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Emergency cloud server



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Emergency cloud server

  1. 1. Emergency Cloud System Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 Prince George's County ARES/RACES, Clinton CERT, SKYWARN This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 1
  2. 2. It's (been) alive!!! 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 2
  3. 3. It all started with a troll I put on 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 3
  4. 4. Then I got... 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 4
  5. 5. Basic Idea: when all else fails “send in the Cloud” ● Mesh Web server connected in a true cloud: mesh of diverse devices providing diverse services ● Survivable – Self healing – Low power consumption (battery/solar operated) ● Deployable – Mobile – Portable – Battery backed solar – Small and lightweight 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 5
  6. 6. Uses ● Emergency management site ● Gateway ● Digital Resource net: Knowledge for deployed volunteers (manuals, ICS forms, private email and chat, etc.) ● 3rd responder Situational Awareness ● VoIP and messaging server (D-RATS, Echolink, etc.) ● Health and welfare site ( Red Cross safe and well, Ushahidi mapping) 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 6
  7. 7. Use case: Situational Awareness Web server Triage site Web cam ● Blog running on Raspberry PI provides history/status ● Chat using D-RATS, file transfer via telnet, etc. ● Remote video feeds ● Health and welfare beacon ● WX telemetry Incident command 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 7
  8. 8. Use case: Shared Paclink email server Web server ● Stations set up throughout a large shelter/site ● Mobile/portable stations ● Multiple hams use one Paclink email server ● Access to social media through email gateways Mobile Triage station Incident command Web cam 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 8
  9. 9. Use Case: D-Rats over Hamnet Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 EECCSS ● DD-WRT router: provides access to Raspberry Pi backend ● Configured as AP Standard Wi-Fi ● D-rats client running ● Running D-rats client on Raspberry Pi via VNC ● Sending messages between clients on same router Web server ● D-rats client ● Ratflector
  10. 10. Use Case: D-Rats over Hamnet Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 EECCSS ● D-rats client running locally on laptop ● Sending messages between clients on different routers ● Using VNC to run Ratflector on PI's GUI ● D-rats client ● Ratflector HSMM-MESH Web server
  11. 11. Use Case: over Hamnet Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3
  12. 12. Use case: Overlay Network Tiers 5 or 3 GHz BOARNet ● Backhaul/long distance ● Long range ● P2P connections ● Highspeed >10Mbps ● Optional mesh mode for emcomm 2.5 GHz Broadband Hamnet ● Campus/Intranet ● Short range ● mesh mode ● <10Mbps 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 12
  13. 13. Disaster – Response – Recovery A B DDDDDDDDiiiisisisisissssaaaaaaaassssssssttttteteteteeeeerrrrrrrr Cycle D C Normal operation: high speed point-to-point Recovery Islands reappear as response starts Islands begin to interconnect (Mesh) as recovery process continues E Mobile nodes arrive to support response Islands stand down as response becomes recovery G Normal point-to-point operation resumes 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 13
  14. 14. Recovery Island Public Cloud System ● Safe and Well message board ● Volunteer processing ● Games ● Inspiration ECS Mesh backhaul ● Safe and Well message board ● Situational Awareness ● Emergency management ● Tactical net PPuubblliicc SSeerrvviicceess CClloouudd EEmmCCoommmm CClloouudd 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 14
  15. 15. Raspberry Pi Installation 1.Install basic firmware and remote login support 2.Move main partitions from Flash Card to HDD 3.Install Hardware and software for GPS/RTC support 4.Install web server and Content Management System 5.Configure HSMM nodes 6.Create content for web site 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 15
  16. 16. Install basic firmware software and remote login support ● Connected the PI to TV analog input and used USB keyboard and mouse – Has instructions. ● Installed & configured PuTTy client on test laptops (except for the MacBook which doesn't need it) ● Configured static IP on the PI – ● Installed tightvncserver (Optional) 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 16
  17. 17. Move main partitions from Flash Card to HDD ● I tried other instructions but these worked best for me: 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 17
  18. 18. Pi doesn't have a real time clock! – Adafruit GPS provides battery backed RTC function – Network Time Server capabilities – Location telemetry! – See pberry-pi/ 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 18
  19. 19. Install Hardware and software for GPS/RTC support ● Configured Pi to allow use of /dev/ttyAMA0 ● Installed minicom to test Adafruit Ultimate GPS ● Installed ntp ● Installed gpsd – Configured it to use /dev/ttyAMA0 – Configured gpsd.php in /var/www ● See the following sites: – – – r/ – 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 19
