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  1. 1. @jessicadunbar
  2. 2. Slideshare
  3. 3. RT @joomla Thank you @qbparis & organizers #jd14bos #joomlarocks
  4. 4. The Plan
  5. 5. Who are we? Christopher Nielsen David Hurley Michael Babker Paul Parisi Ruth Cheesley Ryan Boog Mark Skimo
  6. 6. We need your help
  7. 7. Features MooTools to jQuery JavaScript conversions Cloud Storage APIs Microdata library implementation Security Front end module editing
  8. 8. How we work
  9. 9. Do More... Link with info Short description & Action
  10. 10. 3.3 Marketing 3.3 Strategy and notes
  11. 11. I contributed to Joomla 3.3 #domore #jpositiv
  12. 12. Test Microdata masters/tools/richsnippets
  13. 13. Social Posts for 3.3 We need to come up with our list of social post we will post the days coming up the event, the campaign day.
  14. 14. JCM/Blogs Options and Ideas for Blog Posts and JCM articles: This list should be expanded upon so we can have as much blog and article content pushed out not only on but ideas and suggestions for the community to push out on their blogs. d/1qN-f3-8RDyfZ7r-ctDumvFcBpVn55HseDgJF2ALt- kg/edit#heading=h.c3ay7iyzf7h3
  15. 15. Wikipedia manager & updates Wikipedia manager & updates:
  16. 16. CMS
  17. 17. features page nt/d/1Qp8YibZYdA-m7- UJ3T5I4QiTzVd3xiAE5pDROyM I870/edit Action Items
  18. 18. Framework about us nt/d/1zTKCvyt9uS_EVuWq8BG L3CKMOu0Zr08izmj70fmo22A /edit#
  19. 19. Famework about us nt/d/1zTKCvyt9uS_EVuWq8BG L3CKMOu0Zr08izmj70fmo22A /edit#
  20. 20. Get In Touch with us Marketing Forum Mailing list Github
  21. 21. Get in touch with me
  22. 22. @jessicadunbar