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Bentley prezi presentation

  1. 1. PREZI:CREATING ENGAGING PRESENTATIONS Jessica Bentley MEDT 7462 Dr. Kelly Paynter
  2. 2. Site Features Learning Prezi:  Scaffolded learning presentations in prezi format for every level of user  Cheat sheets to print out for quick references  A complete manual online  Allows for conversion of PowerPoint slides to Prezi format  Weekly Webinars
  3. 3. Site Features Exploring Created Prezis:  Explore tab allows for searching of created prezis  Can search and view created prezis without needing an account  Can search by title or by categories
  4. 4. Site Features Creating A Prezi:  Start with a basic template or from scratch.  Edit the template to your liking including multimedia, path points, colors, ba ckgrounds, etc.
  5. 5. Site Features Creating a Prezi:  Ability to insert files, graphic organizers, YouTu be videos, PowerPoin ts, images, and shapes
  6. 6. Site Features Path points can be clicked and dragged to various points to determine the prezi’s Creating a Prezi: path.  Ability to specify the path you want your prezi to take as it “zooms” along
  7. 7. Site Features: Creating a Prezi:  Presentation “zooms” along created path and returns to the overall view of the prezi at the end of the presentation
  8. 8. Site Features Sharing a Completed Prezi:  Can be shared in a variety of formats including:  A weblink to use on a site to the prezi online Share Options  Embedding into a website, blog, wiki, etc.  Email a link to the prezi  Share via a social network , i.e. Facebook or Twitter Can copy link or embed code to share on websites
  9. 9. Cost FREE! With an educational institution email verifying teacher/student status, additional Prezi Plus features are free as well. (Normally $59/year) These features free for teachers and students!
  10. 10. Audience Teachers to students for engaging classroom lectures Students to students and teachers for classroom projects Administrators and teachers to other colleagues for professional development
  11. 11. Context This tool can be used in any level classroom from elementary to post- secondary for engaging classroom presentations by teachers and students alike. It could also be used by administrative staff, teachers, and other professionals in professional development, faculty meetings, or even online meetings, as the software Prezis can be embedded in wikis, blogs, Google Sites, emailed, etc. The allows for sharing in a sharing possibilities are vast. variety of mediums.
  12. 12. What Does the Research Say? “An integral component of teaching, however, is to prepare the children of today for the world that awaits them tomorrow, which in the early 21st century entails an increasing reliance on technology, computers, and the Internet as media to communicate, collaborate, and compete in the global economy described by Friedman (2005) in The World is Flat.” Friedman, A., Bolick, C., Berson, M., & Porfeli, E. (2009). National educational technology standards and technology beliefs and practices of social studies faculty: Results from a seven-year longitudinal study. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 9(4). Retrieved from
  13. 13. More Information??? Software Evaluation Rubric on Prezi  Click HERE to view the rubric How to Use Prezi Video  Click HERE to view the video. Sample Prezi previewed in this slideshow Click HERE to view the sample Prezi on Point of View showcased in the slideshow. Email Me! 