Reflective journal

Feb. 6, 2021

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Reflective journal

  1. REFLECTIVE JOURNAL (screenshots on my blog)
  2. I have currently been focusing on the practical side of my work which includes creating animations, before I create my final ones, I decide to have a practice on creating a few different examples of a prince or princess so I can form together how I want my final animations to turn out like. I have 3 different examples and didn't complete them as I didn't like my outcomes as much as I thought. For this I used dino pixel this is a website I used beforehand when I was completing my other example PowerPoint this was my favourite website because it is a simple one to follow and not get confused with. As this work was just a practice for me so then I have a better understanding I don’t feel positive with this work, however this is something I can include within the process of my animations to achieve the best outcome. I think the specific elements I don’t feel went well was where I've placed my pixels these parts aren't equal on each side of the princess face (for example). My colour schemes also don’t really match to how I had explained in my planning. As I wanted colours which represent a princess and I hadn't yet included a necklace which is the focus. The main success to this work was my ideas of the cape on the prince I focused a- lot on this and that was something which I liked the outcome of and how it looked was very realistic. The coordination's of the colours worked well with greys and blues which are colours which represent a prince. Another success in my work was how I planned out my animations before completing them, I decide to think of ideas in my head of different styles of princesses and think how I could produce that. Drawing out ideas beforehand is a successful way on a piece of paper so I can then create this as an animation because then I can reflect on my planning to make sure my animations don’t turn out completely different. The less successful parts were my outcomes because I had a-lot of difficulty with using dino pixel as I think a week point of mine is animations, as I completed half of the animations and decided I didn’t like them and would screenshot and move onto my next one. This is something I can work on by not always rushing ahead and making sure I spent time on things for a better outcome. Other elements which I believe was less successful was pixel numbers for example parts of the princess's hair wasn’t equal and all different lengths, one of my main priorities when focusing on animation is that it must match on both sides because an uneven outcome can look unrealistic and less like a person or what it is meant to be. the main thing I could have done to expand and improve this work would be to have finished the animations and finished the body as I focused more on the faces, this is because I wanted to see if I liked the face outcomes which I decided I didn’t .I could have also collected more screenshots, screenshots are something I forget to do, and only managed o get three. This is something I know now for work next; I can make sure to remember to take them so I can explain about more of the work in detail. I also want to now plan specific colour which I will use for my final animation, therefore I don’t spend to long deciding or picking the wrong colour schemes which won’t match. My next step for this project is to get my animations completed (the final ones) and then look back on these to make sure I like the outcomes. I will then move onto the other aspects of the game for example the menu part and creating my music which I will be using beatbox for, I've had practice on these so I shouldn’t spend as much time because I struggle more with animation and needed a-bit more time for this. I also thing have my animations complete first makes it much easier for my imagination to know how the outcome would look for everything else.
  3. I have been focusing on the demo level for my game which I’m using pixil art to create so far this is my production part. Finding new ideas to fit onto my background of the demo this is my second day of focusing on this and I prefer taking my time with my work for a better outcome. I have also been looking into the the frame's part to add a few of these when I am ready to include my character pixels which I am still on with animating them. Overall, so far, I am happy with this work and I can see a clear outcome of how well I think my work is going even if sometimes I struggle, I seem to complete it in the end. I think this part of the work brings the life to my background and I am happy with the way this looks. Although I am still getting used to the different type of ways, I must produce my work I feel I am still managing well with this work. I also think this work wasn’t going too well because I focus my time on one main thing and this work took longer than it should have. The main successes in my work are that I found a new tool “frames” which lets me add as many as I like and with this, I can place my animation characters in different spots in each frame and then play this at the end this will be my demo level, I am glad that I looked through the different tools and learned how to use this it makes it easier within my work. Another success was my colour schemes and how well I was able to match colours together which appeals towards both my audiences of a younger age. Colours such as blues, purple, white and red. My main element which seems to be what I’m struggling with is the different layers because most of mine aren’t in a specific order and I must find which is which this leads me to adding pixels or creating something on a completely different layer and forgetting to add more each time, which this will make it a lot harder for me when I start moving around objects for the frames. Another part which was difficult was knowing how to put the game together meaning what I was going to do next and how to add my pixel of my princess in which I had created on Dino pixel I seemed to not know how to add this in and it wasn’t letting me which means I may have to make a complete new pixel character. To expand this work, I could have added more into my background like trees etc. or created different styles or patterns on the boxes to not make them look as plain and simple. To improve my work, I need to start the frames section to make my objects move around because that will start to look like a demo level. I could also add in a castle, but I think I might save this part for my cut scene bits with audio. My next step is to get my pixel characters onto my background and set up the frames and experiment and see what outcomes I can make. I will then move onto looking into the cut scene and creating my own audio after this I think I can then piece together all the parts using different forms of apps to look more into this next.
