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Game Development Careers


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Talk about the past, present, and future of game development careers for PACISE 2015

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Game Development Careers

  1. 1. Game Development Careers Past, Present, and Future Jesse Schell (@jesseschell) PACISE 2015
  2. 2. Game Industry Careers •Programmer •Artist •Designer •Producer
  3. 3. Game Programmer • Code A LOT • Code on a team • Do Game Jams, to learn rapid prototyping • Finish things, to learn software engineering • Build a portfolio of games and demos
  4. 4. Game Artist • Focus on classic skills • Make beautiful things • Get good at fast sketches • Learn to collaborate with programmers • Build a portfolio
  5. 5. Game Designer • Learn about everything • Write about games constantly • Design a lot of games • Do as many game jams as you can • Work with artists and programmers
  6. 6. Game Producer • Learn about project management • Learn about Agile • Become a wizard of documents • Help teams solve problems • Learn how games are made – estimate every game you play • Study post-mortems • Build a portfolio
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