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Europe s culture_and_religion[1]


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Europe s culture_and_religion[1]

  1. 1. Europe and its Culture and Religion
  2. 2. Popularly spoken languages in Europe   French Russian German Italian English Hungarian
  3. 3. Religions practiced throughout Europe Christianity Muslim Judaism Buddhism Sikhism Hinduism
  4. 4. France Religion: Catholic Language: French, English Culture: Known for the Gothic Archiecture
  5. 5. Germany Religion: Christianity Language: German, Danish Culture: Called Das Land der Dichter und Denker which means the land of poets and thinkers
  6. 6. Italy Religion: Roman Catholic Language: Italian, French, Greek Culture: Architectural styles
  7. 7. Russia Religion: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism Language: Russian, Tatar, Ukrainian Culture: Folk Culture and their food
  8. 8. Hungary Religion: Christianity Language:  Hungarian Culture: Art Nouveau and Historicism (Architectural styles)
  9. 9. Greece Religion: Greek Orthodox Language: Greek, Romani, Turkish Culture: Ancient Greek Philosophy
  10. 10. Spain Relgion: Roman Catholic Language: Spanish Culture: Known for having a culturally diverse heritage
  11. 11. England Religion: Christianity Language: English Culture: Ancient Roman Architecture