  4. In this process part I have been continuing to focus on my practical side to my project and I am still focusing on the video game side. This includes my demo level mainly which I have created more pixel characters (the prince) and I have begun to animate these using the timeline icon which I add frames on, and this can make my pixel move almost as if you are playing the game which is my purpose. I was also able to add icons around my game such as a tree and hearts which symbol how many lives you have, I added this as improvements. Overall, I am happy with this work so far because I feel I have added a-lot more into the demo level and made it look a-lot more alive and interesting as before it was quite plain, and I had forgot about the different icons I needed to include in. I think this animation I am creating is definitely not turning out as well this is because of the COVID situation which means I am unable to use certain apps which I know how to use, however r the work and my outcomes I think are going well especially because I am taking my time to make sure I don’t rush with my outcomes. The main successes within my work were my pixel of the prince this is something which I practiced with a-lot and I was happy with how it looked in the end I was also happy when I put it together and switched between the two pixels, so it looked like a walking animation which was something I had learnt when I was in college. Another success which I learnt to remember was my layers I always added a new layer for another object or icon of pixels I would add in, so it was a- lot easier for me when I began to animate. This is also my first time using the frames on pixilart and I managed to get the hang of this quite easily with moving the character for each frame and changing the speed of this. A lot of thing became less successful when completing this work these where when I added all my frames in, I decided to add more to my background this meant I had to add that change to all of the 26 frames the change was (adding a tree and icons). This became very time consuming, so I had to delete all the frames and start again with creating an animation. Another thing I found difficult was with my pixel character when the pixel character wasn’t in the frame and when I brought it back in for example half of its body had disappeared this meant I had to re-create half of it all over again. I also got confused a-bit with my layers and struggled to find which layer was which as they had all got mixed up which also takes up time to find each one. I think to improve my work and expand this I could have made the game more challenging and add another character which is against the prince, but I haven’t been able to get to that point. I could also have added things that could be thrown at him to stop him from getting the pixel diamonds this could attract my audience a-lot more because it can look a-lot more exciting this is something I will be looking to add if I can. my next step is to finish up my demo level and maybe add some more to improve it I will then move on my cut scene and then be able to put all of these together using I movie and add my sounds in. Once I get to this point moving onto my other advertisements such as magazine cover will be next.
  5. Today I decided to keep focusing on my practical side to the project and today I finished up creating the demo level this is because I felt like it wasn’t very entertaining and was quite boring and basic so I added another character in known as an (enemy) as i feel this will want my audience to engage a-lot more. I then had to restart my frames again and delete the previous ones and so far, I have my final demo level I decide to just save this now incase I come back to this if I have free time to improve. I feel a-lot better that I was able to improve my demo level as it gives it more danger and makes the game look a-lot more interesting. My enemy character I think turned out very well and looked evil especially by me using the dark reds and purples this give of hints as to what type of character this is (evil).The framework also turned out well with different objects moving at different times with the character jumping onto the enemy. The main success where how my pixel turned out because this was a last-minute idea which I decided on therefore I didn’t have time to plan or draw this out. I decide to try out different shapes and finally created this enemy another good success is that it didn’t take as long when I made the pixel because it was a small one and I didn’t have to add it onto every frame. Lastly another success was that by adding in an enemy this made my frames go up into the 40s which meant my demo will be a lot longer than before. I believe I had more less successful parts because I began to have a few problems with pixilart, which is when I create my frames and move characters sometimes it cuts off half my character and I must restart this each time. I also had to delete my previous frames to re-add the pixel and did the animation all over again this is what took up most of my time because I found that using pixilart has become a weakness of mine and I do prefer to use photoshop it also is a lot more time consuming when focusing on the little things. To expand and improve my work I would have added some flames which would come out of the pixels mouth because this would make it more of a challenge and show what type of power this pixel has. I would have also added more into the background and even maybe more than one pixel but now I don’t want to over crowd the game and will come back to these points if I have time. Next, I will move onto my cut scene and I also have a proposal planning part which needs completing and I can focus on these parts in tomorrow’s lesson.
