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The Making of Lexica: A Truly Massive Tablet Game


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Lexica is a massive tablet game (3.5 GB, 300 Staff Years of work) that is designed to get junior high kids excited about reading. In this talk, Jesse Schell gives an overview of it, and details the problems (and solutions) of dealing with such a large game app on iOS.

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The Making of Lexica: A Truly Massive Tablet Game

  1. 1. The Making of Lexica A Truly Massive Tablet Game Jesse Schell @jesseschell GDC 2015
  2. 2. Problem: • Many kids start opting out of reading in middle school. Transformational Goal: •Get them to become lifelong readers.
  3. 3. Lexica Trailer:
  4. 4. Tyger Cadenc e Emma Tom Cheshire Heidi Lumen Marian Nemo Raven Baba Yaga Telltale
  5. 5. 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Old Mother West Wind Oliver Twist One of Ours Otto of the Silver Hand Out of Time's Abyss Ozma of Oz Parnassus on Wheels Pellucidar Penrod Penrod and Sam Persuasion Peter Pan Phantasmagoria and Other Poems Poems by Emily Dickinson Poems of William Blake Pollyanna Pollyanna Grows Up Pride and Prejudice Prufrock and Other Observations Pygmalion Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Riders of the Purple Sage Rinkitink in Oz Robinson Crusoe Robur the Conqueror; or, The Clipper of the Clouds Roughing It Scaramouche Sense and Sensibility Seventeen She She and Allan Shirley Silas Marner Snowdrop and Other Tales South Sea Tales South Wind South! 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  6. 6. Weekly Live Content Schedule
  7. 7. Nine Transformational Methods 1. Immerse them in an engaging story about mindset theory 2. Let them become friends with intriguing and engaging characters from the world of literature 3. Help them build vocabulary, syntax knowledge, and reading fluency 4. Engage them in a story that exercises their reading skills 5. Lead them to gateway books 6. Help them make time to read 7. Incentivize reading (gently) 8. Let them see that their classmates read 9. Let them experience the joy of writing
  8. 8. 20+ APPS 500K LOC 3 GB
  9. 9. Problems…
  10. 10. …and Solutions!
  11. 11. Problem 1: It won’t all fit! Apple has rules… • Apps shouldn’t depend on other apps • Solution: Optional Dependency • Apps shouldn’t communicate with other apps • Solution: • iOS 7: Pasteboard • iOS 8: App Groups • Apps shouldn’t mimic the home screen • Solution: Make it look different
  12. 12. Problem 2: Big Teams Make Big Problems Inter-team communication is perilous Multi-app deployment is a pain Collisions waste time • Daily communication • Clear APIs • Build One Yourself • Nightly Builds • Solid Deploy Tool • Build Excellent Tools • Organize Around Content, Not Function
  13. 13. Problem 3: On Mobile, Time is your Enemy • 36 Months of Development… so far! • A major update from Unity or Apple will happen about every 8 months • iOS 8 is really different from iOS 7 • We started on Unity 3.5 – now on 4.6! • Example: Occlusion culling was very different from Umbra 2 to Umbra 3 • Plan to be disrupted
  14. 14. Is Mobile AAA possible?
  15. 15. Thanks! @jesseschell Slides at