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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  1. 1. I chose to use bold sans serif font in all capitals for the title of the magazine because as you can see this is conventional for a magazine. I also covered up part of the magazine name because the image because this is also a popular convention on a magazine. I added a barcode because obviously this is on all magazines, and to keep the magazine up to date with technology I added a blackberry barcode. Plain background so it doesn’t distract attention away from the model. The cover story has the biggest font so that it gets the most attention from reader. I added other things that will be in the magazine because this is what other magazines do so that the reader doesn’t have to open the magazine to see some of the contents. Or it will encourage the reader to pick the magazine up.
  2. 2. Bold, upper case sans serif fonts. I also used the idea to break up the contents title because I think this was a really interesting feature within the magazine and it also gives out the message that the magazine is stylish. I set out the contents writing so that it goes around the model, this means that the model will hold most of the readers attention. This is a conventional feature within magazine because they want their model to be the main attraction on the page. I made the image black and white because I thought it looked more striking, but as you can see this not a convention in other magazines. However this is what worked best on my contents page. I also added a faded letter behind the contents title because I noticed that this was a popular convention within magazines and I thought it looked very effective.
  3. 3. Plain background because this is a convention in magazines. Again so that it doesn’t distract attention away from the model. Bold, sans serif upper case font. This is a convention and is effective because it makes the title stand out and almost makes the reader read it. I had my model take up one page of the double page spread because as you can in the real magazine this is conventional. I think this is so that there too much text within the double page spread because this can put the reader off reading the story. I made the story really small text because as you can see from the real magazine this is a convention. I added text just under the title so that the reader can just read this to know what the main story is about. This is conventional in every magazine. I also highlighted her name in red so that it stands out from the rest of the text. I added in the magazine title because I thought it looked effective, however it is not always a convention.