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Language &register


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Language &register

  1. 1. Language&Register
  2. 2. Language and register is the language used for a particular purpose or socialsetting. For example a magazine such as House and Garden that is aimed atmature lady with a high income would use formal language. They would notabbreviate words (e.g. isnt, is not) they would also choose more formalwords (e.g. father not dad and child instead of kid). Furthermore they wouldnot use swearing or slang. Whereas rock magazines such as Kerrang! Will use much more informallanguage. Slang and abbreviations are used throughout the magazine andhelp its audience connect with the magazine as they are more likely to useinformal language and slang in everyday life. This is because Kerrangs targetaudience is teenagers who have a interest in rock music.
  3. 3. What language and register I will use in my magazine.I am going to use informal language and slang through out my magazine in order toappeal to my target audience of older teens that have a interest in rock music. This willalso enable the target audience to connect to the magazine as it will use the samevocabulary that they use on a day to day basis.Furthermore I am using informal language to represent the artists featured in themagazine. As the magazine will use the same kind of slang and vocabulary that the artistuse themselves when addressing their audience at gigs and interviews ect. This isimportant as the magazine is representing the artists and should do this correctly i.e.using informal language in a article about the queen would give the audience a falseimpression of her. Also the audience are likely to have previous knowledge of the artistand would expect rock bands to be represented in a certain way thus if they wererepresented wrongly the audience would be less likely to buy or trust the magazine.