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My Summary of Learning

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Summary of learning[1][1]

  1. 1. When I first began blogging I struggled with it. I wasscared and thought I would have no idea what toblog about. Then once I began blogging I grew tolove it . I would go to bed wondering what I wouldblog about the next day. On my wordpress account Ilearnt how to change my display picture, add photos,link to videos, and websites. Also learnt how tocommunicate ideas with different people. Wordpresswas a fun experience and I hope to use it one day tocommunicate with my own students. I did have mydifficulties when I would press publish and sometimesend up publishing things more then once but thankgoodness for the edit button. I also learnt how to usethe spell check , create new categories, and pages.Linking and uploading videos was also fun to do. Ienjoyed when I could put a word to represent what Iwas uploading. At the bottom of the page is a link tomy blog! /
  2. 2.  This was my favorite discovery in this class. The reason for this is because I signed up for an account for this class, but did not realize the benefits to having a YouTube account. I learnt about making a play list. Before this I would just put on one song and always have to run back to type in another song. Also I was learning how to draw and I constantly look up videos to see how I could improve my skills.
  3. 3. Google was something I always knew howto use, and I think it will always beextremely useful for me to use. Also onGoogle I learnt how to begin a account.With this account I learnt how to make aspreadsheet and also how to use theGoogle reader. I enjoyed the Googlereader because it was a easy way to findeveryones blogs. It was something Ienjoyed doing in the mornings when I wokeup I would go and read my Google reader.It was a way I got to access all of myclassmates blogs!
  4. 4. For my final project Megan and I mad a stop motion video.While doing this we learnt the camera should be steady. Unrealistic action are interesting to see ex: We did a roomcleaning itself.Things that we learnt was use tape to make things stay,lighting is difficult to keep the same.
  5. 5. By: Jessica Hickie