  6. Todays work I have been still focusing on my practical video game and I managed to complete my men screen for the game I also looked over my sound I made when I was in college before we broke up for Christmas as when I made that song I decide to keep it because I think it will match for my demo level (when I get a preview of my game) this was a bonus for me because I have a music ready but I can still look back on beep box to see if I can make even better sounds. I also looked back on my demo level background which I still need to complete but mainly focused on my menu level today. My work outcome for my menu screen so far, I am happy with this because this is how I had planned my idea out and I was able to re-create this. My main priority was the fields for the background because I was unsure on where to start with them but looking over at ideas and pictures of fields, I was able to create a layout using the tools on pixil tool (line tool) and then filled in with colours I think this really makes my work stand out and was a good idea which I chose to create. I decide to not add too much to the menu because I didn't want the game to come across confusing and because it is aimed at a younger audience, they will prefer a simple and easy access to a game. My song for the game was also a good outcome and I think I mixed sound effects which matched well together although I still have time to look back on beep box and see if there's any other sounds, I can create which are better or fit better. My main success which I had with this work was definitely my outcome because I didn’t expect my background to work out as well as it had turned out, I used pixil art which i have been using for my other backgrounds too and I have now got a good idea of how to use this. I think my song was also a successful part because I created this when I didn’t really know how to use beep box and I picked my favourite sound effects which would match my type of game and moved them around to make a catchy fast song which would go well. My time management is something else that is being more successful within my work because I am not rushing through the game video parts and taking time with each part for example the menu screen, I made sure to have a simple but effective background the part I struggled with the most was was my background for the menu screen because at first, I couldn’t get the type of shape of fields correctly and they looked less like fields and didn’t fit well with how I wanted them too this took a- lot of time (most of my day) which was also something which I was less successful with because this part became very time consuming as I wanted it to look right. Another part which I struggled with was my text I created this my self and wanted to add a shadow colour I did attempt as best as I could, but o was unsure on where the shadows needed to be placed this caused me to mess u[p a-lot and sometimes it wouldn’t let me press the undo button. Layers where a difficult part for me because I kept forgetting to add layers with each different prop, I was creating this meant I had to delete and restart with specific bits for example parts of the text. To expand my work, I could have explored a-lot more different sounds on beep box for my song and definitely tried to not spend as long as I did on the menu screen because this took up most of my day. I think I could have added a- bit more into the menu screen with other bits around the text and added more shadows and put more into the title but with spending a-lot of time I was happy enough with my outcome. To expand my work, I could have added in animations in the menu screen for example the castle moving. Next, I want to be moving onto the demo level and creating my animations or firstly create the audio which will explain the game and what will happen. If I struggle with these, I may also start my other production parts such as my magazine because I this. have a better understanding with
  7. I have been focusing on the practical side of my project which includes creating a pixel of one of the main characters in the game (the princess). I have also begun my game background which I have started and is not fully complete yet. For my pixel I used dino pixel which I used for my previous pixel examples and practicing and for my background I use pixil art, this is new to me and I haven’t used this before but once I got the hang of it it became easy to use. I think so far, I am happy with this work because it is turning out the way I planned. I like the turn out of both these things and I think using other sources to create the pixels and background isn't as bad as I imagined because of covid not being able to access photoshop. As the work isn’t fully completed yet except from my princess pixel which took a while to make because I wanted a certain outcome and it turned out just how I wanted for this I had to try different techniques by trying experiments first until it was perfect. I also had to estimate with colour schemes and try quite a few different colours until they would match well. the main success in this work is that I had practiced pixel examples before creating a final one because this helped me to find out new techniques using these different apps and helped me to not get lost or not know which tools are which. Another success was that I didn’t rush when using pixels because sometimes you need a-lot of patience because pixels can take a-lot of time and detail for a good outcome. However, I took time and my outcomes where just how I expected whilst having to be at home and using different types of apps I did struggle with understanding which part I am creating is for what element in my project for example when I was creating my background, I got confused whether this is for my menu screen or for the actual game. Also, with pixil art it is something I am not used to and some tools where confusing to use and I did end up not using the tools which are quicker instead I took the long way of completing for example I would colour a whole section in without knowing I had a paint bucket tool. This made it a-lot more time consuming for me. Another thing I struggled with is when I tried to create hills (for a field) for my menu screen I messed up a-lot and it didn’t look right at the end so i decide to focus on my game background. Due to the fact I haven’t yet finished the game background my main focus to expand that is to add more onto it for example trees are something I want to scatter around the grass and in-front of the blue sky. I was also thin king a Castle this will improve the background because it will give the audience a much better of what this game includes. Diamonds, jewels and boxes are something I am yet to add in for the game and have animations on the pixels tis will bring the game to life and improve it. To expand the amount of work I produced I could have also created a prince character which I will be doing I just had spent a-lot of time creating the princess to how I wanted. My action plan is to complete both my characters and the background to the game then I can move onto the menu screen and creating all the game parts separate therefore I can then put it all together this also includes beep-box for sounds. For the prince I need to create three different pixels so that when I animate, he will be walking and jumping. I am looking to create the game first and then move onto my magazine cover and billboard this is because the thing I struggle with mostly is my game and I think its better to get this part complete first then I have time for my other two.
