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Evangelista 10 step marketing plan


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Evangelista 10 step marketing plan

  1. 1. 1 10 STEP MARKETING PLAN: TMC Wellness and Aesthetics Center Jessica Anne L. Evangelista Nov 2010 Wellness is the new beauty
  2. 2. Part 1 POSITIONING TO THE PRIMARY TARGET MARKET A. Primary Target B. Needs, Wants and Demands C. Competitors D. The big GAP E. The Market
  3. 3. Part 2 MARKETING MIX STRATEGY A. Product B. Promo C. Price D. Place E. Winning Strategy
  5. 5. 1. Primary Target Market  Target: Health-conscious individuals  Age Range: Early 20’s – Late 80’s  Status: Class A and B, single or married.  Most of which belong to the working population  Lifestyle: Busy and fast-paced  Behavior: Afraid of lifestyle related diseases and prefers a personalized approach to healthcare depending on their needs availability.
  6. 6. 2. Needs, Wants and Demands  More and more people are willing to spend their money for good health because…  Lifestyle related diseases (DM, Hypertension, Obesity and Hypercholesterolemia) are on the RISE.  Life expectancy for Filipinos is LOW.  Male: 68.45 years; Female: 74.45 years (2010 est.)  Most diseases now are PREVENTABLE with a healthier lifestyle.
  7. 7. In relation to the hierarchy of needs… I want to LIVE LONGER to enjoy life MORE. I want to ENJOY LIFE.
  8. 8. 3a. Competitors  Direct Competitors: Hospitals who offer Executive Check-up Packages  St. Luke’s  Makati Medical Center  Indirect Competitors: HMOs who give FREE annual physical examinations  Maxicare  Intellicare
  9. 9. 3a. Competitors  Variables:  Hospital Name  Comprehensiveness of the examinations.  Competency of the physicians per institution.  Price: Is it cost effective?  Amount of time consumed for the tests to be done
  10. 10. 3b. Competitive Position Map “With the Center´s Wellness & Aesthetics Program, every approach is made personalized, as it responds to the patient’s uniqueness at the level of his own health history. ¨Every diagnosis is personal. One treatment does not fit all patients.” Dr. Rolando Balburias Medical Director, TMC Wellness and Aesthetics Center.
  11. 11. Price vs. Comprehensiveness of Health Packages Comprehensive Physical Examination Packages Basic Packages High Price Low Price TMC St. Luke’s HMO’s
  12. 12. 4. Gaps: Market Opportunity  ONLY TMC Wellness and Aesthetics Center…  Offers a personalized approach to healthcare depending on your needs recognizing that age is a factor in health care.  One-stop shop for all groups to save them time  Adolescents  Adults  Geriatrics  Has a team of physicians looking after you.
  13. 13. 5. Market Size: 3Cs  Customer: Caters to a wide range of clients, from adolescents to elderly. Each age category has a health package suitable for him/her.
  14. 14. 5. Market Size: 3Cs  Company: TMC has over forty years of experience in hospital operation and administration towards the establishment of its new world-class health care complex that serves some 40,000 in-patients and 380,000 out- patients annually.
  15. 15. 5. Market Size: 3Cs  Competition: No data is available yet… since the approach of Center of Wellness and Aesthetics for TMC towards patient care is a fairly new concept. Only TMC has such service.
  17. 17. 6. Products: Adolescents  Teen Health Hub, ages 10 to 19 years.  Basic Adolescent Package with Computer-Assisted Risk Assessment (CARA)  Adolescent Essentials I / Adolescent Essentials II / Adolescent Essentials III  Varsity – for clearance to engage in competitive sports and other forms of rigorous physical training/exercise  Make-over – for adolescents with dermatologic, dental and other grooming concerns, as well as weight management issues  Matrix – for adolescents with mental and learning challenges, as well as those with behavioral, emotional and relationship issues
  18. 18. 6. Products: Adolescents  Teen Health Hub, ages 10 to 19 years.  Consultation  Individual Counseling  Family Counseling  Vaccination Packages  Pediatric Weight Management  Pediatric Express Check – for children aged 0-9, clearance for school, travel etc
  19. 19. 6. Products: Adults  Adult Wellness Center, ages 20 to 59 years old.  The Essentials  Senior Male Evaluation  Lady Care 1 Package (Below 45 years old)  Lady Care 2 Package (Above 45 years old)  COP (Customized, Optimized Personalized Preventive Health Check Package)  Other special services: includes other procedures
  20. 20. 6. Products: Geriatrics  Center for Healthy Aging:, 60 years old and above  Basic Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (Outpatient)  Platinum 1 Senior Male Evaluation (60-79 yrs old)  Platinum 2 Senior Male Evaluation (80 yrs old and above)  Platinum Female 1 Package (60-79 yrs old)  Platinum Female 2 Package (80 yrs old and above)  Other services: includes other procedures.
  21. 21. 7. Price  Comprehensive physical examination with diagnostics, consultations with specialists ranges from Php 8,950 – 30,090 depending on the package you chose. Note: Relatively cheaper rather than you order the diagnostics and do consultations separately
  22. 22. 8a. Promotions  Posters with use of prominent personality  TV Commercials  Publications  TV show
  23. 23. 8b. Competitors’ Promotions  50% off discounts on room rates and services  TV commercials  Affordable packages with terms of payment
  24. 24. 9.Place The Wellness & Aesthetic Center, and spa facilities, is located at the 4th level of the new hospital wing (Podium).
  25. 25. 10. Winning Strategy  Every approach is made personalized…  Every diagnosis is personal.  Having services in packages is more cost-effective.  One-stop-shop leverage:  Convenience and Luxury at the same time.  Team approach to healthcare.
  26. 26. SUMMARY  TMC Wellness and Aesthetic Center’s personalized approach to their client works to their advantage.  The services they offer combines luxury and convenience which the clients look for.
  27. 27. 27 10 STEP MARKETING PLAN: TMC Wellness and Aesthetics Center Jessica Anne L. Evangelista Nov 2010 Wellness is the new beauty