3b Introduction to netdonor AO community conference


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3b Introduction to netdonor AO community conference

  1. 1. Creating a netdonor page Kathryn Busby The Equality Trust
  2. 2. The Equality Trust The Equality Trust campaigns to reduce the UK income gap Established in 2009 to coincide with publication of The Spirit Level by Richard Wilkinson & Kate Pickett The book shows that more equal societies have better health, wellbeing & social cohesion
  3. 3. TET & netdonor We use netdonor to receive credit & debit card donations It is integrated with our website & e-activist campaign actions We plan to set up paperless direct debits with netdonor
  4. 4. Payment gateways RSM – credit / debit card donations, paperless direct debit, brand new... RBS Worldpay – single & recurring gifts for debit / credit card, best for global transactions IATS – limited to single gifts on debit / credit cards
  5. 5. Using the test mode Use the test mode to ensure everything is working properly Advocacy Online can provide dummy credit card details for testing donations
  6. 6. Building & designing a page Creating a netdonor page is very similar to creating an e-activist action... 1. Build the components 2. Design the page 3. Make it live
  7. 7. Tracking where donors come from Add tracking values to the end of your web links... ...and find out where your donors are coming from
  8. 8. Dynamic forms Hide & display fields for different types of card ie. Solo card payments require issue number Some fields will be invisible & only appear when needed
  9. 9. After the donation.... Direct donors straight into a campaign action after they've made their payment The form will be automatically populated with their details
  10. 10. Exporting data & reporting Choose user, transactional or hybrid data to export Export as xls or csv files Monitor tracking codes