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Lessons learnt


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Lessons learnt

  1. 1. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel youhave learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
  2. 2. Both my music magazine and school magazine havesimilar layouts however I have changed: The amount of cover lines and the placement of those cover lines. Themore cover lines on the magazine improves status and validity as it isclearly able to cover a range of topics. The barcodes, cover lines, information, flashes etc. are placed toaccommodate the main image rather than being placed where there isroom. A banner line is required to deliver the consumer information about themagazines current status. This is often used to advertise what themagazine offers which makes them different from others of the samegenre. Line breaks can be used to separate different cover lines however whenthis method isn’t used it is beneficial to show them directly next to eachother of roughly the same width. A list display of cover lines allows thecompany to display all features in the same place, prioritising only thesinger, actor, student etc. who has been given the most advertisingspace.
  3. 3. After the production of the music magazine PLAYLISTI have learnt about the creation of photos. The image of the contents and front cover for the preliminary task havevisible and distracting mise-en-scene. I have learnt that props can beused to develop an image of what a person is like however thebackground must be thought about. Props which contribute to the message of the photo or main image arenecessary for some articles to reveal intent. Off-putting mise-en-scenecan be seen in the school magazine such as the door on the front pageand the decorations in the contents. These could have been used to leadon to the article. For example after the production of a music magazinecover I now think the door could have been in better focus and clearerwith the student shutting the door to show the subject of the magazine;a new year leaving for university. The decorations should have beencompletely visible to illustrate the social lifes of the students and theirhomes.
  4. 4. Small cover lineswhich are difficult toread. The differentcolours are too brightand they are centeredwhich means they arenot seen first.The oval shape of theflash and the yellowcontrast with the red.This would beimproved if it had astroke and black textrather than yellow asthe colours wouldcompliment the mainimage.A single barcode=requires moreinformation as this is thepart of the magazinewhich isn’t unique ornoticeable. The date andprice should be placed asthis information is foundby the reader if theydecide to purchase.The main cover line can’tbe read easily and it isessential that the can beunderstood and noticedwithout the need for study.This cover line is theadvertised benefit of themagazines issue andtherefore should be largerand of a black font.
  5. 5. After research and design I think my contents have improvedfrom the preliminary task. The addition of page numbers withthe brand is appealing as it is typical. There needed to bedescriptions on the school contents, this would have conveyedto the reader the specifics of the magazine. The headingsneed to be clear which I have achieved with a large modernfont in my second task. The photos are of a greater resolutionin the second, after the first camera was used I realised Ineeded a camera which would give a better image with agreater brightness. The labels and the type of images areconventions of magazines. The school magazine wouldrequire certain changes.
  6. 6. If I were to produce another school magazine Iwould: Place the contents title on the very left of the page, it will be seenstraightway. I would make it smaller so it is apart of the text rather thanseparate information. The images are underneath the contents which givesthe false impression that this would be the same for each page with theuse of the same image. The space between the photos is disrupting, I would make them the samewidth so they fit together. I have learnt more page numbers are conventional however I do reasonthat a school magazine would have less content than those purchased inchain stores. The sections which have been underlined are too specific and few vagueheading are needed to improve usability.