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The Future of Storytelling


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Talk for GDC 2013

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The Future of Storytelling

  1. 1. The Future of Storytelling Jesse Schell GDC 2013
  2. 2. ?
  3. 3. • Movie Verbs: talk, ask, negotiate, convince, argue, shout, plead, complain• Videogame Verbs: run, shoot, jump, climb, throw, cast, punch, fly
  4. 4. Unity
  5. 5. The Elemental Tetrad AestheticsMechanics Story ? Technology ?
  6. 6. 1972 1974
  7. 7. The Prophecy of Chris Swain
  8. 8. ?
  9. 9. Sensing Emotion
  10. 10. Natural Language Understanding• Eliza: Please tell me whats been bothering you. you: Im bored. Eliza: Do you enjoy being bored? you: No. Eliza: Does this make you feel unhappy? you: Yes. Eliza: Please go on. you: I want something to do. Eliza: Suppose you got something to do soon. you: That would be great! Eliza: Tell me more about that. you: Im bored. Eliza: Is it because you are bored that you came to me? you: yes. Eliza: I see.
  11. 11. Mass Effect 3
  12. 12. Who will we talk to? Our avatars.
  13. 13. Who will we talk to?Our avatars Virtual Companions.
  14. 14.  The Hearth Reading Nook  “Anywhere” Workbench 
  15. 15. Thanks!Email: Slides: Twitter: @jesseschell