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Media mag covers


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Media mag covers

  1. 1. Analysis of existing rock Magazine front covers
  2. 2. KERRANGColour scheme: the background of the cover is ablue/gray which is a similar shade to the clothing ‘BillyJoe’ is wearing. ‘Billy Joe’ still stands out however asthey have used a from centre shading style. The threemain colours used are white green and yellow, whichstand out against the blues/gray tones in thebackground.Images: There are 3 photos used on this front cover alldiffering on size depending on their importance. themain image is the largest of the three and is slightly tothe left of the centre. The image is of ‘Billy Joe’ the leadsinger from ‘Green Day’ a successful American rockband. The image is not posed so looks a lot morenatural. It was probably taken as he performed as he issweaty and his posture suggests he is tired and justfinished playing. The photo of ‘Slipknot’ is the secondmost important because of its size. The colours of thephoto are similar to the ones on the picture of ‘Billy Joe’.Text: there are 5 different fonts of varying sizes. The majority of the fonts are sans serif so are easy to read and understand. Alsothe tag line uses a distressed font to add edge and personality to the cover. Tag lines like WTF ‘Harry Potter joins the Gallows’grab the readers attention as well as other words like ‘plus’ and ‘win’.
  3. 3. QText and font: The masthead is a main focus with the mainimage actually drawing our attention to it by giving the illusion that ‘MattBellamy’ (the artist shown by the main image) has smashed it with hisguitar. This is quite unusual as conventionally the main image goes infront of the masthead sometimes even partially covering it. However onthis magazine the masthead is a main focus for the audience possiblysuggesting that either they are trying to establish the brand more orthat the brand itself is a selling point and is acknowledged in its ownright by the audience. This is also supported by the fact that MattBellamy himself is acknowledging the brand by ‘him smashing’ themasthead. This will encourage fans of Matt Bellamy to buy themagazine as if it has his attention then they will be compelled to give ittheir attention too. Secondly the fact that the mast head has asmashed effect supposedly inflicted through violence gives themagazine more of a rebellious rock feel and therefore more likely tosell to a rock target market. The other fonts used are bold and simplemaking them easy to read more eye catching and bold, so that they fitinto rock style. The language used is informal appealing to a youngermarket. Words such as nutjobs give a more laid back feel whichappeals to a wider target market. Along with lines like ‘sex, drugs&…yeh right’ which is reference to a popular rock saying makes themagazine appeal directly their target market of ‘rockers’.Images: There are only two images on the cover giving thecover more space and clarity which is unusual on a rockmagazine. However this does give the cover a more high end Colour scheme: the red black white and gray used onprofessional look. This could make the magazine standout from this issue is typical of a conventional rock music magazine.other more generic and cluttered rock magazines as being a The background is varying shades of gray. This gives amore professional rock magazine which features more well professional look as it adds depth and looks better than justknown artists and has ‘better’ (just released news, more reliable, one block exclusives, first look ect) content.
  4. 4. NMEImages: Three images are used on this front cover onemain image intended to capture the audiences attention,and two smaller images to show other articles that mightinspire the audience to buy it. The main image showingJohnny Marr (left on main image) intrigues the audiencedue to his secretive body language. Furthermore as his islooking directly at the camera the audience feels involvedand directly addressed by him so is more likely to feel theneed to find out what happened and thus buy the magazine.Colour scheme: black white red and a yellow/goldis the colour scheme used on this magazine. Thecolours are fairly typical of a rock magazine. Red beinga frequently used for its connotations of danger andpassion which is part of the main rock ideals/image.Text/font : All 3/4 fonts are very similar which makes thecover bland but simple and united.the fonts are sans serifso are easy to read. The language used is more formalthan most rock magazines with few puffs. However it doesfeature two quotes which will interest the reader in thearticals.