  8. In todays lesson I have been focusing on my planning side which involves my proposal and I also made sure my blog was up to date with my reflective journals and screenshots of my work so far .I did complete most of the proposal but still need to finish of parts of the planning for example when I move onto my evaluation. I feel this work is going well because I preferred to complete my proposal at this stage because I have a much better understanding on what my game is called and specific audiences as before I was still unsure. I am happy with how I will also evaluate my work and completing this has given me a much better idea of what I need to make sure I am including in my work for example make sure the audios or sound effects I use worked well together and that my game doesn’t look hard to understand for my younger audience. As I said beforehand my understanding from the proposal is a success because I know what to look out for and make sure I don’t make this simple mistakes. I also think using the planning grid below the proposal is helping me out a-lot because I can type things into a list so I don’t miss out on what work needs completing which makes me more organized .Also explaining my game out I think is a success mainly because I can get this idea into my head and also make sure I don’t miss things out when creating the products. Not completely this was less successful because I did struggle with understanding about what the bibliography meant as I didn’t know if I had to complete surveys or not at first (which I think I don’t have to).When uploading to my blogger some of my screenshots hadn’t saved onto my laptop so I had to retake a lot of these which was very time consuming, but I managed to do this. As well as putting together the PowerPoint for the reflective journal took a lot of time. personally, I don’t think I could add much more detail in my proposal because this was written about my story and I couldn’t add parts which wouldn’t make sense or relate to this. However, to improve this I would have made sure to save my screenshots and completed my full proposal in one. my next step is to finish off the proposal and move back onto my production once I do this, I will just have my production and evaluation to get through then I will be finished.
  9. I have been working on finishing my proposal off and moving onto part of my front magazine cover, in this time I also took some pictures for the magazine which included a picture of trees (in a forest) and a picture of the model. I used photoshop for my magazine so far. I think this work is going well because I am starting to focus on other parts instead of completing in an order which I thought was better, but I want to make sure I am putting effort into all of my three outcomes. As I still haven’t finished my magazine so far it isn’t how I am wanting it to look but I am hoping after I have added more into it it will. My main success was being able to use photoshop again for my game so far, I have been using pixil art which I have struggled with but now I can try use photoshop for my magazine cover as I believe I work best with magazines by using Photoshop. This is because I understand a-lot of the tools on photoshop and especially with the fonts and I have had previous experience doing this. My proposal also turned out well and I was able to get all my information around my project and type out a plan which can still be useful now when I am working on production. My only less successful area so far is how my magazine cover is looking so far because I am struggling with finding the right font colours which match with the backgrounds. This can be very important as I have to base the colours of my target audience as well. Placing certain images, I am also uncertain about and will try to find the prefect fit to how I want my magazine to look. I think for my magazine cover I can add more text surrounding the main focus of the image and started to add more blending options and saturated the backgrounds. This is my next action plan to continue with the magazine cover whilst also focusing on my game and other advertisement.
