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  1. 1. M – Meetings I - Incentives C – Conventions E – Exhibitions/Events
  2. 2. What is M.I.C.E.? Meeting – is a conference, workshop, seminar or other event designed to bring people together for the purpose of exchanging information. Meetings do not include exhibits.
  3. 3. What is M.I.C.E.? Incentive Travel – is a travel that is given to employees as a reward for outstanding performance
  4. 4. What is M.I.C.E.? Convention– is an event in which meetings are combined with exhibitions.
  5. 5. What is M.I.C.E.? Exhibition– is an event designed to bring together providers of products, equipment and services in an environment in which they can demonstrate their products and services to a group of participants in a convention or trade show
  6. 6. What is M.I.C.E.? Event– is anything that happens or a very important occurrence. Events can range from local, national, regional and international.
  7. 7. The Role of M.I.C.E. in the Tourism Industry $ 300 billion global MICE Market 50 million trips each year worldwide for MICE purposes
  8. 8. Of the $ 300 billion global M.I.C.E market Meetings and conventions account for $ 280 billion Incentive travel $ 8.5 billion Exhibitions for several billions more
  9. 9. M.I.C.E Stable source of foreign visitors  Most resilient sector Less susceptible to price fluctuations & seasonality- increase hotel occupancies even on lean months
  10. 10. M.I.C.E  Quality Visitors  Higher disposable income  Large users of tourism facilities Spend up to 3 times more than average tourists
  11. 11. M.I.C.E  Require massive manpower support  Boost retail sales Increase tax revenues
  12. 12. TOURISM ACT OF 2009 Republic Act 9593 Section 45 “It shall market the Philippines as a major convention destination in Asia. To this end it shall take charge of attracting, promoting, facilitating, and servicing large-scale events , international fairs and conventions, congresses, sports competitions, expositions and the like.
  13. 13. Strategies to Capture Global M.I.C.E. Market Develop more MICE destinations outside Metro Manila Improve support infrastructure Raise industry capabilities Creativity, innovation Hone the skills of tourism workforce Rio 2016 - Olympic Games - Master Plan.flv
  14. 14. Expectation of attendees when Attending conventions or events a) They expect the event to be productive b) Attendees expect that they will do serious business and at the same time allow them to grow personally c) They expect the convention or event to provide high level of service.
  15. 15. Key Players in the Industry oAssociations oConvention Centers oProfessional Congress Organizers oProfessional Event Organizers oDestination Management Companies
  16. 16. Key Players in the Industry oEvent Management Companies oMeeting and Event Planners oTradeshows and expositions oHotels oConvention and Visitor Bureaus oIncentive Travel
  17. 17. Qualities of an event organizer • Organized • Creative • Resourceful • Eye for details
  18. 18. Qualities of an event organizer • Patient • Flexible • Friendly • Hospitable
  19. 19. References Dela Rosa,L. (2010, March 5). Promoting MICE Industry in the Philippines. Hospitality and Tourism Students’ Congress, Central Philippine University, Iloilo Cruz, Z.(2002).Seminar and Convention Management. Manila:n.p.
  20. 20. Thank you! Tokyo 2016_ Introducing the C ity.mp4