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Jessica Ballantyne; an introduction to me, my art and my influences

  1. Jessica Ballantyne An introduction to me, my influences and my art
  2. Bio Born in South Africa, I was awarded my BA in Fine Arts from the University of Pretoria in 2009. Here’s me with my friends on graduation day.
  3. At the end of 2009 I moved to the UK to become an artist. A series of “getting by” jobs, however, distracted me from my plan and put my artistic dreams on hold
  4. Over the next two years I lived on a job site in an old, leaking, spider-infested caravan in the beautiful countryside and worked as a laboratory assistant. When the time came to leave the countryside, I moved to London to pursue my art. I found a studio in Woolwich where I planned to spend a year of artistic freedom! This lead to a really liberating time and in 2013 I joined a collective and began showing my work in Vyner street. Happy days!!
  5. In 2014 I moved to an amazing new artist space in Thurrock, at High House Production Park where I still am today.
  6. Inspiration
  7. Whilst at University I became inspired by the difference between the way male and female artists in the surrealist movement portrayed women I saw similarities between photography, pornography and media images of women, and the work of many male artists. They all seemed to spring from the same ideology of women as available objects of desire
  8. Inspiring Male Photographers Man Ray Andre Kertzche Hans Bellmer Man Ray used light to crop and pattern the nude female body Andre Kertzche used reflective materials to distort and disfigure the body Hans Bellmer used dolls to disfigure, fetishise and sexualise parts of the female body
  9. Inspiring Male Painters Dali Matisse Picasso Dali’s smooth technique and his sexual, psychoanalytic themes Picasso’s blue phase and use of colour to portray emotion Matisse’s ground breaking use of colour and patterns
  10. One of my aims is to comment on how we portray women, as well as to show and comment on my experience of my own femininity. I wondered if there was a way to show the body as something different, something more than just a body, more than just an object. How would I begin to show a body within which a presence resides; the subject?
  11. Inspiring Female photographers Cindy Sherman Anna Mendieta Francesca Woodman Cindy Sherman used her own body to comment on sexual objectification Francesca Woodman used her body to create surreal and psychological portraits and states Anna Mendieta used her body as an “imprint” to comment on her origin and her place as a woman in her environment
  12. Inspiring Female Artists Tracy Payne Hanna Hoch Leonora Carrington Hanna Hoch’s use of collage and texture Tracy Payne’s delicate layering and sexual themes Leonora Carrington’s surreal themes and personal expressions
  13. My Work
  14. I am inspired by the surrealists' use of colour, distortion, repetition and allusion when portraying the female body. I aim to use similar techniques to create a body that draws you in but challenges you at the same time.
  15. Surreal Surfboard By Jessica Ballantyne Oil paint on surfboard 170x48cm
  16. Some of my work at the ‘Living arts Show’2014. Body painting and art go so well together! ;) My surfboard and I at the Art Car Boot Fair, Brick Lane, London 2014
  17. I want to celebrate and portray a sexuality that is neither explicit nor moderated To achieve this I infuse my painted bodies with individual psychology and presence
  18. By Jessica Ballantyne Medium; Oil on canvas Size; 90x90cm Foot Fetish #1
  19. Carrion Wake Up By Jessica Ballantyne Medium;Oil on canvas Size; 90x90cm
  20. Each piece is a search for meaning in and beyond the body. I play with the perception and representation of the female body To challenge ideologies associated with the female nude as a passive, submissive object of desire.
  21. By Jessica Ballantyne Medium; Oil on canvas Size; 85x100cm Foot Fetish #2
  22. Squished #1 By Jessica Ballantyne Medium; Oil on canvas Size; 40x40cm
  23. My work is a celebration of sensuality, sexuality and subjectivity. It is an exploration into the psychology of experience.
  24. Eye-Balling By Jessica Ballantyne Medium; Oil and spray paint on canvas Size; Eight 40x40cm canvases
  25. Pink By Jessica Ballantyne Medium; Oil on canvas Size: Three canvases measuring 80x40cm 80x60cm 80x80cm
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