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Studies have shown that many donors appreciate opportunities to engage with advocacy campaigns, while campaigners are an excellent pool of potential donors. Organisations often set out strategies to specifically grow their number of ‘donor activists’. Jonathan Siddons, of sponsor agency PublicZone will look at some of the key elements of such a strategy. The session will also review a number of tools in the Advocacy Online platform that help groups to segment supporter data, customise supporter communication, and benchmark the success of conversion campaigns.

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  • 4c campaigner to donor conversion AO community conference

    1. 1. Jonathan Simmons, Public Zone ‘ Moving them around the house’ The rise of The Supporter
    2. 2. The rise of the supporter
    3. 3. The web has empowered people
    4. 4. Volunteers Campaigners Donors Marketeers love segmentation
    5. 5. Building silos People are communicated with based on their initial action? Donors Campaigners Volunteers
    6. 6. The sweet spot Donors Volunteers Campaigners
    7. 7. In 2008 NSPCC moved campaigner management from public affairs to to fundraising team, creating a significant increase in fundraising In Greenpeace UK’s Palm Oil campaign over 10% of existing online activists agreed to set up a direct debit – compared with 5% of people signed up offline (signed up by volunteers during street campaigning on Nestle) A 2009 American study showed people who had previously supported an organisation online were 7 times more likely to give - National Bureau of Economic Research Advocacy Online’s 2009 e-campaigning review estimated over half of the organisations questioned had databases with 40% of people inactive and only 9% had a strategy for reactivating them Success
    8. 8. Provide David with the tools
    9. 9. A lot of potential supporters
    10. 10. Find the willing
    11. 11. 1. Ask them
    12. 12. They raised £150,000 + by asking John Worth Ariane Sherine
    13. 13. 2. CRM CRM CRM
    14. 14. 3. Analytics – But not just this!
    15. 15. 3. Use your analytics
    16. 16. Success Integration of CRM and analytics + ? = Turning campaigners, donors, etc, into supporters
    17. 17. You need the content
    18. 18. You need the content
    19. 19. 8. Reward people Individuals will work for you if you give them the right content at the right time, with the right tools