WHO WE AREORCA Creative Group Inc. (ORCA) designs and creates compelling, memorable visitor and consumer experiences. We c...
OVERVIEW                                                                          GLOBAL SERVICES  Founded in 1980       ...
THE ORCA APPROACHGood design helps define great results. ORCA’s design approach is to exploreall possibilities and constra...
WORK METHODOLOGYWe are a highly collaborative and client engagement focused team. ORCA has            Proven stakeholder e...
ORCA TEAMOver the years, ORCA has been instrumental in bringing together a diverse anduniquely qualified team. The average...
CLIENTS   Starbucks Coffee Company                                                    “From 2007 through 2008 ORCA led th...
PROJECT EXAMPLES                   TECK COMINCO -                   CORPORATE MUSEUM                   ORCA provided Teck’...
PROJECT EXAMPLES                   ROBSON SQUARE                   ORCA was tasked with the creation of a 6,500 sq. ft. mu...
PROJECT EXAMPLES                                                                                  All elements had to be f...
PROJECT EXAMPLESSEATTLE ART MUSEUMThe      Outdoor        SculpturePark transformed a nine-acreindustrial site into an ope...
8329 – 216th Street SE   Woodinville, Washington 98072P. 425-398-9100 F. 425-398-9200          1-800-877-1789       www.or...
Orca General RFQ
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Orca General RFQ


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Orca General RFQ

  1. 1. WHO WE AREORCA Creative Group Inc. (ORCA) designs and creates compelling, memorable visitor and consumer experiences. We create media-rich exhibits,branded and themed environments, showcases and pavilions. We excel at developing creative strategies that brings storytelling to life throughengaging physical and interactive experiences. Our team has a unique perspective and proven track record in developing spaces and programs whichdraw awareness and help facilitate environmental, economic and cultural sustainability and growth.Since 1980 we have designed, fabricated, shipped, and installed all scale of exhibits and environments for our clients across the U.S.A., Canada and inMexico, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We are a passionate team. We know that our demonstrated projects, qualified team and forward thinkingcollaborative approach will be an ideal fit for your next project.ORCA is really in the business of making and keeping promises day after day, month after month and year after year. Although we have served manyof our clients for decades, it is not because we lock them into long term contracts binding them to use our services, it is because the ORCA teamkeeps the promises it makes. We understand that any service we provide must accomplish two goals: an aggravation free process and the ability towork efficiently within any timeframe.ORCA not only has the capability to develop the creative for a client’s project, we have the expertise to fabricate, deploy and install your project ontime and on budget. We have the capacity to successfully take a project from beginning to end.Thank you for your time. 1
  2. 2. OVERVIEW GLOBAL SERVICES  Founded in 1980  Design  North American offices in Woodinville, Washington and Vancouver, British  Engineering Columbia  Production  40,000 square feet of fabrication space  Project Management  Strategic partnerships world-wide  Storage  Deployment, including installationWith affiliations around North America, across Europe and in China, ORCA has  Logistics Managementthe global reach to design, produce, deploy and protect your property no  Document Managementmatter how far from home it travels.  Full Architectural Design and Engineering  Custom Trade Show Exhibits and PavilionsORCA’s expertise in the delivery of successful programs has resulted in the  Systems Trade Show Exhibits Including internationally recognizedcompany working with some of the same clients for over 15 years. When ORCA brandsresources are brought to bear on a project, the end result is a cost effective,  Custom Displays and Point of Purchaseefficient and targeted marketing machine that can be deployed and managed  Sales Centersin multiple markets with minimal aggravation and concern to our clients.  Visitor Centers  Mall KiosksORCA has developed and demonstrated the expertise to provide the world-  Graphic Design and Productionwide services for such clients as the British Columbia/Canadian governments’  Museums21,000 square foot pavilion in Beijing for the 2008 Summer Olympics, Teck  Environmental SignageCominco’s “Head Frame” corporate museum, more than 2,000 projects  Brandingdelivered for Starbucks Coffee Company, as well as the complex environmentalsignage for the Seattle Museum of Art Outdoor Sculpture Park. In North America ORCA employs twenty-five direct paid employees that provide services to our clients. We have an additional 30 retained under contracts exclusiveWith our proven in-house design, detailing, project management, fabrication to ORCA world-wide. One aspect of being a small company is the benefit of minimaland logistics history, the ORCA team is the quintessential partner needed to annual turnover.guarantee a successful resolution and outcome for a client’s specific project’sneeds. It is part of our culture to be constantly searching for ways to improveyour budget requirements. We provide the most effective solutions to yourneeds so that you can focus on your job while we do ours. 2
