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Making my poster


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Making my poster

  1. 1. I began with the basic conventions of a poster such as the BDFC certificate, the company which had made the film i.e. Hammer and paramount andalso the institutional information. This means that I have all the basic conventions of a poster.
  2. 2. •I then began experimentingwith three different photos to see which one I thought was more effective.
  3. 3. • I uses the brush tool to blacken out the dolls eyes which I believe makes the doll look evil. I then contrasted the colours to make the dolls hair stand out more vibrant and red, which can also be a convention of danger. I believe that only showing half of the dolls face shows conventions that the doll is hiding something.
  4. 4. • I did the same as the first photo only this time a blackened out the girls eyes and not the doll, which shows conventions that the girl has been possessed and also suggests that she has no soul. I used the “magic wand” tool to cut around the girl and I then blurred her hair so that she would blend in with the backdrop. I then used the burn tool to make her hair darker so that her face looks hidden, showing conventions of mystery behind the girl.
  5. 5. What I did• I used the magic wand tool to cut around the girl, then using the blur tool I blurred the outside of her image to blend in with the background. I used the burn tool to make her hair stand out brightly against her face which I then saturated to show conventions of lifelessness as her face has no colour. I darkened her eyes out again but kept the eyes of the doll, to suggest that the doll is “normal” but the girl is not.
  6. 6. Final photo • I decided to go with photo three because it appeared more frightening than the others andalso it covered the entire poster, making it stand out. I also liked the idea of draining the colour out of the girls face to show conventions of death.
  7. 7. I thought the taglineTagline “she wants to play” was effective because you don’t know who the poster is talking about; the doll or the girl. I used a dot effect behind “play” in red to show conventions of blood, denoting that the term “play” has a sinister atmosphere about it.
  8. 8. • I have used “Dead central” for myCritic review critic review as they are known for their reviews on various horror movies. I used the phrase “its spine chilling” because the language is effective in the colour grey because it has conventions of lifelessness, isolation and mystery.
  9. 9. Date release and website • I used the numbers 13 and 6 because they are associated with the devil so if it is released on this date it will make the audience feel nervous but excited to see it. I also added a website “” which means the audience can interact with the film as well as make them excited to see what will happen if you go onto the website to “play with dolly” I used the colour red for the date to make it stand out but also conventions of danger.
  10. 10. • I used the “Papryus” font forTitle the title “Dolly” because it looks simple yet sinister as the red shows conventions of blood and danger