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  1. 1. PERSONAL INFO 123 Street Ave, Ajax, ON Ajax ON, L1F 4J6 905-123-4567
  2. 2. OBJECTIVE To obtain a part-time, if possible full time position for the summer of 2012 April- August and to further my job experiences and knowledge in the workforce.
  3. 3. SUMMARYSkilled at learning new concepts quickly,working well under pressure, andcommunication ideas clearly and effectively.Experiences in the retail business.Reliable transportation to work.
  4. 4. EDUCATION 2007-2011 : Father Leo. J Austin CCS – Received High School Diploma 2011- present : Durham College- Enrolled in the Business Fundamentals Program. Currently working towards an Operations Management major.
  5. 5. EDUCATION Father Leo. J Austin CCS Year: 2007- 2011 Received high school diploma
  6. 6. EDUCATION Durham College Year: 2011- present Enrolled in the Business Fundamentals Program. Currently working towards an Operations Management major.
  7. 7. WORK EXPERIENCE 2009- 2010: Gaetane’s Dance School Position: Assistant Dance Teacher Summaries of Responsibilities: Teaching young girls, ages 3-5, how to dance ballet Assisted in directing girl’s year end recital
  8. 8. WORK EXPERIENCE July 2010- Oct 2011 : Boston Pizza Whitby, ON July Position: Hostess/ Expeditor Summaries of Responsibilities: Booked phone in take-out orders Front desk customer service Processed customer payments
  9. 9. VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Fundraiser Carwash in Whitby Boston Pizza Whitby, ON July Year: 2004 Activity: Washed cars to raise funds for competitive dance school fees.
  10. 10. VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Working with young children at an elementary school (St. Mark’s) Year: 2006 Activity: Peers Running Organized Play Station (P.R.O.P.S) program that encourages children to use their time productively in the school yard by helping them new and traditional games. Also helps them to be less likely to engage in bullying in the playground.
  11. 11. VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Teaching at Gaetane’s Dance School Year: 2008- 2009 Activity: Assisted in teaching ballet to young children.
  12. 12. VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE M.A.C World Aids Day Year: 2010- 2011 Volunteered at Aids Hospice Centre in NYC in 2010. Volunteered at World Aids Day Concert in Toronto in 2011.