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Trailer Evaluation

  1. 1. Evaluation Still in love with you -
  2. 2. For our A2 final production piece, I decided to make a moving image piece in a group with Charlie Farnham and Meggie Oakley. As we all done a still image piece last year we choose that this year we would do something different to show a range of talents that we had. We also choose to make an Indie- RomCom as we felt that this was our age range. Looking at the different types of genres within the film media we felt that this genre fit in with our society today. As we were investigating the different types of genres we felt that this genre was our favourite as a group, so we felt that we would achieve better in something that we all liked instead of making something because it was easier. We also felt that many people in our media class was making horrors so we felt that we should be different instead of following suit. Also looking on different internet sites we found that Romantic Comedies weren’t tackled so we didn’t have some guidance from other past students.
  3. 3. Who have we aimed our film at? We have aimed our film at an age range around 13-25 year olds as we feel that this is the age gap that would watch our film as they are at that age where falling in love can be seen as challenging or easy depending on the person, we can also see many of our audiences feel attracted to our story lines from past experiences. Our social range is group D and E as we feel that this is our range, students. We feel that these people are more than likely to come and watch our film in cinemas and by our merchandise than any other social group. We have mainly targeted our film at females as they are more likely to come and watch Romantic Comedies, but we have a large amount of humour in our film which can be quite masculine, which also our main protagonists character is an emotional wreck which some men can react to.
  4. 4. In what ways does your media production use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media productions?
  5. 5. <ul><li>I have learnt from my research that Romantic Comedies don’t always have to have the female role, they can have a male protagonist role, we have challenged this in our media production, our male main character has swapped roles with women showing that males can show emotions, we thought that this would attract a bigger audience than just the female audience that we originally thought we could have the lead role being a female. The conventions of the genre that we have been looking in, we haven’t found it hard to achieve. In most romantic comedies there is normally a break-up, pining over the lost one and finally a happy ending. We have tackled this by not having the so called ‘happy ending’ the character (Jem) has to go on a number of dates to get over Kate. We leave our trailer on a cliff hanger, so that the audience doesn’t know if Jem ever has a happy ending. This would bring the audience into watching the film to see the outcome. </li></ul>
  6. 6. We researched the mise-en-scene of romantic comedies, we found that most of the clothing that people wear in modern Rom-Coms are casual so we copied this code of dress in our film. We also looked at the everyday settings in our genre, we found that many emotional comedies we set in the characters homes. We used Kate’s house as her own home in the film, we felt that this would work best so she felt more at home to get into role with the character. We also used the setting of the bowling green to film the date sequences – we used this setting as we felt that we could get the mise-en-scene perfect without having the hussle and bussel of a restaurant. The camera work used in our trailer is a mixture of mid-shots, long shots and over the head shots, we have used this different types of camera angles as we felt that these shots were most used in Romantic Comedies. We used over the head shots to capture the emotion of the characters, also showing the
  7. 7. Conversation going on between the characters. We have also used mid-shots as you can capture the facial expressions of the characters better than long-shot. Sound: We have used mainly diagetic sound as we felt that this would show the realness of the film. Plus you don’t really find much non-diagetic sound in rom-coms, mostly in horrors or action films. We have used a selection of songs that we have used through-out the trailer different music. We have a playlist of songs that we have used through-out the film and trailer, we have used indie songs sung by indie bands as we felt that people can relate to the music as well as the film. Playlist : teenage dreams - live louge by example, teenage kicks - nouvelle vague , this isnt a love song- scouting for girls, this charming man - the smiths. These songs are mostly about love which ties in well with our film.
  8. 8. Our characters were really important with our film, we need to make sure that our characters were right before making the film. We used the actors from our school that took A-level drama, so we didn’t have anyone. We made sure that our characters were right for the part. The character of Kate had to be right other wise constructing the character of Kate would be hard. Kates character is a bitchy character, she dumps Jem leaving him heart broken for a fun single life. We choose Kate to be like this as we felt that this would be the perfect character for our film, showing hardship that break ups can be for one half of the couple and not for the other. I feel that Kate’s character is my favourite as I feel that this is the type of character that every rom-coms needs.
