Hidden value of activism - Full Citizen presentation


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The value of integrating activism and fundraising messages - presentation from Shehtal Persaud and Deanna Bickford of Full Citizen.

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Hidden value of activism - Full Citizen presentation

  1. 1. What’s hiding behind your petition? The hidden value of taking action al e
  2. 2. As campaigners you’re lucky ... • You establish relationships • You find supporters • You renew interest • You communicate your mission • You keep people up t date Y k l to d t • You inform • You Y empower
  3. 3. And in doing this... You find extremely valuable prospects for fundraising And that can have a very real ROI If you can tap into it
  4. 4. Successful campaigning orgs… Operate internally like this: Communications Campaigns Fundraising
  5. 5. They also… Employ multi-channel integration to engage supporters from the very first contact and at contact… meaningful points along the way.
  6. 6. The Opportunity “There is a huge opportunity to expand There cross-pollination between advocacy and fundraising. fundraising ” -- Online Marketing Benchmark Index Study, Convio, 2009
  7. 7. The Opportunity
  8. 8. The Opportunity • After today you’ll have solid figures to justify today, you ll engagement and conversion strategies • C Conversion b k through the “ h i breaks h h h “show me the money” h ” factor with social media marketing… • Return on Investment will be greater the sooner you develop a comprehensive strategy for conversion and act on it t
  9. 9. Start simple… • Be sure to capture email addresses, street addresses, post code - and include phone • Get permission to contact them in future • Follow up to online actions with thank-you page, and thank-you email with an ask option (can also add direct mail or voice mail) • Continue to engage supporters via various channels • Phone through the entire list to convert your online activists into donors
  10. 10. 5 takeaways 1. The immediate website ask your no-brainer friend 2. Email your cheap and easy-going friend 3. Direct Mail your oldest friend 4. Social media and SMS your new friends 5. Phone your best friend y
  11. 11. The immediate website ask: Your no-brainer friend Why? OBVIOUS, EFFECTIVE, CHEAP.
  12. 12. The immediate ask 1) High Profile 2) On the thank-you page EVEN if there are subsequent asks 3) In the thank-you email
  13. 13. Case study 1 – The immediate ask “When a man knows he is to be hanged in Cultural/education a fortnight, it organisation created a concentrates his campaign to get citizens to mind wonderfully” write to their City Council Samuel Johnson Member to prevent budget p g cuts to that organisation
  14. 14. Advocacy Page. Constituents simply type in address; their City Council Member is located and a i l t d d template message is generated
  15. 15. Results • 10974 emails sent to City C il t t Cit Council M b il Members • Over 20,000 written letters sent • Gross revenue $50 058 68 $50,058.68 • 1000 donors • 584 new donors
  16. 16. Political Result • Full restoration in C ty funding for t e o ga sat o so u esto at o City u d g o the organisation no layoffs and no reduced hours. • Reports by many City Council Members on volume of emails and letters received concerning the campaign • “The main reason we stopped the cuts was this pp online campaign. I would be the first to say otherwise, but it's true”. VP for government affairs
  17. 17. Result: The immediate ask $6,415 came from the thank you page and email 12% of total campaign p g revenue! 1.85% conversion rate $30.99 average gift (ask was $25)
  18. 18. Email Stewardship: Your easy going friend easy-going Why? VERY LOW INVESTMENT, ABLE TO RE-USE PREVIOUS CONTENT, EASY TO TEST
  19. 19. Ongoing stewardship Another crisis – another fundraising appeal. There was a small budget cut later that same year. The advocates were contacted with a fundraising appeal asking them to help.
  20. 20. Ongoing stewardship Results: R lt 0.80% conversion rate $ $66 average g g gift Strong buzz around this campaign on Twitter and Facebook
  21. 21. Email – Plays well with others Email works really well to complement other channels too
  22. 22. Case study 2: HSI EU Seal Ban
  23. 23. Case study Email sent within one  No email sent  All calls day within one day Contacts 1866 939 773 Success – new monthly donor 7.21% 8.18% 6.60% Success – single gift 0.46% 0.20% 0.65% Send Form – new monthly donor 3.08% 3.05% 2.91% Send Form – single gift 0.31% 0.41% 0.22% Average gift – monthly gift A ift thl ift $41.10 $41 10 £48.53 £48 53 £36.46 £36 46 Av gift Val Success – One time $1.32 £0.00 £2.50 Yr 1 ROI 0.86 1.03 0.75 YR 4 ROI 3.77 4.44 2.95
  24. 24. Lessons for email Multi-part emails Direct Asks Di t A k Theme and brand around advocacy if possible THINK – what brought this person to y g you? Integrate it with all your other channels
  26. 26. Case study One segment of advocates we’re mailed before the end of the year to ask for a gift supporting essential services f th t kf ift ti ti l i at a cultural organisation. 3.24% direct mail response rate $59 direct mail average g g gift Average response on prospecting packages 0.30%
  27. 27. Integrate with other channels An email was sent along with some of the direct mail packages Average g g gift • DM only = $49 • DM and email = $105 $
  28. 28. Lessons for DM Integrate with teg ate t advocacy Integrate with email Include a campaign update p g p
  29. 29. Social Media and SMS: your new friends SOCIAL MEDIA as a stewardship channel Get people onto your social media channels after they have taken advocacy action, update them on the campaign status and then direct message them. Or send them a video thank you with a direct relation to the advocacy campaign.