  10. • Today I have been working on sorting my blog out because all my work was on the same post which was very confusing, so I separated both of my music video and adventure projects and added in everything I needed to keep up to date, this is something which I do most days updating my blog especially with screenshots and reflective journal posts. I also then focused on my billboard which I have begun on photoshop and starting to explore different techniques to how I will produce the layout. this work is going well so far, although I still have a few aspects I need to finish and add for example a tag line which I am still deciding on and other bits like names of actors. I also feel happy with my pixil art gems which I made and added into photoshop these really stood out and relate towards my game. I am happy with how my work has turned out so far especially with my background colour this is something which I think makes the whole layout stand out a lot more and will appeal to my audience. This really changes the whole look to the billboard and another aspect which turned out well was the use of my fonts using da font these really stood out to me. This is because they are bold & large, I also used the blending options to the font and turned the opacity of a black outer shadow. This is something I was glad I tried out because it also really made the outcome stand out and look professional . I struggled with choosing my style and layout because at first, I had a dark colour scheme and realised this wouldn’t match the type of audience this appeals too. I also had to re start my layout a lot which was stressful because I did get confused with thinking I was advertising my game when it is mean to advertise the film. Therefore, I had to go through and add my own pictures which I had taken this took a lot of time up, but it was worth how my result so far has turned to to look. added other real-life pictures to show the main focus is the film or added a lot more text in to show more about the film and its information. In my opinion I wouldn’t want to add much more to this because a billboard is better when it isn’t crowded. Next, I am looking to carry on completing the billboard and the either moving back onto my game or my magazine cover.
  11. In todays lesson I have focused on adding the last touches to my billboard advert and moving back onto my magazine cover I only managed to add a few more bits to the magazine because I had to update my blogger as well. I used photoshop for today for both of these separate adverts. I think this work is going well and it is helping me to improve my own skills with photoshop itself as sometimes I do struggle using certain tools, but I am now able to spend a lot of my time focusing on different areas. I also realised I like to not rush when creating my products and I have been given a lot of time, so I spend my time completing a bit at a time therefore I come out with a high-quality product which I am satisfied with this is my way of working especially since COVID. my main success was the editing which I added to my forest background I changed the brightness to low and added a shadow which a-bit of saturation this really made it look a-lot more mysterious and exciting. It also gives a hint towards my audience of what time of mood the film is. I then changed the opacity to my portrait to not make it look as photoshopped and almost blend in this turned-out a-lot better and I was no longer unsure about that part. Outer glow is something which I love on photoshop because this makes my text stand out so much and give it that pop this was a huge success and now, I can match my colour schemes and experiment. my layout was something which I found stressful because I didn’t seem to like how my main picture was cut out onto the background of the forest therefore, I did try move around the image into different places, but it still looked. very clear that it had been photoshopped on. The magic tool also wouldn’t let me select certain parts which I needed to cut out therefore my end result looked a-bit bumpy and you could still see my white background to the cut out of me. I could have added a lot more text surrounding the magazine and taken time to try find other people who I could have taken photos of to be in the magazine as I had to only use one which was of me. This is something I can learn from and plan ahead who will be in my magazine and not last minute . the next step is to reflect back onto my game (cut scene) and focus on this and then I can put my game together to check for any specific improvements .
  12. In todays lesson I am focusing on my magazine cover advertisement which I have continued with (practical) and I used photoshop for this type of product because that's what I like best and find easiest to use. Ive been completing things like adding more fonts with changing the blending options and moving around the layouts to see what fits where best. so far, I am actually surprised with how my work is going because with the theme being adventure which is something, I thought I would struggle with because of my knowledge with movies that relate to this and therefore I thought I would struggle with thinking on what to add onto my magazine cover, but I am actually coming up with my own ideas and this seems to be working out well for me with my outcomes so far. my main successes where my colour schemes I was able to find the gradient tool bar which mixes with two colours and creates a darker glow to my fonts and another success was I had mentioned in my planning that I wanted a colour scheme of 2 colours used within the whole of my magazine cover and so far, I have managed to do this. This includes a dark gold colour and white. Another success was my pug which is the round circle I have added to the top left this really stands out a-lot and grabs the audience's attention because it is a shape and something different, I am happy with this so far. In this lesson I didn’t really come across any struggles the main thing that I could figure out would have to be my layout sometimes I was a-bit unsure where to put what text to make it look even and like an actual magazine but in the end, I managed to change bits around and I am still unsure if everything will stick in these places. to expand my work, I could have maybe added in the villain at the back onto the background to make it more clear to the audience. To improve I can add more text in the blank spaces which I still have to do. My next step is to finish up the magazine and move back onto my game which I have the cut scene to do and add together all of the bits into I movie.
