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Glogster teacher power point


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Glogster teacher power point

  1. 1. + Glogster Spanish 1 Review Posters A Presentation to Help Guide Students Making Review Glogster Poster’s
  2. 2. + Your job is to make a review poster
  3. 3. + First you will review all the vocab for chapter 1-4, and ar verb endings
  4. 4. + First you will make a rough draft on paper, you will not move on to a computer until you have done this!
  5. 5. +You must include AT LEAST 2 you tube videos, 2 picturesexplaining your concept that you want to review, at least 10sentences you have written using your concept, and atleast 4 review websites games for students to practice theconcept!!!!!
  6. 6. + After you submit your paper rough draft…
  7. 7. + NOW you will start working on your glogster poster, SIGN UP
  8. 8. + Where will the directions for the poster be posted?  First log in to EDMODO go to my class website
  9. 9. + Steps for completing the posters and useful links will be on edmodo
  10. 10. + Work on your glogster review poster, always save your work
  11. 11. + CHECK OUT A FINISHED GLOGSTER POSTER   49007/Link%20to%20Student%20Prototyp e