Let's help Pitogo evacuees


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The situation at Sitio Pitogo as of early May 2012. They need help, food, and shelter materials....

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  • There are 26 families in Sitio Pitogo who have evacuated to 3 camps...This is the first camp with 12 families....
  • This is part of camp 2...
  • House of lay minister Waling Narciso where his wife, daughter and a neighbor died, when the ground shifted last February 6, 2012...
  • Let's help Pitogo evacuees

    1. 1. Let’s help Pitogo evacuees!They need food, housing materials,CR and light...and stress debriefing
    2. 2. Sitio Pitogo is an upper village of Brgy P. Zamora, Guihulngan. Thisused to be the concrete road going up to Sitio Pitogo...
    3. 3. Brgy Councilor Richard Sapotalo explains the difficult accessgoing to Pitogo
    4. 4. With camp manager Lorena Bandic Tipon-tipon, inspecting the tensioncracks that the earthquake caused all over the place....
    5. 5. Earth movement in the farm...
    6. 6. Huge cracks in the earth has rendered the road going to Sitio Pitogovery difficult to pass...
    7. 7. This used to be a continuous road but a section has just droppeddown...
    8. 8. There are 26 families in Sitio Pitogo who have evacuated to 3camps...This is the first camp with 12 families....
    9. 9. There are 5 families who are still staying in their houses in a verydangerous position, about 50 meters to the back of these houses is alandslide...
    10. 10. Part of the 12 families who have to evacuate: Toquero, Esplagera, Narciso,Boiles, Suarez, Abule, Amacna, Bontigao...(smiling and thankful to be alive!)
    11. 11. ......they have been asked to relocate and will constitute Camp 3...
    12. 12. Part of 19 houses which are in danger... Residents have beenasked to move to safer locations...
    13. 13. The second evacuation center with 5 families...living in their makeshifthouses...
    14. 14. Please help these families...because of inaccessibility, their plight has notbeen noticed. It was only during the Vacation Bible School graduation atSitio Tuway when Brgy Councilor City Toquero, who is in-charge of theplace, appealed for these families. The first camp manager assigned to thisarea resigned out of fear of the hazardous situation...They need food, housing materials, a comfort room, and lots of stressdebriefing.On May 12, some volunteers will visit them for a feeding session andhopefully, together with the menfolk, they will make roof materials fromwoven coconut leaves.Please help these families....send aid PLEASE...
    15. 15. Affected families in Pitogo:2.Apolinario T. Bontigao (with 4 members)3.William Bigno (with 1 member)4.Antonio Bigno (with 3 members)5.Wilson Bontigao (with 1 member)6.Rolando Toquero (with 4 members)7.Danilo Toquero (with 3 members)8.Rodgen Bulibuli (with 2 members)9.Jesus Amacna (with 4 members)10.Jimson Boiles (with 2 members)11.Jemito Abule (with 3 members)12.Pascual Narciso (with 6 members)13.Arnel Suarez (with 3 members)14.Cristita Toquero (with 2 members)15.Felipe Toquero (with 5 members)16.Jeremias Nacion (with 4 members)17.Larry Nacion (with 1 member)18.Laddy Toquero (with 3 members)19.Marsiano Bontigao (with 3 members)
    16. 16. 1. Doming Amacma (with 5 members)2. Remedios Amacma3. Daniel Esplagera (with 6 members)4. Rudy Amacma (4 members)5. Gilbert Toquero (3 members)6. Felix Lozada (1 member)7. Madrico Amacma (4 members)8. Isabina Mogello (5 Members)The above families are the ones most in need of immediate help, according to DSWD camp manager Lorena B. Tipon-tipon. There are a total of 120 families in this place who also need your help.