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Sheep and goats


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Keynote for Games for Change 2013

The world of educational games is changing, and we cannot understand it without understanding the psychology of education.

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Sheep and goats

  1. 1. Sheep, Goats,and theFuture of EducationJesse SchellGames for Change 2013
  2. 2. Can Games Educate?
  3. 3. How Do Games Fit Into Education?
  4. 4. Everything is changing!• Standards• Technology• Delivery Systems• Economic Models• Students• Parents• The World
  5. 5. + =PsychologyTechnology Destiny
  6. 6. Do what they’re told Do what they wantTwo Types of Learners
  7. 7. A society of sheep means…• a society easilymanipulated by advertising• a society willing to acceptwhat is provided• fewer entrepreneurs
  8. 8. 1. Anyone Can Design a Great Game2. All of us Together are Better Designers thanany of us Alone3. The More we all Share, the Smarter we allBecome
  9. 9. Goat Paradise!
  10. 10. I have no specialtalents, I am onlypassionatelycurious.–Albert Einstein
  11. 11. Fear ApathyCuriosity
  12. 12. CuriosityInsightWonderThe cure forboredom iscuriosity…There is nocure forcuriosity.
  13. 13. Some Thoughts On Education (1692)Johnathan Locke“I have always had a fancythat learning might be madea play and recreation tochildren…”
  14. 14. “It’s not that American schools do anything special toteach creativity – it’s just that they are less efficient atstamping it out.”
  15. 15. Who wants your goatware?Parents? Kids? Administrators?
  16. 16. Who wants your goatware?Teachers!
  17. 17. Thanks!Slides: @jesseschellEmail:
  18. 18. Psychology Notes and Stuff••••••