  13. today I have been focusing yet again on my planning side this includes using photoshop and finishing up my magazine cover (which I have now completed ) this was adding a few more texts around the images and changing the saturation of my self portrait to match the background image. I feel this work has turned out perfectly and I am happy with the outcome of my magazine especially my layout this worked really well with the different colour schemes. One of my favourite parts is the text above the title which is advertising a poster I produced this idea and love the outcome because its large fonts which will stand out to the audience. This will grab attention especially to my younger audience because younger children like posters etc. My main successes within the work were my font choice which I chose da font as my source of collecting fonts I matched a lot of my fonts to keep a theme on the magazine this included (colour schemes) I used the gradient tool to find a gold shimmer colour which was a success and I decided to use this as one of my main colours I did this because I think this colour really matched with my dark background and stood out to the rest. Another success was my background image of the (trees) I added shadows and turned the brightness down which gave it a really good effect and gave a mysterious mood to the image. the only part which I struggled with a bit was thinking of different cover lines for the magazine especially with my quote part I did look at inspiration of other magazines which helped me in the end. This was the only problem I had. to expand the work, I could have added more text around the image however I prefer my magazine to not look too crowded, but this could have been a positive in a way. I also think if I had focused more on the self portrait and made the colour of the background match a lot more this could have been an improvement or even add another image to the background. my next step is to progress onto finishing up my game (cut scene) and I movie parts in next lesson.
  14. I have moved back onto my game which I had started at the very beginning of this project and decide to move on and get my other advertisements done which I have now completed so I am focusing on my cut scene. I had already completed the menu screen and demo level so now I focused on cut scene and can create my audios and sound effects within the game. This work is going okay so far although photoshop I am struggling with because beforehand I created my other two game pieces on pixel art so now, I have moved to this it has been a slight change. Although I still know how to use photoshop I am not so good when it comes to pixels with this. My main success was figuring out how to transfer my princess pixel from pixel art onto photoshop because this was something, I was unsure if I would be able to do or have to restart this part. However luckily, I figured this out and used the magic tool to erase the background pixels. I also managed to sort of piece together the storyline of the cut scene and where this will be played in my outcome so far, I am looking to place this at the begging after my menu screen as an opening to the game. This is because I can give of a clear idea of what happened to my audience. I did really struggle with photoshop and creating a moving line with the timeline icon because I want my cut scene to move along and include animations. However, I did miss a part which was at the beginning when creating a new page, I forgot to add in the measurements of 120x80 this made it more difficult because after I had tired to tween once I had created the animation it wasn’t letting me. This made it a-lot harder because I didn’t know what was wrong and I am still trying to figure out my copy and paste tools on photoshop. I can add a lot more maybe objects to the background for example some trees and improve my work by learning more about the pixel tools on photoshop because this is a weakness for me. my next step is to continue with the cut scene and place this all together and I will look back on my work before I finish it.
  15. today I have been working mainly on my cut scene (production) for my game and I continued to use photoshop, I have been creating a storyline of the villain capturing the princess and stealing the diamond necklace this is played out in my cut scene and I think I will include this at the beginning of my game. I decided on this, so my audience get a sneak peek to my game meaning. I think this work has gone well there is some improvements which could be added if I have the time for this but overall, I have managed to create the plan of my cut scene to life with an animation. the main success was my pixels which I had created using pixel art and I managed to put this across to photoshop this was a lot less time consuming which meant I didn’t need to spend as much time on this. I also managed to fit in my exact colour scheme which I had in my plan which was a huge success for me because this will also relate towards my audience. I had a few difficulties like I had to re start my layout as I had chosen the incorrect sizing this did take up more of my time, but I managed to work my way around this. The pixels also looked a bit blurred when I had pasted them onto photoshop, so I had to add more colour into them. Another less successful part was my layers because I kept placing different objects onto the wrong layers which was also very time consuming because I had to keep going back and using the erase tool. I think I could have added a moving technique so therefore when you play the cut scene it moves along with the animation, I did learn this part in my experiments power-points but when it came to making It, I didn’t have all the resources due to covid and had missed out a few important steps. my next step is to collect the game into I movie and import my sound which I used beep box to create.