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Energy Transfer


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Teaching Energy Transfer- 3rd Grade Lesson

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Energy Transfer

  1. 1. Will the golf ball or ping pong ball bounce higher?
  2. 2. How can you make the Ping Pong ball bounce higher?  With your partner, write down how you tried to make it go higher and if it worked or not.
  3. 3. Try dropping the Ping Pong ball on top of the Golf ball.  Write down what you observe
  4. 4. What is Energy Transfer?  Energy transfer is another word for Conservation of Energy. This means that energy can never be created or destroyed, so it has to go somewhere.  When the energy goes from the golf ball to the ping pong ball, it is being transferred. This makes the ping pong ball go higher in the air, but the golf ball goes lower because it lost its energy.
  5. 5.  With your group, think of 3 different examples of transfers in energy. Each person should write down the examples and explain how the energy is transferred for each example.  Do not use the example we did in class.
  6. 6. Time to Share  Give one example your group came up with and explain it.  What did you learn about energy today?