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Check out what food brands are doing on Vine and with Instagram Video for social media marketing, including Oreo, Chobani and Betty Crocker. Learn which social video channel is more receptive to food brands so far, and best practices for engagement.

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  • Top growth by brands on Instagram has not been linked with videos. Sprite has gained significant followers (78% over past month) but has not posted any videos.
  • Stop motion, while possibly on Instagram, is easier and smoother on Vine.“Viner” Meagan Cignoli performed a little experiment where she recreated the same stop-motion video on both Instagram and Vine. She conducted a poll on which video looked best, and user response was overwhelmingly in support of Vine. Post frequency & interaction rate from New York University think tank Luxury Lab, or L2.
  • Brand ExamplesVINE: Lowes, Target, Walgreens, Clorox, General Electric, Urban Outfitters, Malibu Rum, Calvin Klein, Oreo, Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts, Wheat Thins, Trident Gum, Cadbury, Red Vines, Starbucks, Maybelline, Sephora, USA Today, Today Show, Wired Mag, Rolling Stone, Lucky Mag, People mag, Buzzfeed, Food & Wine Magazine, Tech MagInstagram: Ford, MTV, Disney, Intel, Cisco Systems, Avon, Burberry, Dell, eBay, Facebook, Gap, Nike,Starbucks,Lululemon, TopShop, AOL, Victoria’s Secret, Louboutin, Forever 21, Topshop, Mercedes-Benz, Versace, Oreo, Guess, Taco Bell, Marc Jacobs, Sephora, BMW, Volkswagen, H&M
  • As rated by Nitrogram, compiled based on following & hashtag use (mentions by users)
  • Length: 6 vs 15secTone: Vine more light, humorousAudio: Narration works better on InstagramEngagement: Higher on Instagram, bigger user baseSharing: Vine auto-appears in tweets, but Instagram also shareable on Tumblr & via email. Both are embeddable on blogs/websites. Brand channel: Instagram allows for web-accessible brand channel with website. Vine is only mobile but does have checkmark next to official profiles. Paid promotion: Vine can be promoted in Promoted Tweets on Twitter. Facebook launching video ads soon (likely within next 6-8 weeks).
  • Food Brands Using Social Video

    1. 1. 2013 Zócalo Group Food Brands Using Social Video Vine vs Instagram August 2013 @JessicaReed09
    2. 2. Executive Summary • Brands are using Vine for brand awareness, quick demos and sneak peeks. On Instagram, brands post videos with more narrative and creative focus. • Instagram videos are generating more interactions, likely from the larger user base. • Most brand activations are experimental to-date, with only 1-2 videos on either or both channels.
    3. 3. Users 13 million users (before Android launch) 554 million active users on Twitter 130 million users 1 billion active users on Facebook Popularity Most downloaded app outside of gaming (iTunes App Chart) 11% of iPhone users active users of Vine Most active Vine users tweet an average of more than 14 videos per day Weekly post frequency of 1.98% with 1.24% overall interaction rate #14 downloaded - iTunes App Chart 35% of iPhone users active on Instagram 45 million photos shared per day Weekly post frequency 0.84% with 1.06% overall interaction rate (likes and comments) Channel Integration Unique benefits • Continuous loop play • Adapted for stop motion • Add to category feeds • Reposting • Filters • Editing • Video stabilization • Choose thumbnail Quick Comparison 2
    4. 4. Tone Humorous, upbeat, fun Artsy, thoughtful, informative Audio Music, background noise Narrated, music Brands Usage Awareness, announcements, quick demos, sneak peaks Showcase creativity, product demonstrations, narrated stories, interviews Top Brand Categories Retailers, food, beauty, media Fashion, sports, luxury, automotive Brand Insights 2
