barcode and the Future logoon the front cover. Also the is the convention of Classic rockmain cover line is in the magazine. Also that the barcodebottom centre of the page and logo is in the centre of thisand the line of the shirt collar particular version of Classic rock.is directing the audience to This may also be due to thethe cover line. Also there is a central image and the maindesign above and below the cover line all based in the centrecover line which is a of the front cover.convention that I will follow.
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media The front cover… products?All magazines have a masthead, however thewhereabouts of the position of the masthead is This the central image. It follows thenot determined. Using the conventions of the convention of Classic rock magazine bymagazine “Classic Rock”, I have placed the having the models face the camera directlymasthead in the centre top of the page. Also I so that the audience will more attracted tohave made the word “Rock” bigger than the the magazine. However it also challenges the“top of the” again following the conventions of conventions as the image is ¾ of the model“classic rock” where the “Rock” is bigger than whereas Classic Rock magazines only has the“classic” top half of the model. Also the scarf bringsHowever I have challenged the convention as the audiences eye down to the cover linethe masthead is not as bold, and as large and is which follows the conventions of Classic rocka different colour to “classic rock” as its more as they use the shirt line to direct the eyecolourful. down to the cover line.Another way that I have challenged theconvention is the date and the issue number inclassic rock are not shown below thatmasthead, instead they show their slogan, There are no other cover lines apartwhich my magazine does not have. from the main cover line. This also follows the conventions of this particular Classic Rock magazine. This is the main cover line of the magazine. The convention of Classic magazine that I have followed is that there is only one main cover line, and This is the barcode and the logo. This no other. Also the cover line is in the follows the conventions of Classic centre of the page and there are rock as it is in the centre bottom of designs above and below that cover the page as the main image and the line. However I have challenged the cover line are based in the centre. convention as I have made the cover However, unlike Classic rock, my line slightly diagonal so it would look magazine has the price on the side of more attractive a it is different from the Future logo. other magazines.
  3. 3. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real mediaThe conventions products? The header of the contentsof “Classic Rock” page is “CONTENTS” andmagazine… underneath it has the edition number and the date. Also there is a border on the page. These are also the conventions of Classic Rock magazine.This is the main image. It is The content has a redto do with the main number on the left ofarticle/ double page the title. The title is nextspread. Also the model is to the number and isnot looking at the camera. black. Also There is aIt is also black and white little description of theand takes up ¾ of the page page below everyon the right hand side. content.These are the conventionsof Classic Rock magazine. The image also has a caption with the page number on it. This is also another convention.
  4. 4. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real mediaThe contents products? page… This is the header of the contents page. It follows the conventions of Classic Rock magazine as it also has a border and below the header is the issue number andThis is the main image of the the date of the magazine when itcontents page. It also is to do was published.with the double page spreadand the main coverline, again following theconventions of Classic Rock The contents of themagazine. Also the model is magazine is following thenot looking at the camera. conventions of Classic RockHowever the image is not magazine also. Theblack and white therefore numbers are also red andchallenging the conventions. the actual content is black. There is also a summery and description of the The main image also has a page below the content. caption with the page number and the person in the image. However it is in a I have added this design box so that the caption to the page as in Classic stands out from the image. Rocks contents page Which doesn’t follow the they have a shape with conventions slightly of extra content, however I Classic Rock as they use red am challenging the and white, whereas I only conventions by adding used white. the images.
  5. 5. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media The conventions products? of “Classic Rock” magazine… This is the heading of the article, it is in the same format as the cover line. Also it is at the top middle of the page. These are the conventions of the Classic The main image takes Rock magazine. up an A4 page. It is in black and white andThe standfirst is right the model is notbelow the heading of the looking at the camera.article and it also has a Which is anotherborder below it with the convention of Classicwriters name underneath Rock magazine.the border. (The by-line)These are the conventions. This is a pull quote and it is in the centre bottom of the article. The The start of the writing is white and the background is article there is a drop red. Also there is a white line to cap which goes down separate the two columns of the 8 lines in the article. article.