  3. 3. THE ORCA APPROACHGood design helps define great results. ORCA’s design approach is to exploreall possibilities and constraints by focusing critical thinking skills to researchand define a project. Besides an impressive look and feel, a great design alsohas to meet the functional requirements of a program, budget and logisticalfeasibility.Our design team looks at all the practicalities and opportunities as part of theearly design process. We weigh the benefits of space planning to maximize theusability of the space, flexibility and adaptability of the design. Our teamdiscusses a variety of options to maximize design benefit and efficienciesagainst budget to reduce logistical costs and risk. With a full understanding ofthe pragmatics, as well as the goals and objectives for any project, our designteam develops a purposeful and dynamic solution. We value collaborativestrategic design and actively engage our clients in the design process everystep of the way.Throughout the years, we have developed a process for each and every projectwe participate in. First and foremost, it starts with conversation: conversationwith our client and conversation with our team. We then develop a thoroughunderstanding of what our client’s needs are. Part of ORCA’s standardprocedure, prior to any project going into production, is to create a “criticaltimeline”. This timeline is approved by our client and then becomes what allteams, whether in your organization or ours, follow. We have found that thissimple step keeps everyone on the same page. However, we realize thatchanges do occur, and ORCA is prepared to handle any changes withprocedures already in place to keep the project on track. 3
  4. 4. WORK METHODOLOGYWe are a highly collaborative and client engagement focused team. ORCA has Proven stakeholder engagement program: Many of our projects require engaging anddeveloped a solid and refined process that runs from initial uptake of a client’s incorporating feedback from community, government and private sector stakeholders.needs through design, production, logistics and management. The key principles We have developed programs and meaningful engagement from 8-118 groups. ORCAof our methodology include communication, engagement, documentation and has developed crucial forms that assist our clients and stakeholders in providing theirresponsiveness. targeted and focused feedback.Client Communication: Consistent, concise and targeted communication is a Approval forms: We utilize a series of approval forms – for graphic design, production,priority for the success of any project. logistics, and show services to ensure all aspects of a project are accepted and well documented.Defined roles and project lead: We always appoint a Project Manager whose keytask is to ensure a project flows smoothly from beginning to end. Change Order protocol: ORCA makes every attempt to find the most value driven solutions for change orders once a job has met production milestones. We ensure thatSchedules and critical paths: We map out every project, through client uptake to all change orders have client approval prior to proceeding with the project.post completion and project close. This process keeps us on track and our client issecure in our ability to perform. Milestone targets and payment schedule: At the onset of a project, our Project Manager works with a client to develop a mutually agreeable milestone and paymentWeekly reports: Delivered via email, our weekly reports touch on overall progress, schedule. Milestone reports may include written, photographic and supporting detailedupcoming deadlines, and any outstanding issues. drawings as well as clear invoices for your records.Defined meeting objectives: We value our client’s time. We ensure each meetingis tightly scheduled and focuses on outcomes, solutions and next steps. Ourmeetings follow an agenda that is distributed in advance.Response times: We have dedicated teams on our projects. Client service isparamount to us and ensures that any client communication is addressed asimmediately as possible. 4
  5. 5. ORCA TEAMOver the years, ORCA has been instrumental in bringing together a diverse anduniquely qualified team. The average business experience of ORCA’s seniormanagement is thirty years.ORCA team members bring a high degree of creativity and professionalism toeach project. Our approach is a small, project specific team that collaboratesclosely with each other. Team members are selected based upon theleadership roles they have played in similar projects and organizations.Our staff includes individuals with extensive experience in Customer Service,Account Management, Logistics, Field Services, Estimating, ProjectManagement, Installation/Dismantle Supervision, and Fabrication.Team members include those with degrees in Communications, Industrial andGraphic Design and Architecture with LEED certification.ORCA’s project team members have many unique skills that include: • A/V media production capabilities • Gesture technology • Event planning • Scale modeling • Prototypes • Special effects • Props fabrication • Corporate and informational videos 5
