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Representation technology school


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English technology

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Representation technology school

  1. 1.  Sketch: is the first graphic approach to the shape of an object and is created using only a pencil, paper and rubber. Sometimes it can include measurements.
  2. 2.  Plan is a type of technical representation. It is usually made by rulers, compasses or computers. A series of established rules must be followed and the drawings can be made to scale. It is always annotated
  3. 3.  Annotating a drawing means indicating all of its real measurements so that it can be interpreted.  The annotation indicates the dimension lines, the auxilary dimension lines, the dimensions and the symbols.  Annotating follows a series of rules and criteria.
  4. 4.  Representing an object using views consists of drawing it from various angles to make it easier to understand.  The main views are the:  A) Front view:
  5. 5.  B) Overhead view  C) Side view
  6. 6.  Observe that in the dimensions of the three views: - The front and side views are the same height - The front and overhead views are the same width - The overhead and side views are the same depth
  7. 7.  Most objects can not be represented in their real dimensions.  The solution to this problem is to proportionally reduce or amplify all the dimensions of the object with a scale.  Scale= dimensions in the drawing dimensions of the real object
  8. 8.  There are three types of scales: A) Reduced scale. Ex 1:2 what in the drawing measures 1 measures 2 in the real life Scale 1/10
  9. 9. B) Actual scale 1:1
  10. 10.  C) Enlarged scale. Ex 2:1 what in the drawing measures 2 measures 1 in the real life.