  6. 6. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media The double page products? feature… The main image takes over one A4 page, which is the same as Classic Rock however the model inThis is the heading of the double page this image and the next image on the next pagefeature,. It challenges the convention are both looking at the audience which defies theof Classic rock because it’s not the conventions of Classic Rock because they have theexact replica of the main cover line onthe front cover. The reason for this is artist looking away from the camerathat the heading would not look asprofessional if it was tilted to the side. The pull quote in my magazine hasAlso it would take up too much roomand there wouldn’t be that much space challenged the conventions of Classic Rockfor the text. However I have kept the as it is not in the same place and that thesame design from the cover line on the colours have been changed. Also there Isfront cover and also put the heading of a box outlining the pull quote. The linethe article in the same place as Classic separating the two columns is followingRock magazine did. the convention, it also goes down after the pull quote too. The standfirst and by-line are in the exact same place as the Classic Rock magazine double I have added another page continuing page spread. There is also a drop the double page spread article. The cap, however the drop cap does image is ¾ of the A3 page in, which not go down 8 lines but it goes follows the convention of Classic rock down two lines, which challenges because in the contents page they the conventions of Classic Rock. I also have the image covering ¾ of the have done this so that there page. Also I have added a caption of would be more space of the the image stating the name of the editorial. model and a little description which challenges the convention. AlsoAs the header and footer of every behind the text there is a box whichpage I have added the Top Of The aluminates the text and makes it moreRocks website and the page number inviting to the audience and makeswhich also follows the convention of them want to read it, this alsoClassic Rock. challenges the convention.
  7. 7. How does your media product represent particular social groups? Images and Social groups that I representation am targeting Pose The target audience for my media project and magazine areThe Pose that I have chosen for the front cover is white middle aged (35-40), class B men, who listen to eitherthe model looking head on at the audience with or both classic and new rock.an aggressive look. My target audience are white My media work represents this particular age range due tomales who are aged 35-40, that are interested in the fact that I have used a model that is middle-aged and alsoclassic and new rock. Most rock artists rebel that the cover-line is about David Bowie who has been aagainst the norm and they tend to act more major figure in rock music for the last 40 years (1960-1990)aggressive and therefore I think that the front therefore people at this particular age would have listened tocover image represents the rock lovers as the David Bowies music.model has his head down but he’s looking at the Also the language that is used through out my magazine iscamera. formal as the men that would be reading this magazine would be middle classed and therefore they would not understand Dressing ‘slang’ or informal language. Classic rock is the magazine thatThe dressing that I chose for my model was a I am basing my magazine on and classic rock uses formalsweater vest and a scarf. However the scarf language too as they want to address middle social class men.doesn’t go well with the ret of the outfit, rock Also because the formal language used in my magazine, itlisteners rebel and they wear things that are would not look cheap and therefore would be able to sell it atoutstanding. Therefore when the audience see’s a higher price, as the men in their 35-45 can afford to buy thethe unco-ordinated scarf and the outfit, they will Outstanding magazine.identify with it. rock artists. For my media project, I decided that it Location would be best that the images will be a mixture of negative and positive. This is The location that I had the photograph due to the fact that rock magazines tend taken was in a TV studio in the college, I to have a gloomy effect, For asked to have a black background as black example, NME have dark images to for is a colour that would represent rock their front covers to attract their target artists and listeners. audience.
  8. 8. How does your media product represent particular social groups?Designconstruct… The colours that I have The colours that I have used for used for my double page my contents page is white black spread are dark ones. I and red. The black is used a lot in have used a lot of black my magazine because rock because I believe that rock artists tend to use that and red a artists also believe inn the lot. Red represents fury and colour black. I have also that’s why I chose it because used the colours red and rock artists tend to have a lot of orange because it fury in them. represents fury and Also I have placed a design on anger, which represents the bottom of the contents page rock artists. The fonts that to make it look more elegant I have chosen for the because the middle ages men heading is ‘Edwardian that will read this magazine are script’ because it looks not exactly going to still be in to spooky and elegant and rock and roll as much as when the same time. they were younger and therefore they have a little more class.
  9. 9. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? Distributing my magazine/media product is one of the most important factors in the media institution. Therefore in order to have a chance at selling my magazine I would have to go to the company that sells more magazines than any other publication. Also I would need a company that would publish the online ‘Top Of The Rocks’ magazine. The publishing company that would be able to achieve this would be Future PLC. By also joining with a big media institution, the theme of the magazine will have to match, that is why I have used the same house colours and some conventions of ‘Classic Rock’ magazine as they also advertise them. I feel that it would be better if my magazine doesn’t compete with ‘Classic Rock’ but they should join forces so that they wouldnt have to compete, whereas I will be competing against other rock magazines such as NME and KERRANG. However NME and KERRANG’s genre are general rock music while ‘Top Of The Rocks’ magazine has a specific target audience. Using big publications for distributing my magazine will cost cheaper and eventually bring in more profit instead of independently distributing it. Because my magazine is a music magazine, it can be sold at any place. Such as a news agents or HMV or post offices. However the magazine’s target audience are middle class white men, so it will be unlikely that they just stop by a post office as they are normally located around schools, therefore I will think I would be best if my magazine will be sold at a news agent so that when men come back from work they can pop in to a news agents and read the magazine on a train journey. However it will also be available to buy from the internet on the official site and get a subscription delivered to the audiences house every month.