    5. 5. Brand Following Instagram Videos Vine Topic/Approach Taco Bell 143,481 3 #DoritosLocosTacos announcement & videos showing @Our2ndLife trying them with just background noise Oreo 92,261 Created series of videos with #OreoSnackHacks such as making milk & Oreo ice cubes for coffee without sound Ben & Jerry’s 205,167 2 The making of ice cream flavor “San Francisco’s City Churned” with just background noise Red Mango 364,388 McDonald’s 37,248 Stop motion with food such as “Fill Your Day with McCafe” smoothie filling cup, without sound Dunkin Donuts 53,221 Stop motion with food, such as Munchkin donuts becoming fireworks for 4th of July with background noise Food Network 211,251 One video, narrated sweep of office: “Welcome to lobby at Food Network HQ in Chelsea Market” Most Popular Food Brands on Instagram
    6. 6. Presence: Oreo 2 • Oreo#SnackHacks recipes and videos from #Wonderfilled NYC event • Significant engagement compared to other brands, with 300+ likes, 130+ revines (shares) and several comments Vine: 5,237 followers Posts: 14 videos Twitter: 151,050 followers
    7. 7. Presence: Chobani 2 • Feature simple & colorful how-to’s with various #KitchenTricks • No product mentions • Average 180 likes, 8 comments and 1-2 revines Vine: 2,496 followers Posts: 7 videos Twitter: 62,000 followers
    8. 8. Presence: Peanut Butter Co 2 • Fun, humorous tone with various product shots or product being used • Holiday post encouraged viewers to download coupon on Facebook app • Average 30 likes Vine: 853 followers Posts: 11 videos Twitter: 34,600 followers
    9. 9. Presence: Red Vines 2 • Timely videos for the holidays or causes incorporating the product • Supporting with Promoted Tweets on Twitter Vine: 1,644 followers Posts: 17 videos Twitter: 51,864 followers
    10. 10. Presence: Bon Appetit 2 • How-to videos including pickled vegetables, cleaning a grill, and how to flame an orange peel for a drink • Around 100 likes per post Vine: 8,458 followers Posts: 13 videos Twitter: 468,351 followers
    11. 11. Presence: Pepperidge Farm 2 • Testing different videos including showcasing new product, employee service day and shout-out for career openings • Minimal engagement Vine: 148 followers Posts: 5 videos Twitter: 14,957 followers
    12. 12. Presence: Betty Crocker 2 • Stop motion video featuring different cupcake ideas for Fourth of July • More comments than typical photo post; average number of likes 23,000 followers Posts: 1 video
    13. 13. Presence: Duncan Hines 2 • Sprinkles pouring over a spoon of frosting for 4th of July and a stop motion of cookie being eaten • Not more engagement than photos 567 followers Posts: 2 videos
    14. 14. Yell Design Food Fun • Simple stop motion videos • Highly shareable • Average 5-7K likes and 200+ revines • Extensive media coverage including CNN, Mashable and PRNewser Vine: 120,000 followers Twitter: 500 followers
    15. 15. Creative: Mario Bros Recreated 2 • Fun & simple • Created by artist Hunter Harrison • Significant media coverage including Daily Mail, Mashable, LA Times and Ubergizmo Vine: 14,936 followers Posts: 91 videos Twitter: 500 followers
    16. 16. Best Practices 2 • Best videos are stabilized, single location. Lower quality mobile devices to shoot with and no editing make movement difficult to follow. • The perfect #loop (last frame flows into first frame) encourages re-watching • Upload to category (“food”, “nature”) • Humor is popular on Vine, like the “Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal” series • Include #hashtags for searchability
    17. 17. Video Best Practices 2 • Keep with Instagram’s focus on beautiful imagery and aesthetics • Add audio – music or narration – over a single image/shot • Use a filter for the vintage look users love • Choose compelling cover shot • Include #hashtags for searchability
    18. 18. Best Practices for Food in Social Videos 2 • No people; keep it focused on the food • Audio optional, as the visuals tell the story • It can be a snippet from a recipe, directing viewers to link for more, like this pesto Vine • For a recipe, display clear view of all ingredients, one step of the cooking process and the finished product.
    19. 19. Topics to Consider for Social Video Program • Length • Tone • Audio • Engagement volume goals • Sharing on other networks • Brand channel destination • Paid promotion
    20. 20. 2013 Zócalo Group Questions? Jessica Reed Emerging Media Strategist Zócalo Group Email: LinkedIn: JessicaReed09 Twitter: JessicaReed09 Sources: Mashable, LuxuryLab, Vine, Instagram