  30. 30. Some points to remember Social Media is unlikely to lead to direct conversions. But it keeps y p your organisation top of mind and heart. g p It remains to be proved – but this could help boost results p p from other channels. Think about the HSI phone/email example… It’s all about the pan-organisation communication. Social media isn’t just for your marketing team.
  31. 31. SMS Collect mobile phone numbers during the advocacy action and instead of emailing the thank you text them a thank you. Then send them a text to give ask or call that mobile number.
  32. 32. Case Study: Greenpeace Argentina One million text “votes” in 51 days.
  33. 33. Case Study When Greenpeace finished the mobile text campaign they had 800,000 800 000 new contacts.They called those individuals… contacts They individuals 170,658 called 9.65% conversion Average gift 3.28 7.6 million on their mobile to monthly giving: dollars/month dollars LTV phones 15,388 (over 5 years)
  34. 34. Phone: your best friend y Calling your online activists is the most effective way to convert them to donors.
  35. 35. Comparison – DM vs Phone PHONE DIRECT MAIL CONVERSION # Contacts 10,000 10,000 Conversion % 1- 5% 8-15% New D N Donors 100- 100-500 800- 800-1500 Net $20- $20-$50 $3- $3-$20 cost/donor
  36. 36. Other benefits It’s a great way to update and engage online activists – has the informality of email but the personal touch of p face-to-face
  37. 37. Other benefits …  Using the phone is a low investment risk, because programs can be started and stopped at any time  Cleans up your list so that you have the most up to date up-to-date contact info about your supporters  Has a lower attrition/drop-off rate than many other channels
  38. 38. Case study – Advocacy Org Advocacy Stats Post-campaign conversion phone appeal: New advocates who took action on a series of campaigns to support public broadcasting were called 6-12 months after registering their contact info.
  39. 39. Case study – Advocacy org Advocacy y Stats y g Post-campaign conversion phone appeal: Advocates who took action on a series of campaigns to support public broadcasting were called 6-12 months after registering their contact info.
  40. 40. Case study – Advocacy org Advocacy Stats Primary ask  Single gift Number contacted = 5527 New donors gained: 857 Conversion rate: Con ersion rate 15.5% 15 5% (incl.1.3% monthly) Average gift: $43.01 $9.05 monthly Year 1 ROI: .8
  41. 41. Case study – Advocacy org Advocacy Stats Net cost to acquire q a new donor = $11 LTV = $165
  42. 42. Case study – Environmental org Advocacy Stats Post-campaign conversion phone appeal: Online d O li advocates who t k part in a Call t t h took ti C ll to Action were called within 12 months after they signed up up. They were also sent a voice message to y g tell them of the upcoming call one week prior.
  43. 43. Case study – Environmental org Advocacy Stats Primary ask  Monthly gift Number contacted = 4180 New donors gained: 484 Conversion rate: 11.6% 11 6% (9.2% monthly!) Ave. gift: A e gift $11.26 monthly $11 26 monthl $42.46 single Year 1 ROI: .98
  44. 44. Case study – Environmental org Advocacy Stats Net cost to acquire q a new donor = $3 LTV = $430
  45. 45. In summary… Convert direct to monthly giving, with fall-back single gift option option. Renewal Rene al rates  high Return on investment  high Long term value  high
  46. 46. Just remember… • Sooner is better to launch your phone conversion program – preferably within 3 months after the online action • Larger lists are more cost-effective best if 8000 + cost effective, • Be sure to do phone number verification and look-up for those records without phone #s
  47. 47. Giving thanks g Hi this is Bob Penner calling for for… I just wanted to thank you f your recent for t action… Thanks to you, we’ve been able to…
  48. 48. 5 takeaways 1. The immediate website ask – your no-brainer friend On the thank you page even if there are other asks, in the thank you email, high profile 2. Email – your easygoing friend Direct Asks, theme and brand around advocacy if possible, THINK – what brought this person to you? Integrate it with all your other channels 3. Direct Mail – your oldest friend y Integrate with advocacy, integrate with email, include a campaign update 4. Social media and SMS – your new friends Not just f your marketing team, heavy messaging at the time of phone and for f email campaigns, text to give and mobile calling for conversion 5. 5 Phone – your best friend Used for conversions, the phone will help you keep supporters informed, and find many new donors for your work
  49. 49. Conclusions Cost per Response ROI Volume of contact donor recruitment ec u t e t Web $0.25-$0.50 1-3% Instant return Low Email E il $0.25-$0.75 $0 25 $0 75 0.5-3% 0 5 3% Instant t I t t return Low L Direct Mail $1.50-$5 2-7% 1 year + Med-High breakeven Phone $7-$12 8-15% 1 year + High breakeven
  50. 50. Full Citizen™ To help your organization efficiently and cost- effectively convert online activists to donors, Full Citizen is ready to: – Prepare and launch a conversion strategy that engages online activists to make a donation – Coordinate multiple channels where possible (phone, mail, email) to find the most effective way to convert the online activist to become a donor – Use data analysis and screening over a period of one year from activist acquisition to help test the best approaches for conversion for your activists
  51. 51. Timeline Week 7 -52 Week 1 Analyse, revise, Discuss creative Week 3-5 re-launch. approaches, look Prepare Populate testing at past results, Campaign. Create matrix, make assess advocacy d materials, t h i l t i l technical strategic revisions, t t i i i schedule for the set-up, crate re-test revision and year testing matrix re-launch. Week 2 Week 6 Technical Review Launch Campaign. Finalise vendors, Execute, confirm EMS and ability to all channels are track conversions working correctly.
  52. 52. How do we test? Sample testing matrix
  53. 53. Questions? sheetal.persaud@fullcitizen.com deanna.bickford@fullcitizen.com