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Second Photo Shoot


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Published in: Education
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Second Photo Shoot

  2. 2. Second Photo Shoot Favourite Image This is my favourite image from my second shoot because I like the plain white background and also I think the lighting hits her perfectly. I like the position of her hand and how she is holding the cigarette. I also like this photo because I think it is very striking and holds attitude which will make it perfect for a contents page image. I think to make this image even better I will edit it in Photoshop, and perhaps make it black and white. I think by turning it black and white will make it hold even more attitude.
  3. 3. Second Photo Shoot Least Favourite Image This is my least favourite image because the background isn’t even, I don’t really like the pose of my model. Also I don’t think the outfit or the pose gives off much attitude vibes, I think this would be more the image you see in a fashion magazine. Also you can see the border of the wall at the bottom of the image.