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Medical field jr paper

  1. 1. Flores-Zapien 1Medical FieldThrough time, the past and the future, medicine has always been by our side no matter what. Itstarted years before us from Indians to curanderos and from nurses to doctors. Have you everhad that one feeling when you were little and the question from parents, uncles, aunts or justplaying stranger come to mind? Like the question of, “What do you want to be when you growup?”Most of these responses we gave were fire fighters or dentist. This question was asked to meand honestly I had no clue. I grew up in a very large family and as I grew I witnessed my unclestudying to be a doctor. He worked day and night to get where he’s at right now. Watching hiscareer path has inspired me to go in that direction with Navy and follow my dream in MedicalField. I think Medical Field is a very important role in history becauseit’s always been there forus and for me to fallow my dream is very important. “Reaching your goal is not impossible butreaching your dream is not easy. Medical Field is not what it seems like it takes courage, honorand commitment.”(Interview).There many different types of jobs in Medical Field such as Pedaratrition, Dentist, Nursing andDoctors. Many of those are through health care which allows you to see behind the seen or onthe front line of health care. Life in the military is not easy. You have to give on some certainimportant stuff such as family, friends, or just home. “A particular thing in Medicine is that wenever believe anything unless it can be proven or demonstrated”. We can’t really do something ifwe really don’t do them for ourselves. Words such as Honor, Courage, and commitment makeyou wonder do I have that. Honor can be defined as having faith with in you. Courage is being
  2. 2. Flores-Zapien2willing to lead someone by example becoming your own leader. Commitment is a strong wordthat can’t really be defined by words but in my words its being able to say something you’regoing to do and do them. These three words mean a lot and they all have something in common.They all have strong meaning and they all reach out something. They have meaning to life in away. It reaches out to say never give up in your dreams.As we go back in the past we witness that Navy Medical Field has always been there to discoveruntil this very day. Even back in the wake of indifferent fortune on land against the Frenchattempted by British forces to succor Royalist counter revolutionaries. The outbreak in April1797 of mutiny in British channel fleet based at Spithead, outside Portsmouth triggered off awave of disaffection in the Royal Navy Medical Field that ranked as perhaps. History to theNavy Medical Field had been brought to the world of war. In the 1850 Legislation outlawedflogging specifically, but did not outlaw all formal of Corporal punishments. On September 28,1850 congress abolished flogging in the Navy Medical Field but failed to Substitute anothersystem of Discipline. “The congress provided a new system of discipline based on rewards andpunishments. As do to the fact that there were only little percentage of women and men inMedical field in 1855”. (History today). Now a days Medical Field instruments and governmenthas change. We have better technology and better ways of doing processes required in themilitary. Weather its past or future we know medicine will be always there to discover to be usedand to protect and help men kind in the military and in social life outside the military.As a Doctor in the Navy Medical Field you will practice the most up to date procedures, such as“Forward Surgery”, that link field Medicine with larger medical facilities for life saving
  3. 3. Flores-Zapien3consolation and care. There are many opportunities in the Medical Field. You can get from arank to a higher rank as you go through there depending on the years you service and dependingon your hard work and knowledge. “You might even contribute to medicine reliefefforts acrossour country and around the globe, serving victims of everything from sickness to comb-out, fromdisease to poverty and from hurricanes to earthquakes”. (U.S). There are many different types ofjobs in the Navy Medical Field. Some of these jobs are Aerospace medicine, Dermatology,Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology, nursing. When it comes to different jobs there comesdifferent medicine such as Internal Medicine, Tropical Medicine, and Nuclear Medicine. Withthese jobs come responsibilities whether its checking vitals, treating wounds, manage triage, orjust lifting spirits and restoring hope for other who mentor there love ones. “It’s been amathematical fact that fifty percent of all doctors graduate in the bottom half of their classes”.(Specific). As a physician in the Navy Medical Field Corps, you will attend to service membersand their families in much the same way a civilian Doctors Would. A Navy doctor will help leadthe highly respect Navy Health Care team would. Work with a team of talented colleaguesunited by a common mission as yours”. (Navy). You may have the opportunities to educate, leadand shape policy within Navy Medical Field and instruct Hospital Corpsmen on how to providequality patient care. Jobs in the military have more responsibilities then a regular Medical job.“Your risking other peoples life’s and your also risking yourself but something you can neverreplace is the feeling you get when you save some one’s and you get that gratitude from eitherthem or theirfamilies”. (Zapien Jesus). Nothing feels better then you having that feeling insideknowing that you may have saved some one life. It had comes to conclusion that many Doctorswho have earned their career have been working for many years and had never gave up. Tobecome a Doctor you must start from high school taking many different types of courses such as