  10. 10. Who would be the audience for your media product?Target Audience The target audience for ‘TOP OF THE ROCKS’ is white men who are middle class that live in the suburbs and they are 35-45 who miss their childhood rock. They wear normal clothes but tend to turn to rock for comfort and sometime wear scarfs for example that don’t go with their outfit. The men that would buy this magazine would earn £30,000-£60,000 and would be in the social class of B. Therefore they can afford to buy the magazine at the price of £3.99. Also the cover is a picture of a male therefore males would relate to them so it would not identify with females much.
  11. 11. How did you attract/address your audience? The front cover is the most important when attracting your audience. So I had to think really carefully at how I would do that. Firstly I made sure that the Masthead was visible and could be seen from a fair distance and the colour red on a black background showed the colour more so that the masthead would standout. Also in the eyebrow I have put a band that is new and will have a tour soon and that would also attract the audience as they would want to buy tickets. Then I took the image of the model. I had to make sure that the model was looking directly at the camera. This gave the effect that the audience would think that the person on the cover would be looking at them and that’s how they would subconsciously communicate with the magazine. Also I made sure that there was something significant that connected the image to the main cover line so that the audience wouldn’t miss it. I decided that a scarf would suffice. When the audience is caught by the eye of the model, their eye directly goes to the scarf as it stands out and you follow the scarf down and it takes you to the main cover line. Through out my magazine I have been using the colours red and black. The reason that I used these colours was because red stands out on black the most. Also I have used white for the text because it also stands on black and would attract an audience to it. Also on the double page spread for the title I have used the colour white as it also stands out, I have made the text bold and also put some designs around it. This would attract my audience because it stands out with the different font and the bolder look. Also for my contents page I did the numbers in red because it would standout more and so that the audience, if they flick through the magazine, will see the numbers first and glance across and see the editorial.
  12. 12. What have you learnt abouttechnologies from the process of constructing this product? I have used a variety of technologies. I have mainly be using Adobe InDesign and Word Processor for my magazine. Also I have used paint to print screen all the images I want to place up on to my blog due to the fact that I am very familiar with it. However InDesign proved to be rather frustrating to work with, as some of the tools were very complicated. Then I resorted to word processor for my research and my page layouts. Also for my research I need some extra information for my article which I got from the internet using different websites. I found that it was really easy to just type in the exact thing you wanted in to a search engine, such as Google, however it sometimes gave you sites that were not relevant so that I learnt to type in specifically want I need to find out. To take my images, I had to use a TV studio in the college. For the image I had to have a black backdrop, and white lighting which would place a spotlight on my model. Also I used a Nikon D300 digital camera to take my pictures. As the photographer I had to make sure that the camera was perfect for the shot that I was going to take, therefore I had to check if the exposure, ISO and aperture were correct. At first I was a little nervous about using the camera as it would have been my first time, but then it became really easy once I knew the basics. A thing that I found that was really frustrating was that I could upload word files on to my blog. So I had to use ‘SlideShare’ to upload it. Using InDesign I think I created a unique and good magazine.
  13. 13. Looking back at your preliminarytask, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? Here are the preliminary task and the final piece of my magazine. Looking back I can see that my preliminary front cover, although it had the same colour scheme throughout the front cover and the contents page, compared to my final magazine cover that has been perfected, seems very messy and really busy with cover lines that are all over the place. However my final magazine has been completed to a high standard as it looks neat. The image also looks better than the preliminary task as the model is looking directly at the camera which attracts the audience to the cover. Also I have learnt that it is important to have a very eye catching masthead. I have learnt that simple also looks good and that I shouldn’t bunch up all my work in one place. Another thing that I have learnt is that representation is very important and if the audience can not relate to the magazine then they wont buy it. Overall I think that I have created a rock magazine that will change the way people look at rock artists as people normally associate them as outrageous however the model in the front cover does not look too outrageous and he looks like a normal person. Not everyone would like the magazine, every individual is different. But I have created a magazine that targets a specific audience.