  6. 6. CLIENTS  Starbucks Coffee Company “From 2007 through 2008 ORCA led the design, creative, and overall project  Seattle’s Best Coffee management for the Province of British Columbia’s BC Canada Pavilion in Beijing. ORCA  Weyerhaeuser took the project from its inception, through operation, to completion and dismantle.  Spacelabs Healthcare Their work included both the exterior and interior, totaling 27,000 sq ft, enabling us to  Kirstie Kelly Bridal promote business and tourism opportunities in BC in a unique and impressive fashion.  Advanced H20 As executive director of this project, it was my pleasure to work directly with ORCA on a  B.C. Olympic/Paralympic Winter Games Secretariat daily basis.  Boeing Commercial Aircraft Corporation  Seattle Art Museum Outdoor Sculpture Park The pavilion operated for five months, two of which coincided with the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games. ORCA was able to successfully navigate the cultural,  Snohomish County Economic Development Council governmental, and engineering challenges. Their team, assembled from many different  Quil Ceda Village disciplines in BC and China, worked seamlessly together and with our government team.  Tulalip Resort Casino We simply could not have delivered this highly successful project without their work.”  DaVita Inc.  Four Host First Nations Jane Burnes  General Dynamics Executive Director, BC Canada Pavilion, Province of BC  Seattle Museum of Flight  Kenmore Air  Jones Soda “ORCA took the time to learn about our company, its products, its people, and its goals.  PlayNetwork This was followed by an intensive “audit” of our existing programs and their “real  Washington State Tourism costs.” Having made the right recommendations, ORCA was then active in managing  Supersonic Imagine our program resulting in substantial savings to our marketing group. These savings  Lockheed Martin allowed Spacelabs Healthcare to completely upgrade their regional properties with new hardware and graphics without going back to the table for additional funds. By takingCurrently, we house more than 150 client exhibit properties in our warehouse. the time to understand our target market, audience, and products their creative teamOur relationships with most of our clients have prospered for more than 10 hit the mark the first time. Additionally their detailing and fabrication processes carriedyears. the exhibit from conception to reality at almost 30% under the nearest quote.” Karen Hiskey, Trade Show Manager Spacelabs Healthcare 6
  7. 7. PROJECT EXAMPLES TECK COMINCO - CORPORATE MUSEUM ORCA provided Teck’s corporate headquarters with an interactive museum and visitor experience showcasing the hurdles and triumphs of the past, the ambitions of the future, and the adventures of the present. The museum was to double as an employee lunchroom and a private hosting space during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. The goal was to educate, entertain, and instill a sense of pride and excitement that enabled each visitor to carry forth the stories of the company and it’s Olympic initiatives. ORCA managed the interior build- out of the museum’s physical design elements from seamless interactive and video kiosks to signage and lighting features. 7
  8. 8. PROJECT EXAMPLES ROBSON SQUARE ORCA was tasked with the creation of a 6,500 sq. ft. multimedia environment and hosting space on the plaza level of Robson Square – home to the Games Time Unaccredited Media Centre and the Province of BC during the 2010 Olympics. These facilities played a critical role in the Province’s Olympic and Post-Olympic marketing strategy to position British Columbia as a desirable place to live, work and invest to the international business community. The strategy for the BC Showcase & Hosting Space called for all design, materials and display components within the spaces to be a direct reflection of BC innovation and sustainability within both its traditional industries and new industries. Cutting edge, eco-friendly BC materials were sourced from around the province and incorporated in a way that told a compelling story about the British Columbian industries, individuals and communities who participated in the project. Beyond the planning and design, ORCA managed the build-out of the raw interior space from floor, ceiling and wall features, to architectural and audio-visual systems to exhibit displays. Tight controls on quality of product, materials, on integration into the thematic design and on product delivery and installation timelines were key to the success of this project. 8
  9. 9. PROJECT EXAMPLES All elements had to be fabricated, packaged, shipped, and cleared through Chinese customs. Once in China, the goods had to be delivered and installed in an order sequential to the tight 14-day installation schedule allocated for setup. The design and fabrication included a full service professional kitchen and high end dining area that could accommodate 200. Taking all of these challenges in stride, the ORCA team delivered the project on-time and under budget.BC CANADA PAVILIONThe most challenging project ORCA has delivered was the 2008 Olympic WinterGames British Columbia Canada Pavilion in Beijing, China. With approximately400,000 visitors, the 7,000 square feet exterior of the Pavilion featured animpressive entrance of 5 two-story waterfalls, a stunning 5-ton jade sculpture,thirteen three story arches and a performance space. The three-story, 20,000square feet interior designed to engage visitors in the British Columbia andCanada experience. Included in the project was the development of designelements, multimedia, graphics, content development, way-finding strategies,storied legacy pieces and a high component of security. 9
  10. 10. PROJECT EXAMPLESSEATTLE ART MUSEUMThe Outdoor SculpturePark transformed a nine-acreindustrial site into an open andvibrant green space for art. Thisnew waterfront park givesSeattle residents and visitorsthe opportunity to experience avariety of sculpture in anoutdoor setting, while enjoyingthe incredible views and beautyof the Olympic Mountains.During the three year project,ORCA provided way-findingsignage and clear descriptionsof the art pieces. 10
  11. 11. 8329 – 216th Street SE Woodinville, Washington 98072P. 425-398-9100 F. 425-398-9200 1-800-877-1789 www.orcacreative.com 11