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Existing Magazines


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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Existing Magazines

  1. 1. Existing magazines
  2. 2. Dark background makesthe heading, sub-heading Organised andand cars a focus point . uncluttered gives it professional andHeading is also in bold to intellectual look.emphasise it.Highlighting on thecontent information links The denotation ofthem together and draws the image is twothe audiences attention cars and the stigwhilst focusing on key who features on thephrases. TV show of topgear. The connotations ofThe target audience is the image aremales of all ages and power, confidencebackgrounds, though and independence.particularly males over 20who are working fulltimeand in the A, B bracket.The audience will have tohave a interest in cars andthere performance.
  3. 3. The denotation of the image is kiera Knightley a successful actress. The connotations of the image are of success, independence, and freedom.Consistent colour Background-scheme, with few Relevantcolours . Contrast Gives the magazinebetween the pink and detail and gives a highblack helps the text to quality look to thestandout. product. Monotone so that it doesn’t distract theSub headings- audience from the mainBold font easy to read focal point. Also the factAll the same colour which that the detailedlinks them together. Also background isthey follow the colour monotone keeps thescheme magazine lookingShort containing only key uncluttered.words and phrases gives a Target audience- is women with relatively highsimple summary of what incomes. Whos interests are in fashion andthe magazine contains. beauty and has some interest in celebritys.
  4. 4. The ‘5 FREE POSTERS’ makes the audience think they are getting value for The denotations money. of the image is the blackout a relatively successful band. Shows images other The connotations relating to the of the image: articles inside which courage and will help the individuality. audience recognise what the articles are about even if the only glance at it.The page is quite cluttered which could reflect the type of music themagazine features and the atmosphere of the concerts.
  5. 5. Bright colour scheme with lotsof colours makes it look excitingand grabs your attention. Very cluttered, there is a lot going on and there are a lot of images with minimal text. Which is good as the target audience is children who may not be able to read very well. The use of lots of images will help the audience The ‘50 superhero secrets’ understand what is entices the audience to in the article as read the article as well as there reading engages them. ability will be limited.