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Curiosity, Patience and Purpose: How big breakthroughs really happen


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A talk I gave at the Bridgeside Forum about the three ingredients of success.

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Curiosity, Patience and Purpose: How big breakthroughs really happen

  1. 1. Curiosity, Patience and Purpose How Big Breakthroughs Really Happen Jesse Schell
  2. 2. Me Randy
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  4. 4. 1. In the beginning, there is the designer. 2. The designer creates an experience. 3. The experience rises out of a game. 4. The game consists of elements. 5. The elements support a theme. 6. The game begins with an idea. 7. The game improves through iteration. 8. The game is made for a player. 9. The experience is in the player’s mind. 10.Some elements are game mechanics. 11.Game mechanics must be in balance. 12.Game mechanics support puzzles. 13.Players play games through an interface. 14.Experiences can be judged by their interest curves. 15.One kind of experience is the story. 16.Story and game structures can be artfully merged with indirect control. 17.Stories and games take place in worlds. 18.Worlds contain characters. 19.Worlds contain spaces. 20.The look and feel of a world is defined by its aesthetics. 21.Some games are played with other players. 22.Other players sometimes form communities. 23.The designer usually works with a team. 24.The team sometimes communicates through documents. 25.Good games are created through playtesting. 26.The team builds a game with technology. 27.Your game will probably have a client. 28.The designer gives the client a pitch. 29.The designer and client want the game to make a profit. 30.Games transform their players. 31.Designers have certain responsibilities. 32.Each designer has a motivation.
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  6. 6. Gilbert N. Lewis (my hero)
  7. 7. ➔ Past prototypes & research support Research SBIR Phase I Grant Awarded Usability/Feasibilit y Studies Completed Prototype Development & Iteration 2014
  8. 8. Follow Your Curiosity To Something Meaningful And Pursue That Patiently
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