  20. 20. GPS Status Screen-shot 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 20
  21. 21. Install web server and Content Management System ● I used instructions from this site: ● I also configured with a “child Theme” so I could hack it without losing configuration during upgrades ● Configured gpsd.php to display localized information with gps status ● Used the WebMail/Paclink install instructions from Active Ham to set up the webmail system 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 21
  22. 22. Configure HSMM-MESH node ● Took several tries to find the right configuration for the HSMM-MESH node connected to the PI ● is persnickety about IP addresses— especially when it comes to pictures ● The 5-host DMZ mode worked best ● Needed the “search and replace” WP plug-in to clean out unroutable addresses from first pass configuration on the PI – Noticed that the pictures didn't load because of bad references – Replaced IP address with “wb2ifs-103- rpi/wordpress” URL 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 22
  23. 23. HSMM-Mesh Server Configuration 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 23
  24. 24. HSMM Server Configuration (cont.) 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 24
  25. 25. HSMM Server Configuration (cont.) 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 25
  26. 26. Mesh Server Schematic 12-13vdc 5vdc @ 1A 5vdc @ 2A USB Serial Port0 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 26 WRT54GS running HSMM-MESH 250GB Laptop HD GPS Receiver/Real Compact USB Time Clock Charger Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS 1/28/2013 MausBerry Switch
  27. 27. Bill of Materials ITEM Quantity Price subtotal Model # Compact USB Charger 1 $20.00 $20.00 USBCC-COMPX2 HDD enclosure 2 $15.99 $31.98 IM25COM-BK WD Notebook Hard Drive 1 $58.99 $58.99 WDBABC3200ANC-NRSN USB to Micro-USB cable 2 $10.00 $20.00 all-in-one Card reader 1 $10.99 $10.99 Raspberry PI B 2 $35.00 $70.00 RASPBERRY-PCBA Serial GPS/RTC unit 1 $39.95 $39.95 Adafruit Ultimate GPS 1220 Lithium battery 1 $5.00 $5.00 MausBerry Shutdown switch 1 $20.00 $20.00 Shutdown switch with rocker HSMM-MESH access point 1 $3.99 $3.99 WRT54GS totals $280.90 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 27
  28. 28. List of Plugins Plugin Why it's installed List Yo' Files Package support for e-gokit Quick Chat Allow operators at multiple stations to collaborate in real time Search & Replace Allows the changing of the servers IP address in all the wordpress tables Vasaio QR Code Allows easy data transfer from Wordpress pages to smart phones and tablets PHP Code widget For the “on line” detection widget Updraft + Backup and restore 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 28
  29. 29. Next steps ● Add system status page for vitals telemetry (CPU temp, usage, memory and disk capacity, etc.) DONE ● Add Paclink integration for Webmail via ham radio DONE: RPi is web server and Paclink running on Laptop with Kantronics modem and VHF Radio (Rpi may not have enough “horse power” to run it all) ● Set power budget for solar array and battery capacity (Calculated need for 100W PV array, very expensive) ● Determine best way to package system – Using outdoor box – Considering using Rootenna enclosure – Using an old plastic tool box – Inverted 5-gal jug “bell-jar” vs. briefcase vs. NEMA box – Pi components are rated for commercial temperature range 0-70deg C will it work outside? 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 29
  30. 30. Next steps ● R&D on integration with Commotion Wireless and Project Byzantium ● Replace AP with 2nd Raspberry PI running Broadband-hamnet ● Considering replacements for Raspberry PI because I'm maxing out RAM and the Hard drive latency is increased because of its connection to the USB port: 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 30
  31. 31. Shameless plugs ● Project site: ● These slides: erver Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3
  32. 32. TTHHEE EENNDD 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 32
  33. 33. Test Configuration WB2IFS-100 WB2IFS-103-RPi WAN port to Internet (DHCP) (Static) (DHCP) (DHCP) CCLLIIEENNTT PPrriimmaarryy WWeebb sseerrvveerr CCoonnssoollee,, 22nndd WWeebb sseerrvveerr WWLL22KK mmooddeemm VVHHFF rraaddiioo 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 33
  34. 34. Client test Configuration 11/07/14 Jesse Alexander, WB2IFS/3 34
  35. 35. Test Case: Internet Relay Chat (IRC) over Hamnet WB2IFS-113 IRC Server HSMM-MESH WB2IFS-102 ● Xchat clients running locally on laptops ● Sending messages between clients on different routers WB2IFS-100 IRC server Instructions:
  36. 36. Test Case: Internet Relay Chat (IRC) over Hamnet @Toughbook Instructions:
  37. 37. Test Case: Internet Relay Chat (IRC) over Hamnet @Notebook
  38. 38. Test Case: Internet Relay Chat (IRC) over Hamnet @Toughbook
  39. 39. Test Case: Internet Relay Chat (IRC) over Hamnet @Notebook

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  • Screen shot of the ratflector running on the Pi server via VNC
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