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J452 social media overview


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J452 social media overview

  1. 1. Jesse Radonski 10/30/2010 J452 Donna Davis The Bier Stein: A Social Media Overview The Bier Stein is a bottle shop and restaurant in downtown Eugene. Their social media includes a business web site that shares links to their Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter web sites. After personally speaking with Malachi, an employee that has worked there since they opened five years ago, I have found that they don’t use their Myspace page much anymore. Postings on Facebook and Twitter occur daily. Pictures of new and popular beers are posted on Facebook along with a daily food special and rotating tap list, which is also posted on Twitter. The Bier Stein should participate in social media because they’re constantly updating their menu, especially their tap listings. One of the easiest ways to get that news to their customers is by using social media to reach them in their environment instead of relying on them to come to their web site. The Bier Stein’s main goal is to increase sales of food and beer on a daily basis and using social media to create interest and sell your products is an easy way to do that for this business.
  2. 2. Target Audience 1: Customers OBJECTIVE Promote food and drink while educating by driving traffic and communication to social media web sites with an increase of 100 likes within three months of implementation. CUSTOMER DEMOGRAPHICS & PSYCHOGRAPHICS  Target customers are typically within the ages of 20s and 30s, although they can be older.  Craft brewing appeals mainly to White males unlike their African-American counterparts. Women also find certain craft beers appealing. Eugene has a population that is over 80% White.  Most people who are craft beer enthusiasts have a mid to high level of income, since craft beer typically costs more than domestic beer. Demographics in Eugene show a fair amount of the population are in this range for household income.  Customers also enjoy the art of creating craft beer, which takes a fair amount of education. Eugene boasts above a 92% high school success rate among people 25 years and older.
  3. 3. Target Audience 1: Customers (Cont.) STRATEGY The Bier Stein will incorporate educational advertising within the restaurant and on specific social media web sites that will create interest in products for new and/or returning customers. Examples include these tactics: 1. Use Facebook to feature a beer of the day. These beers would be discounted and have particular information about the style, alcohol content, and brewery. This could also be created on a Tumblr blog. 2. Use Twitter to let people know about upcoming events, such as in-store tastings, and also link to their web site for extended information. 3. Offer the chance for prizes to customers for tagging photos to The Bier Stein’s Facebook page. This incorporates the idea behind Web 2.0 and having their community contribute to the business. 4. Use signage within the business to promote social media web sites that The Bier Stein currently updates. EVALUATION After a three month cycle, we will look at the increase of “Likes” to our Facebook to see if we’ve met our goal. More measurements include the addition of tagged photos from customers and the amount of “Likes” and comments on posts for the beer of the day.
  4. 4. Target Audience 2: Distributors OBJECTIVE Increase sales of product by 10% within three months of implementation of plan by promoting and educating the customers about the product through social media. DISTRIBUTOR DEMOGRAPHICS  Total U.S. craft breweries number to 1,599 based on a survey from July 31, 2010.  A survey done in 2008 show that Oregon has 93 breweries in the state. That ranks Oregon as number 3 in the nation per capita. Washington is number 8 and Idaho is number 12.  Domestic craft beer sales were up from 2008 to 2009 but overall they were down 2.2%, which shows that even beer isn’t recession proof.
  5. 5. STRATEGY The Bier Stein will incorporate events to specific brands they are selling in order to maximize sales on that product. Examples include these tactics:  Use Facebook to promote upcoming tastings featuring background information about the brewer, style of beer being tasted, and more. Include a small discount on the beer that’s being tasted to entice people into buying it.  Include photos of tasting events to produce an album of shared experiences with distributors. These can be linked later to distributor Facebook pages.  Work with distributors to get Bier Stein exclusive discount codes for their online merchandise stores (if they have one.) These could foster more “Likes” to Facebook pages to get special deals. EVALUATION After a three month cycle has occurred, The Bier Stein will look at their records to see how much of the promoted product had sold. There will also be insights on if this plan was effective by gauging customer interest on The Bier Stein’s Facebook page. More evaluations can be done through the use of a Bier Stein exclusive online discount code to increase “Likes” of the distributors and sales of merchandise at their store. Thus, this creates a greater trust within distributor and seller. By using photos from tastings, breweries have the option later to use them for promoting past events.
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