Digital technology investigation


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Digital technology investigation

  1. 1. Digital Technology Investigation
  2. 2. What is Digital Technology?• Digital media technology has been defined as, Digitized content (text, graphics, audio, and video) that can be transmitted over internet or computer networks.• Most technologies described as "new media" are digital, usually having characteristics of being manipulated, networkable, dense, compressible, and interactive e.g. the Internet, websites, computer multimedia, video games, CD-ROMS, and DVDs.
  3. 3. What Digital Technology is required when creating a horror film?When creating a horror film a variety of digital technology will need to be used. For example, filming the product, editing and creating the product via Premiere Pro etc. Also when creating other features of the film package such as the magazine front cover and the poster, further digital technology like photoshop will need to be used.When putting my final product of my horror trailer online via youtube/vimeo, it will become a form of digital technology as I am making it accessible to anyone via the internet.