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How Paychex Uses Phone Call Tracking & Big Data To Optimize Paid Search (Marin Masters New York April 2013)


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Paychex presentation at Marin Masters showing the technical side of how the company integrated phone call tracking technology from Mongoose Metrics to inform paid search bidding strategy in Marin Software. The second half of the presentation discusses the issue of having multiple and disparate data sources internally and the strategy of collating that data into a data management platform to provide marketing reporting + insights in addition to providing improved downstream data to inform paid search strategy for lead generation.

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How Paychex Uses Phone Call Tracking & Big Data To Optimize Paid Search (Marin Masters New York April 2013)

  1. 1. Optimizing Marin to Offline Conversions April 2013 Presented by Jesse Kanclerz - Online Advertising Manager @ Paychex Coy Gupta - Digital Strategist & Analytics @ Paychex
  2. 2. Paychex One of the largest payroll processors in the US A leader in the payroll, human resources, and benefits outsourcing industry. Paychex offers a growing variety of products and services that help clients successfully run their business. Paychex’s customized offerings serve over 500,000 small-to medium-sized businesses
  3. 3. Paychex Digital Search Team Digital Strategy & Analytics Coy Gupta Paid Media PPC/Display/Affiliate Jesse Kanclerz Payroll Marketing HR Marketing Insurance Marketing Search Channel Experts Product Experts SEO Analyst Erica Bizzari
  4. 4. Paychex Complex online advertising goals Size: - 6 Accounts - 500,000 keywords Extensive Keyword Groups: - Payroll - HR Services (PEO, ASO, Handbooks) - Time & Attendance - Insurance Services (Group, Workers Compensation) Complex Sales Cycle: - Lead -> NSS (Call center) -> Field Sales -> Close - Average time to close 67 days
  5. 5. Life Before Call Tracking A Manual, Inaccurate Process General Web Awareness Unknown Search Engine How did you hear about Paychex?
  6. 6. How It All Comes Together Tracking Pixel, URL Builder, Number Pool and Cookies 1) Insert Mongoose tracking code in website. 2) Add the Mongoose campaign tracking ID to the Marin URL builder. 3) Paid search visitors are assigned unique call #s 4) A cookie is set to preserve users #
  7. 7. How It All Comes Together Phone Call Keyword Details, CSV File 4) When a call occurs Mongoose logs: -keyword - search query - ip address - location - source data 5) Daily CSV file with keyword PRCID and MKWID values sent to Marin.3) A visitor arrives on the site from paid search and is assigned a unique number dynamically inserted on site. Also cookie is set so on return visits they see the same number.
  8. 8. The Outcome Phone Calls As A Biddable Goal In Marin
  9. 9. Quick Wins Identified underperforming geo's and adjusted bid strategy
  10. 10. Tracking Nirvana A simple use case from a subsidiary In A Simple World:
  11. 11. Tracking in a Legacy World Overcome Challenges to tie Closed Opportunities Per Phone Call
  12. 12. Our DMP Strategy Aggregating disparate data sources for marketing intelligence
  13. 13. DMP meets Netezza What to do about bidding Data Acquisition Data Cleansing Data Transformation Exploratory Data Analysis Optimization Models Predictive Models Hypothesis Testing Build Model Map Keyword Groups Update Bidding Customize Boost Deploy Model
  14. 14. Dealing With Order Latency What to do about bidding Bid on closet down stream event. For Px = appointment set within 24 hours instead of lead. Extrapolate future sales based off of observed sales within a 30 day period.
  15. 15. Dealing With Order Latency What to do about bidding
  16. 16. Q&A Don’t be shy  Thanks! @jessekanclerz | @coygupta |