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Now you see me2


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Now you see me2

  1. 1. Appeal The plot is unique and many of the stars are Hollywood A list. They use many establishing shots and bird’s eye view shot of the city to suggest the scale of the movie, as it will be a large event that could affect or influence everyone. The skill and showmanship of the magicians informs the viewer that the film will be shocking and entertaining. People may be convinced to watch it as they want to find the truth behind the magic.
  2. 2. Characters The four horsemen are moral and heroic which engages the viewer. Though no relationships are clear there characters are well presented.
  3. 3. It is obvious that they are witty and intelligent characters which creates curiosity, as the audience don’t know why they are as confident as they are nor if anything will change them. The leader of the group is allegedly the J.Daniel. Sarcasm and a blasé attitude makes them interesting and as their intentions unknown the audience is intrigued as they aren't entirely sure if they are the heroes they seem to be.
  4. 4. Narrative The scene where Thaddeus is explaining the actions of the magicians and illusionists is used to create the narrative. Alongside the images of the tricks and the diegetic speech from the scene of the public show. The dialogue is edited to create a voiceover.
  5. 5. Camera The trailer uses numerous camera movements such as the crab over the audience, the panning of the illusionists and the tracking back (dollying). This makes it seem as though all is being seen which means every event is more shocking. The panning movement and close ups also show the emotions making the characters relatable as well as realistic.
  6. 6. Sound Sound effects are used to compose a distorted soundtrack which further increases anticipation. The soundtrack is dramatic because it stops and starts suddenly also changing as it does to indicate the amount of mystery and surprise. Diegetic dialogue- “every one in this room is a victim of hard times” –Unique. “The closer you look the less you’ll actually see” – Skill. “We’re gonna return some of that money back to you” – Robin Hood. “Always be the smartest guy in the room – Again repeating the Skill making the audience wonder how skilled.
  7. 7. Success This was successful because it represented the genre and the direction of the film. Therefore it will have targeted the precise target audience they decided upon. I feel the trailer shows a range of personalities, so everyone in the audience will be able to relate and be interested in a particular character. The shots in the arena creates excitement because it suggests that the audience will get to see a magic show then be able to discover the secrets behind it.
  8. 8. Codes and conventions There is a sequence of seemingly unconnected irrelevant shots with cuts to a blank screen. Thus generating suspense. A narrative is formed with the use of diegetic dialogue from the film as a voiceover. This introduces the characters whilst showing the genre through shots. Medium close ups of the main characters ‘to draw in the audience’. Establishing shots are used to state location; going against convention however they have used 8. I believe this was unwise because these spaces might have been used to reveal more about the story or develop relationships further.
  9. 9. Why this one Generates admiration when exposing the supposed aim of the main characters. The genre is rare in modern production so the trailer exhibits its many features and possible twists. A viewer may become invested in the movie as they realise there will be a many different secrets uncovered. Sound effects at the end of the trailer emphasize the modern style (as it is common of many other new trailers) and the talent as the cast listing appears.