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The amazing spider man


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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The amazing spider man

  1. 1. The amazing spider man Trailer analysis
  2. 2. Unique selling point This film is a representation of a famous character from the marvel comic books. It is also the first re-make of the previous trilogy. As it is a new image for the series the previous fans or even market will desire to purchase tickets because often a reboot promises to be a great improvement. Fans will want to form their own opinions on the new film compared with the old one. It already has a high status from the marketing of the character Spider man. Another unique selling point is the actors, they are directly targeting their appropriate audience because they have employed actress Emma Stone. The target audience discussed on the next slide are likely to have seen some of her films because many are teenagers. She has appeared recently in many films for this audience.
  3. 3. Genre The trailer portrays the film to be a fantasy however there are other elements which suggest it may contain numerous action scenes, to interest a young gaming generation. Stereotypically of many fantasy films a young protagonist is presented to exaggerate the impact of a single event which happens to them when they have grown. Different techniques show mystery, thus creating intrigue. A series of clips demonstrate the fantasy through the implication that many of Peter Parkers ability are inexplainable.
  4. 4. Target audience The target audience is of a wide range. However the common interest they are likely to have is the modern developments. While this markets its self to children because of powers which are illustrated in the trailer, it also sells to their parents. It ensures that it will appear as a family film. The range of actors all have fan bases of different ages and the different elements such as romance, mystery and drama seem to all be major themes. The majority of their audience will probably be teenagers because of the different issues which are shown. The reason it is plausible that the audience will be ‘up to date’, invested in new technologies, the latest trends etc. is because of the visual impression the trailer gives. Everything looks new to mimic reality.
  5. 5. The superhero is a typical teenager who is similar to many of the teenage audience. This effectively engages the teenage audience because of its reliability. For example the pictures above reflect the insecurity's and the events which teenagers experience.
  6. 6. Narrative The narrative, unconventionally is revealed through images rather than the now clichéd use of the diegetic dialogue. The music accurately reflects the change in mood and Parkers emotions. Evidently at the beginning of the trailer Parker feels isolated because he isn’t accepted within his school, also his childhood is a mystery to himself. The soundtrack becomes serious and the events which lead to his transformation are shown at a slow editing pace. Therefore it becomes obvious to the viewer that though it is a similar film to those of its predecessors ; the film is exposes more of the characters weaknesses and normalities.
  7. 7. Music The use of the harp for the beginning of the clip is uncommon among movie trailers. However it is ideal because it evokes sympathy from the viewer. The alternative instrumental purposes to the audience that the film is serious as well as emotive. This may attract a large audience because of the need we have to have connection with the main character, in order to understand their own lives better. The momentary violin solo is an effective method of informing the viewer of imminent danger. Toward the end of the trailer the soundtrack changes suddenly and frequently. This symbolises the uncertainty of the direction this film will take.
  8. 8. Shot types An establishing shot of New York City informs the audience of the scale on which the events of the film occur. Meaning the audience may conclude from the trailer that the protagonist of the story will have a great impact within the world. The majority of the shots used are evidently medium two shots. This may be to convey the different relationships the characters share, as well as give a clear impression of the characters personalities. The second may; over the shoulder shots are used to distance the audience from the character while giving them insight into the story from different perspectives. It reminds the viewer that the trailer is an introduction and the film is what will reveal their true character. Finally the most suitable shot for the finish. The two long shots used at the end of the trailer indicate the amount of power spider man has whilst showing the possibilities the powers bring him.
  9. 9. Camera angles Most are eye line match to involve the viewer in the situation. This gives a clear view of what each character is feeling and their attitudes. Low angle shots are used in both the clips which show the abilities of Spider man and those which show his ambitions. He looks up at the sky scraper to remind the audience of his position as a student. Within the world, despite his powers he admires other qualities of the world. The birds eye view is an angle used between the medium shots, in order to engage the viewer. It can force them to think about their fantasies and consequently convince them that the film promises to offer them a vision of what fantasy could do.
  10. 10. Dialogue Due to the method which is used to convey the narrative there isn’t much diegetic dialogue within this trailer. Nonetheless The lines heard are dramatic and exaggerated. The line “I wanna go with you” shows the child’s innocence, once again creating sympathy. “Not much to tell really” makes him seem to be a regular teenager therefore it enlarges on the impact which the events in the film will have on his ‘ordinary’ life. Peter’s hesitation and nervousness when he utters “uhh, nothing” can attract the target audience because of his comical nature. His character is relatable. The diegetic dialogue “ready to play God” suggests the type of danger which could be present as well as again displaying the modern take of the film.