Opening film


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Opening film

  1. 1. Script(On the phone, walking down street with JAY)Lucy – Yes! (Frustrated)…Okay Mum! We’ll be with you in 5, see yousoon…okay….bye! (Hangs up, puts phone in hand bag). Right we’vegot 5 minutes…Jay – Oo, sounds good to me.. (Starts to push her into a bush)(Lucy gives Jay a disgusted look) (Jay walks away sulking and Lucyfollows)(Bridget cooking in kitchen) (Shouts)Bridget – Jonathan!! Stop Pacing around, come make yourselfuseful!!(Jonathan walks in – Bridget clicks fingers and points)Bridget – Vegetables! Now!(Jonathan mutters and goes to vegetables) (Bridget gives a disgustedlook)(Lucy and Jay walking)Lucy – You’re not nervous are you? (Rummaging in bag to findlipstick and mirror)Jay – Pfftt! No, course not!(Lucy putting on lipstick looking in mirror)Lucy – (laughing) As long as you know their names… (Jay lookingshifty) You do know their names?
  2. 2. Bridget – No, it’s not James or Jack it’s Jay!Jonathan – Jay?! That’s an initial, a letter – I refuse…I refuse to callhim that!(Bridget rolls her eyes and carries on cooking, puts on a smile)Lucy – My dad’s Jonathan, my mum’s Bridget!(Jay nicks lipstick off Lucy and writes on right hand BJ remember)(Jonathan looking through keyhole at Lucy and Jay arriving)Jonathan – BRIDGET! They’re here, they’re outside!!(Bridget walks out of kitchen door and peers round to find Jonathan)(Bridget slaps him over the head)(Walking to door)Lucy – You’ll be fine, just don’t embarrass yourself!(Lucy and Jay stood face to face outside)Jay – Alright….give me a kiss quick..(Lean in for a kiss…Jonathan swings door open) (Lucy and Jay lookedsurprised)Jonathan – LOU BE LOU!!Jay – Oo, you had an eyelash..