  9. 9. The character of Jem is an emotional wreck. We felt that this character is irregular for films, as normally the wreck is females. We have challenged this role as we felt that most males aren't on the recieving end of a break up, but in this case they are. We have made this comical as we felt that many males wont be able to attach themselves to this character and laugh at him. Where as women will feel sorry for him and know what he is going through.
  10. 10. Have these conventions changed over time to suit changing audience tastes, developments in society or to reflect changes in society? Yes I feel that the conventions of Rom-Coms have changed over time, as firstly females are the emotional wrecks in the films where as now many films are showing the males side to break ups. I also feel that they are getting rid of the happy endings in romantic films, which the new invention of the indie rom-com many films such as Juno, forgetting Sarah Marshall don’t have the usual ‘Happy endings’ in Juno, Juno doesn’t keep her baby but she does end up with her man. I feel that in the past they wouldn’t of challenged this as they were scared of change. I do also feel that it does reflect today’s society as many males now do have to deal with women being deviant as in earlier years it wouldn’t of been seen. Mostly males were the heartless characters within the relationships but now it can differ.
  11. 11. Have you tried to use the same conventions in your own product, or have you added a new twist of your own? Yes I feel that we have tried to use the same conventions used in original romantic comedies, but we have made the twist of using the male as being the propagandistic role. We felt that this change would be more like today’s society and would attract a wider audience. We have the same convetions as having a break-up and the struggle of getting through the break up. But the twist is that it is a male getting through the heart ache.
  12. 12. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  13. 13. Looking all my pieces for my task, you can see that it is all apart of the same campaign, to sell my film to the people of todays society, you can tell that the posters and film magazine front cover are based on the same film as mine by using the same font of the film in the poster, also showing images of the main characters to also link the posters and the film together. I have made preview posters to come out before the actually real poster, these posters are single images of each one of the main characters. Normally you can buy these posters after the film has been shown in cinemas, this will also make more money for the film producers. Also the fonts are the same through-out the film posters, magazine front covers and inter-titles in the film. We have also used taglines through out each poster and selling points the tagline is – sometimes is hard to move on. This tagline sums up the movie in a couple of words perfectly.
  14. 14. How have you used the different media platforms to appeal to your target audience? We have used an indie genre of music to attract to our audience, If the people like the film then they will like the music meaning a boast in music sales. If people can Identify to the music it is more than likely that they would come and see the film. We have also done a large amount of campaigns to go with our films. Including a range of film postes and also some posters that can be seen on billboards everywhere, also increasing sells of the film. We thought that all of this media everywhere would make people go and see the film and also using social networking sights to speak about the film would boast sells as people would tell there friends if the film is good or not. We hope that people would say that our film was worth a watch as we feel that it does attract to our niche audience.
  15. 15. What have you learnt from your audience feedback
  16. 16. My group an I have posted our video on youtube so we can see if people like our trailer by them giving us feedback. We hope that they will take the time to look at our trailer and give us their honest opinion on it. We have also made questionnaires on deciding the name of our film and also at the start of our research finding out what peoples favorite film genres were. We used all of this to help us try to make our film better than what we wanted to. We also have done presentation to our class, which you can see on my blog, its called Group presentation we showed this to our class friends to show what we had got up to and what our influences were when making the film. We found that most of the people that we interviewed like the ideas that we came up with. They also helped us come up with the name of our film – Still in love with you, and also told us what people like when watching films.
  17. 17. How did you use media technologies and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  18. 18. To make our film production we used Premier pro, we used this as we felt that we could create a very convincing trailer with a professional feel to it. We were able to create some special effect that we proably could create on anything else. I also used Photoshop to create my posters and film front cover, I always use Photoshop as I am very comfortable with it and also it makes some very professional work.