Information flow


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Keynote for the 2011 IGDA Leadership Forum

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Information flow

  1. 1. Information FlowThe Secret to Studio Structure Jesse SchellIGDA Leadership Forum 2011
  2. 2. Common Studio Problems• I don’t know how to structure management!• I don’t know how to manage this project!• Another miscommunication with a client!• We have too many meetings!• Our team has low morale!• Our game is LATE!• Our game SUCKS!
  3. 3. The formation of a higher-level unit by integrating lower-level units willsucceed only if the emerging organization acquires the appropriate“technologies” for passing information among its members. – Thomas Seeley, The Wisdom of the Hive
  4. 4. The Lens of Information Flow?
  5. 5. Individual
  6. 6. Studio
  7. 7. World Outsource PartnerLicensor Studio Publisher Players Press
  8. 8. Facts ProjectsOpinions ProcessesEmotions People
  9. 9. Face to Face More Skype Info Phone Less Info Email
  10. 10. Email Conventions
  11. 11. Who needs a Spatial Layout door?Who sits where? Why? Craft vs. Projects
  12. 12. A little distance can be a LOT of distance
  13. 13. Agile Development
  14. 14. Other Rituals
  15. 15. Free Food Blocks Info!
  16. 16. Matrix Management:Projects, Process, and People
  17. 17. Info Flow So Far Four Persistent Structures 1. Email Conventions 2. Spatial Layout 3. Regular Meetings 4. Org Charts
  18. 18. What blocks info flow?Too much trouble I didn’t know! NOISE! So many kinds of noise! 1) Noise in my head! 2) Noise in the office! a) Interruptions! b) Lying! 3) Noise from the publisher!
  19. 19. Beeman’s Meddling Matrix Success Fail My I did all I Meddling meddling could. worked! I should Gulp! I’m No have useless! Meddling meddled!
  20. 20. What blocks info flow?Too much trouble I didn’t know! NOISE! It’s a secret! Mental ruts Fear
  21. 21. So Many Kinds of Fear!• The boss will be mad!• Sue’s feelings will be hurt.• Everyone will laugh at me.• I might make a mistake.• The client will be disappointed.• I could lose the respect of the team.• Everyone will know I’m really a fraud.
  22. 22. Casciaro & Lobo’s Matrix
  23. 23. Three charts! Facts ProjectsOpinions ProcessesEmotions People Project AffectiveOrg Chart Hierarchy Hubs
  24. 24. Six Kinds of Jerks1. The Inaccessible Jerk - I can’t get the info I need!2. The Unreliable Jerk - I can’t trust your info!3. The Rigid Jerk - You are ignoring important info!4. The Disrespectful Jerk - You’ll spread bad info about me!5. The Vague Jerk - Was that even information?6. The Unfair Jerk - If I give you info, you’ll use it against me!
  25. 25. The Ten Keys to Successful Teamwork
  26. 26. Key #1: Objectivity
  27. 27. Key #2: Clarity
  28. 28. Key #3: Persistence
  29. 29. Key #4: Comfort
  30. 30. Key #5: Respect
  31. 31. Key #6: Trust
  32. 32. Key #7: Honesty
  33. 33. Key #8: Privacy
  34. 34. Key #9: Unity
  35. 35. Key #10: Love
  36. 36. Studios with good info flow say…• I know how to structure management!• I know how to manage this project!• No miscommunication with clients!• We have the right meetings!• Our team has great morale!• Our game is ON TIME!• Our game ROCKS!
  37. 37. If the energy is really flowing freely,the brush paints by itself, the cameraphotographs, the sculpture forms, thewords write, the dance dances. Thecreator of the art, the subject of theart, and the expression itself mergeinto a single process in which there isno reflection or evaluation, just theart manifesting itself. - Zen Master John Daido Loori
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