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Task 7 - trip to Latina


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Published in: Technology, Travel
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Task 7 - trip to Latina

  1. 1. LIFEBOOK4Life – Accept no boundariesNever stop running Follow me on a business trip Insert through Latina with my Your Profile Picture here Stylistic Q550 1 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  2. 2. IntroductionAbout me: Ive got a "fresh" degree in environmental planning and policies, at the IUAV University of Venice. I come from Latina, a sunny city in the middle of Italy. I love my city, even if urban life quality is quite low, due to a lack of environmental urban policies.The city: LATINA Latina is a young city: it was founded on 1932 during the fascism era. It‘s characterized by the „rational architecture“, as you will see later. Latina‘s weather it‘s often sunny, warm, not much rain, and you can take your bike to go wherever you want: any slope, because the territory of Latina was a swamp before Latina was settled. In ist entourage you can find: the CirceoNational Park and, inside, the Fogliano Lake.My Stylistic Q550: a great companion, light, small, perfect for a life onmovingBattery runtime:Up to 10 hours 2 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  3. 3. 10:00 a.m. Piazza del Popolo (main square) We can start our trip through Latina with Piazza del Popolo, the city main square 3 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  4. 4. 10:15 a.m. Piazza del Popolo (main square) The fountain at the centre of the square was the symbol of Latina‘s birth, and people enjoy looking at it and playing with it :D 4 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  5. 5. 10:30 a.m. Piazza del Popolo (main square) The building here is the Justice Palace and was founded in 1936, the white high columns in marble are quite fascinating for me 5 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  6. 6. 11:00 a.m. Piazza della Liberta’ Piazza della Liberta‘ is an historical square too, and the fountain is a symbols of the fascism era 6 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  7. 7. 11:30 a.m. Parco A. Mussolini A. Mussolini Park is the main park of the historical city. Lots of monuments are symbol pf the fascism period, like obeliscs and fountains 7 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  8. 8. 12:00 a.m. Parco A. Mussolini Here some details of the marble fountains below the obelisc of the park 8 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  9. 9. 12:30 a.m. San Marco square At San Marco square there‘s the most ancient church of the city: San Marco church 9 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  10. 10. 1:00 p.m. San Marco square This column is right at the centre of the square and it’s a symbol of catholic religion 10 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  11. 11. 1:30 p.m. Palazzo M Now we just walk few minutes and we reach the Palazzo M (M like Mussolini). In fact the shape of the building is an M. 11 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  12. 12. 2:00 p.m. Palazzo M This is one of the statues you can find at the square in front of the palace. Unfortunately, some of them have been damaged, and never restored. 12 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  13. 13. 3:00 p.m. to the sea Just 7 km form Piazza del Popolo you can find the sea. Latina’s sea is quite fascinating: the dunes are wonderful during spring, and lots of flowers cover them with hundreds of colours 13 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  14. 14. 4:30 p.m. resting at the sea These rocks are beautiful, you can walk on them and enjoy the power of the sea… 14 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  15. 15. 5:00 p.m. going to Fogliano lake From the dunes you can start experiencing the Fogliano lake, that we will visit later, a wonderful natural area 15 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  16. 16. 5:30 p.m. at Fogliano lake Fogliano lake is my hearth, I often go there with my bike just for enjoy the nature in all its colours and sounds. It is a natural area (ZPS), protected by european union. 16 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  17. 17. 6:00 p.m. experiencing nature Lots of birds rest here during their migrations 17 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  18. 18. 6:30 p.m. sunset at Fogliano Lake It’s going to be quite late, we have to go back home. The lake becomes silent. 18 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  19. 19. 7:30 p.m. Piazza della Liberta’ by night Latina’s main square are really fascinating at night, such as Piazza della liberta’, full of lights and warm colours…now we can have our dinner in one of the restaurant of the historical centre. 19 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  20. 20. 10:00 p.m. back to Piazza del Popolo We‘re back to Piazza del Popolo. During Christmas time the square is full of lights and is beautiful! I hope you enjoyed this trip and maybe one day you will come and visit Latina ! 20 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  21. 21. 1 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU