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Share Your Expertise


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Your experience and knowledge will help others develop their businesses in a way that supports their dreams.

See what Your Advisory Board is about, how to participate, and what the steps are to be involved.

The Six (Infusion) Principles of Business exist to allow business owners, who want to actively participate in the shape and steps of achieving their goals by investing time and resources to focus attention to each part of their business with a streak of fun.

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Share Your Expertise

  1. 1. Become an Advisor for "Your Advisory Board" Share Your Expertise
  2. 2. 2 + 3 = Parpar • A person’s personal and business goals. • A way of life. • A growth mindset. • Possibility. Parpar means different things to different people. It is:
  3. 3. 6 Principles of Business 1. Lead Vivaciously 2. Cultivate Self- Inspiration 3. Finance Plan Ingenuity 4. Sparkling Sales Recipe 5. Quality-Driven Strategies 6. Forever (Biz) Scholars
  4. 4. Who Participates
  5. 5. Business Leadership Want Your Opinions Back it up with information you’ve collected from different resources that make the idea useful and serve others.
  6. 6. The Process Your Interest Interview Submit All information Commitment Setup Talk & Article QA Invitation Promotion Promotion
  7. 7. Interview with Jess • What’s your passion? • What makes YABO a fit for you on your path? • How does your expertise relate to one, or more, of the Six Principles of Business? • Expect a 30-45 minute conversation.
  8. 8. Invitation Each of the Six Business Principles has dedicated time during the calendar year. There are limited spots in each principle, and an Advisor invitation is for one year.
  9. 9. Commitment • After you agree and read the Infusion Principle Advisor Commitment, we will begin our journey together! • Participate in social conversations. • Submit the article and present your 10-min talk. • Answer questions from YABO Patrons.
  10. 10. Benefits • A listing on Your Advisory Board Online Directory, available to the membership. • Publish a press release announcing your position on Your Advisory Board. • Promote you throughout the year across our media outlets. • Promote you before, during, and after the week you are the featured Advisor. • Year-round networking with peers of different disciplines. • Provide you a press kit, complete with customizable information for you to publish your own press release, Tweets and headlines for social sharing, quotes from Jess about you, badges for your use across all marketing. • Participate in the Marketing Partner program. • Access to all Your Advisory Board Online resources and archives during your tenure.
  11. 11. Setup • Add you to: and m • Provide your Marketing Press kit. • Schedule the article and talk.
  12. 12. Promotion • Promotional social media posts to be shared across our networks • Bio on the site • Blog posts highlighting your expertise and why we work together • Complimentary pass to You’ve Got This conference • Connecting you with our audience.
  13. 13. Doing Your Talk Infusion Principle 2 + 3 = Parpar Intention: Business is a way of life that’s all about YOU! Specifically, knowing, honoring and caring first for yourself. Only when a person is whole and healed can they actually show up to support, give and receive. The process of creating (hobbies, earning a living, passions) generates opportunities to grow and explore. Business your way!!
  14. 14. Please, set an appointment let’s meet when it is convenient for you! Get Started Jess Dewell Founder, CEO Infusion Principle Specializing in communication between companies and clients and digital strategy with an emphasis on expansion, growth, and enjoyment of great work. Working with owners and teams to identify and implement small purposeful action to achieving big lasting impact.