  4. 4. Flores-Zapien4Biology, math, physics, chemistry, Spanish, English, and laboratory. These classes are just alittle taste on what the real world is like in Medical Field. You must have a high school diploma,go to College or go to the University. “Education is very important because we all grow and aswe grow our education grows as well”. (Zapien-Jesus). I had a very nice interview once and theDoctor who I interview had said, “Education goes as far as u let it go and as far as u let it go is asfar you will ever get to where you want to be”. I think about that very much every day I seesomeone important go by and I think of the requirements I need to get there.Some advantages to these jobs in military are the college tuitions, better life in and out of themilitary and better a character of you. Tuitions come with hard work and are only given to thosestudents that have earned their way into been a better hard working person and who actuallywant to make something out of themselves. Students may get Medical School paid for them aswell a recruiter that can help you choose the programs that offers you some great advantages.With hard work you may also get the privilege of a monthly spend of 2,088 to help cover livingexpenses for up to 48 months and a sign on bonus for up to 20,000. Many have worked at thehighly acclaimed National Naval Medical Center in Bethsaida, Maryland, Portsmouth, Virginia,and San Diego California. As a member and student of the Navy Medical Field Corps you mayserve at any of more than 250 Navy Medical Field facilities around the globe in some of the mostdynamic environments imaginable such as Hawaii to Japan,Germany to Guan, and WashingtonD.C to Washington State. You may also have the privilege to provide support to develop troopsaboard one of two dedicated hospital ships in the USNS Comfort and USNS Mercy. Like allenlisted positions, promotions will depend upon your performance and time in serve.To many ofthese hard works there comes rewards. After the navy your extensive training continuing
  5. 5. Flores-Zapien5education and available experience as a Medical professional will offer superior careeradvantages.To many of this hard work and amazing things in the Navy Medical Field offersthere comesdisadvantages such as living far from your love ones or long hours of hard work and studying.“Weakness is pain leaving the body”. (Marine). Thehardest ones are Personal challenges andsalary. “Most of these personal challenges can be the requirements you need to be eligible to goto the Naval Medical Field. Some of them could be being U.S citizens, being a graduate of aeligible Medical School, Being willing to serve a minimum of two years, also being between theages of 18- 59, most important being in good physical conditions”.(Navy). To first get here manymust work hard. Hard studying has to be involve. You must pass at least graduate from highschool and have a little knowledge of Medical needs. “Every first sailor in the Navy MedicalField must attend at least a few classes of Medical Field”. (U.S). Medical professionals mayreceive direct commissions as officers, but most Medical Officers enter through the ReserveOfficer Training Corps, the armed forced health professionals Scholarships Program. Most ofthese disadvantages are also caused do to the fact that many do not want to leave there familymembers or love ones. Saying good bye is not easy but to these sailors of Medical Field is nevereasy. Just with the thought of maybe never coming home again runs through their minds everyday when there training starts. When first stepping into the Medical Field the salary of thesefuture Doctors is not very good due to that fact that their barely staring there new job and havenot had a fully good rank (position). They get paid by how much service you have gave and ofwhat rank you may be.As to conclusion of Medical Field it’s not easy but it’s not impossible. With the hard work andstudying u do may take you some places you many never imagine. It gets you the proper
  6. 6. Flores-Zapien6Training and even pay for your school tuition. You can become a professional and even keep ongoing with your career as a professional out of the Navy. The bad things about them are therequirements and the fact that you must make sacrifices for yourselves and love ones. You mustgo far away from them and be able to serve for almost 2 years. Being U.S citizens is sometimeshard for many of us who really want to make something out of themselves because not many ofthe people in the United States are U.S citizens. So the words Honor, Courage, and Commitmentcome to mind. In which each of these words have a very strong meaning. So as I go on in lifeand as people ask me what would I like to be or do in life I am proud to say that I want to fallowmy dream in the Navy Medical Field because I like helping people and because Medical Fieldhas had an important role in history.Live, Laugh, LearnDo you have what it takes to be in Medical Field?